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Next-Gen Server Virtualization Technologies in Action

Server virtualization is important in today’s data centers. But choosing the right virtualization platform and operating system combination can influence just how high-performing, efficient, and cost-effective your virtualized datacenter can become. Learn how to choose wisely.


Exploring the Cloud Computing Second Act for Business

The transformational age of cloud computing services has been well underway for some time. What really has peoples’ attention now is cloud’s second act — for re-imagining business. Innovators can pull together online resources that meet just about any business need, and assemble new types of businesses.

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OpenStack Wins Industry Award as a Top Pick in Open Cloud

OpenStack is the cloud platform that everyone loves to criticize. Its greatest strength — and weakness — is the support from large and established IT vendors. OpenStack will take some time to mature and stabilize, but its place as the dominant private cloud of tomorrow seems assured.

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How Reading on Digital Devices is Driving eBook Adoption

The e-Book market in the U.S. is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.28 percent during the forecast period from 2014 to 2018, thanks to the lower cost and higher convenience of e-books compared with printed books. Availability of low-priced media tablets and e-readers has made e-books more accessible.

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Upside Opportunities for Mobile Context-Aware Applications

As smartphone use grows around the globe, the demand for creative new mobile software application innovation will explode. Mobile Internet access is crucial in modern app functionality. Naturally, with faster broadband connection speeds, a richer mobile experience is available, with the possibility to leverage a cloud-based software app backend system.

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Why Global Cloud Software Deployment will Grow Rapidly

The cloud deployment idea has been sweeping across the landscape for the past several years, causing many CIOs to reevaluate how they license and deploy software, and how they think of their IT budgets.  IDC projects the cloud software market will make up over 20% of the worldwide software market by 2018, contributing to almost half of projected growth in the software industry through 2018.

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Big Data Apps Development will Increase during 2014

Investment in big data technologies continues to expand, according to a recent market study by Gartner, which found that 73 percent of survey respondents have invested or plan to invest in big data in the next 24 months — that’s up from 64 percent in 2013. Organizations are starting to move on their big data investment strategy. Moreover, the number stating they had no plans for big data investment fell from 31 percent in 2013 to 24 percent in 2014.

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