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Low-Cost Media Tablets will Drive Market Development

Over one and a quarter billion tablets will be in use by 2018 in over half a billion tablet households.  The early global leader, North America, has been overtaken by the Asia Pacific region this year. Countries with the highest Tablet installed base include the U.S., UK, China, Japan and France. Countries with the highest household penetration include some of the smaller or wealthier countries such as Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Singapore.

In four years annual tablet shipments will be in excess of 450 million units per year.

via Strategy Analytics

Smartwatch Shipments Drive Wearable Growth in 2014

Global smartwatch shipments grew over 400 percent Year-over-Year in Q2 2014. The market was again driven by Samsung and its Gear models, which have now branched out into Tizen and Android platforms. Sony, Pebble, Motorola, Qualcomm and others also have a presence.

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Huge Upside for Smartphone Market Growth in India

The smartphone market in India has maintained its growth impetus with shipments achieving year-on-year growth of 84% in Q2 2014 and a quarter-over-quarter growth of 11%.

Future growth in the smartphone market remains quite high, as 71% of the Indian market is still on feature phones.

via IDC

Unplugged? – Why Some People are Always Net Connected

In a recent survey by CivicScience, 70% of U.S. respondents said they unplug from their gadgets once or week or less. Some 43% said they don’t unplug from personal electronics at all.

People who are passionate about video, and those who work in tech, were least likely to unplug.

via WSJ

Global Smartphone Growth Outlook Belongs to Android

The worldwide smartphone market reached a new milestone in the second quarter of 2014 2Q14, moving past the 300 million unit mark for the first time in its history. According to IDC, vendors shipped a total of 301.3 million smartphones worldwide in 2Q14, that’s up by 25.3 percent from the 240.5 million units shipped in the second quarter of 2013.

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Exploring Demand for Mobile Devices with Ultra HD Screens

People who view long-form video content on their mobile devices appreciate the new higher resolution displays. Quad HD (2K) screens currently occupy the premium end of the smartphone market. According to ABI Research, by 2015 we will likely see Ultra HD (4K) capable mobile devices.

Mobile devices with 4K screens are forecast to reach 478 million units by 2019.

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How Smartphone Owners Use Touch to Activate Most Apps

As mobile devices continue to advance in popularity, a full touchscreen on mobile devices has become the most preferred input method — and it has increased considerably over the past six years. In both the U.S. market (71%) and Western Europe market (75%), a touchscreen was rated as their most preferred key input.

Almost all respondents owning any smartphone preferred touchscreen as their most preferred input, with Blackberry owners being the exception.

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Media Tablet Shipments Reach 52.4 Million Units in 2Q14

Media tablet sales continue to experience a slowdown worldwide. Global Tablet shipments reached 52.4 million units in Q2 2014, that’s up 17% from 50.0 million in Q2 2013, according to Strategy Analytics. Apple retained top spot despite missing forecasts and of the leading vendors, only Asus and Lenovo displayed year-over-year growth.

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Update: 173 Million Americans Now Own a Smartphone

Apple ranked as the top smartphone manufacturer with 42.1 percent OEM market share. Meanwhile, Google Android was the leading smartphone platform with 51.9 percent platform market share.

Facebook ranked as the top individual smartphone application, but Google had three apps in the top five positions.

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High-Def Video Entertainment Options in America are Online

Over-the-top (OTT) video entertainment services such as Netflix, VUDU, and M-GO, which exclusively distribute content over the Internet, are more eager to embrace 1080p and Ultra HD for connected consumer electronics devices.

Meanwhile, pay-TV distributors are more likely to settle for 720p for their “TV Everywhere” offering.

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