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Why is NFV Very Important to the Telecom Industry?

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is the replacement of custom hardware running network functions by virtual servers running on a cloud computing platform based on commercial, off-the-shelf hardware. It allows telecom operators to build software-centric networks much faster, leading to increased velocity in the creation and deployment of new features for their customers.


Explore the Fastest Growing Cloud Applications of Q3 2014


There are exponentially more software choices available today and many of these applications are delivered via cloud computing services. And, with open source software components and platforms like Amazon AWS, it’s cheaper and easier for an entrepreneur to build an application and make it immediately available to a global customer base.

via Skyhigh Networks

Growth of Cloud Computing Vendor Professional Services

Given the current level of cloud-related maturity within the enterprise, and the continued shortage of skilled software engineer talent, most CIOs and IT managers must rely upon the professional services of their vendor partners.

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Global Wearable Tech Market will Reach $70 billion in 2024

In 2014 alone, $1 billion will be invested in wearable technology. The largest companies in the world are competing for a slice of a market which IDTechEx analysts predict will be worth $70 billion in 2024. Moreover, general interest in wearable technology space has increased 10-fold since 2013.

via IDTechEx


New Software Technology will Improve Marketing Data Usage

Marketing technology adoption will continue to grow next year, and due to the massive amount of data, tools focused on making sense of all the raw figures are of particular interest. A recent study found 89% of U.S. data management professionals were investing in data quality solutions — the majority were spending more than $500,000.

via eMarketer

Virtualization Approaches for Mobile Network Operators

As the explosion of data and proliferation of smart devices pushes traditional mobile networks to their limits, service providers are looking towards Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) for savings and innovation opportunities.

via SDN Central

Usage Assessment of Enterprise Public Cloud Storage Offerings

Earlier in the year, Gartner forecast that by 2016 more than 50 percent of global companies will have stored customer-sensitive data in a public cloud platform. These services can scale very quickly, which has made them very popular for applications that have a requirement for flexibility.

via Business Technology Roundtable


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