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How Media Tablets are Bought for Enterprise Applications

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the primary path for tablets into the enterprise, but the corporate liable segment is the faster growing category. Nearly 67% of the tablets purchased for business use in the Q4 2013 were BYOD, but the increase in volume purchased as corporate clients by businesses grew nearly 160% YoY.

These market study findings demonstrate the growing realization for how media tablets fit into organizational workflows.

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Few Smart TV Sets in America are Connected to the Internet

Leichtman Research Group found that found that 77% of households in the United States have at least one high definition television (HDTV) set, and about 46% of all households have multiple HDTVs. Five years ago, 34% of households had at least one HDTV, and 11% of households had more than one HDTV.

Only 14% of households have a Smart TV set that is connected to the Internet – 3% of households that have more than one connected Smart TV set.

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Why Overall PC Shipments Decline by 1.7 Percent in Q1 2014

Global personal computer sales continue to be weak in a marketplace that favors other devices — such as smartphones and media tablets. Worldwide PC shipments totaled 76.6 million units in the first quarter of 2014 — that’s a 1.7 percent decline from the first quarter of 2013, according to the latest market study by Gartner.

“The end of XP support by Microsoft on April 8 has played a role in the easing decline of PC shipments,” said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner.

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The Upside Demand for New Home Networking Applications

The adoption of more internet-connected devices within the home — such as media tablets and smart TVs — creates rapidly increasing broadband connectivity demand. As a result, worldwide home network penetration is expected to climb from 24.8 percent in 2013 to 33.2 percent by 2018.

In particular, growth of home networking applications is driven by the continued spread of broadband services and demand for multi-screen video services.

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Smartphone Adoption in America is Now as Pervasive as Europe

The UK has long been one of the more advanced mobile markets in the world, with rapid adoption of smartphones. But consumers in the U.S. market are finally catching up to their British counterparts.

eMarketer expects 65% of U.S. mobile phone users, or 51.4% of the total population, to use a smartphone at least monthly in 2014.

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Amazon Fire TV: How it will Challenge Legacy Pay-TV


Amazon, which has been building its multimedia presence to tap the growing appetite for digital media, is now jumping headlong into the heated competition for consumers’ attention and an estimated $70 billion TV ad market.

It took the wraps off the Fire TV at a rare Apple-style media event in New York.

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Exploring the Internet Set-Top Box User Segmentation Trends


According to The Diffusion Group, 14 percent of broadband households currently use an Internet Set-Top Box (iSTB) — such as Roku or Apple TV — to access online over-the-top (OTT) video content on their television set.

Internet set-top box use is especially prominent among Early Millennials (age 25-34) and Late Boomers (age 45-54).

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Why more Open Hybrid Clouds will Have a Chrome Lining


The confluence of hybrid cloud services — based upon open source technologies like OpenStack — and low-cost high-value Chrome OS notebook PCs is going to become a powerful combination that will gain momentum in 2014 and beyond. Here’s an example of that key trend in motion.

An estimated 2.1 million Chromebooks shipped in 2013 with nearly 89 percent of total shipments reaching North America.

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New Emerging Wearable Technologies Include e-Textiles

When you imagine the emerging market for Wearable Technologies, you’ll likely think of eye glasses or wrist bands — not garments or apparel. Think again; there’s more innovation coming to the rapidly growing wearable tech category.

According to IDTechEx Research, the evolving field of e-textiles describes new technology that is reliant on e-fibers for electronic, electro-optic and electrical functionality.

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35 Million New Smart Connected Devices Shipped in France

Echoing trends seen in the UK and U.S. markets, mobile devices are taking France by storm. The country’s market for smart connected devices grew with combined shipments of tablets, smartphones and PCs in Q4 2013 nearing 11 million units.

In total, 2013 smart connected device shipments in France exceeded 35 million units — that’s a 7.1% year-over-year increase.

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