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How to Procure Web-scale IT Infrastructure Expertise

Here’s the challenge. Your CEO won’t accept anything less than a world-class IT infrastructure that meets the expectations of his most informed Line-of-Business leaders. If you’re the CIO and you don’t want to rely upon public cloud service providers, then are you ready to deliver the caliber of IT services that they can provision?

via Business Technology Roundtable

Content and App Provider Net Infrastructure Investment

According to the latest market study by Analysys Mason, Internet content and application providers invest over $30 billion per annum in physical networks, data center facilities and equipment, and nearly $100 billion between 2011 and 2013.

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Next-Gen Server Virtualization Technologies in Action

Server virtualization is important in today’s data centers. But choosing the right virtualization platform and operating system combination can influence just how high-performing, efficient, and cost-effective your virtualized datacenter can become. Learn how to choose wisely.


Exploring the Cloud Computing Second Act for Business

The transformational age of cloud computing services has been well underway for some time. What really has peoples’ attention now is cloud’s second act — for re-imagining business. Innovators can pull together online resources that meet just about any business need, and assemble new types of businesses.

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OpenStack Wins Industry Award as a Top Pick in Open Cloud

OpenStack is the cloud platform that everyone loves to criticize. Its greatest strength — and weakness — is the support from large and established IT vendors. OpenStack will take some time to mature and stabilize, but its place as the dominant private cloud of tomorrow seems assured.

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Why Many Tech Vendors will Replace their Legacy CMO

Marketing budgets among the 101 technology companies surveyed will increase by an average of 3.5% in 2014. Those same companies expect a revenue increase of 3.7% for the same period. Companies with a high percentage of cloud, social, mobile and big data analytics will receive marketing budget increases upwards of five times that of the average tech company — increasing their budgets 10-20% year-over-year.

via IDC

Decisive New Tech Adoption Leads to Competitive Advantage

A new study from HBR, “The Digital Dividend: First Mover Advantage,” demonstrates that early adoption of new technologies leads to better business outcomes. Twenty percent of these companies experienced more than 30 percent revenue growth. This is more than twice the growth experienced by companies identified as Technology Followers.

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