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Key Focus of Europe’s Digital Agenda in 2015 to Add Jobs

Can digital create jobs for Europe’s youth? - Forum:Blog Forum:Blog | The World Economic Forum

The 2014 digital scorecard, in what is a clear A+ for the team of former Vice President Neelie Kroes, shows a stunning 95 of 101 digital actions to be on track for completion by 2015. According to estimates, completing the EC Digital Agenda could add a further 4 million jobs to Europe’s digital economy.

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Europe’s Tech Talent Shortage is a Huge Economic Handicap

The UK and Germany have established themselves as the powerhouses of European tech. However,while the lifeblood of these ecosystems is the talent pipeline, there is concern that a skills shortage is holding back growth and undermining the potential of local start-ups to compete. Meanwhile, the quest for developers continues…

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All Savvy CIOs will Shift their Main Focus in 2015 Onwards

IDC Worldwide CIO Agenda 2015 Predictions — 1) By 2017, 80 percent of the CIO’s time will be focused on analytics, cybersecurity and creating new revenue streams through digital services. “The transformations brought about by the 3rd platform are having significant effects on how the business uses IT, how IT is delivered, and how the IT organization is structured. Insightful CIOs will seize the opportunity to be key players in this transformation and elevate their role in the enterprise” said Michael Rosen.

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Challenge for 2015 – Finding a Content Marketing Practitioner

Each year we track the challenges marketers are having with content marketing in our research. This year, one challenge was far more pronounced than it has been – finding trained content marketing professionals.

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The Most Innovative Companies – an Interactive Guide from BCG

To explore the state of innovation, The Boston Consulting Group fields an annual innovation survey of thousands of senior-level executives. Since 2005, their survey has revealed the 50 companies that executives ranked as the most innovative. The interactive guide shows the changes to The BCG’s list of most innovative companies from 2005 to 2014.

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Growth of Cloud Computing Vendor Professional Services

Given the current level of cloud-related maturity within the enterprise, and the continued shortage of skilled software engineer talent, most CIOs and IT managers must rely upon the professional services of their vendor partners.

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Why a Focus on Customer Need Matters More than Anything

When marketing executives in North America were asked to rank the most important attributes of customer centricity, having a senior management team committed to understanding the needs and behaviors of the customer market landed in the top spot.

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