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Cloud Components Market will Reach $39 Billion by 2018

The market for cloud data center hardware and software components will grow from approximately $19 billion in 2013 to $39 billion in 2018 — that’s a 19 percent CAGR — according to Technology Business Research (TBR).

With public and private cloud disrupting traditional IT, infrastructure revenue growth will reach an inflection point.

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Why UK Subscribers are Unsure about 4G Mobile Real Benefits

While the figures for 4G mobile uptake in the UK seem relatively healthy, consumer sentiment looks to be lagging. Only 22% of 3G-only device owners surveyed were excited by the prospect of 4G service.

A further 42% couldn’t see the benefit of 4G, while 56% thought it would be too expensive.

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Framework for Digital Service Strategy and Market Execution

Telecom provider groups reacted to pressure on traditional revenue by increasing their focus on digital services and creating dedicated business units — notably Telefónica Digital, SingTel Group Digital Life and SK Planet.

There’s a wide variety of service areas – including over-the-top, advertising, analytics, payments, e-commerce and M2M.

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How Open Source 3DR Drone Innovation is Community-Driven

Chris Anderson has a unique perspective on technology-driven innovation. He was the editor in chief of Wired for more than ten years, and he’s written two New York Times best-selling books on the digital economy. Today, he’s CEO of 3DRobotics.

Like the Linux open source innovation phenomenon – there is a fundamental DNA path dependency here.

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Investment in Cloud Computing will Grow Rapidly in Brazil

According to Kable, 76% of respondents in Brazil plan to increase their ICT spending in 2014 compared to 56% in 2013, providing opportunities for ICT vendors targeting the Brazilian enterprise market.

Hardware, software, and IT services will attract the major proportion (64%) of Brazilian ICT budgets in 2014.

via Kable

Retailers Experiment with In-Store Mobile Beacon Tech

While Bluetooth low energy BLE technology isn’t exactly new, when Apple introduced iBeacon as part of the iOS 7 update in September 2013, the move was viewed as a seal of approval.

Marketers across industries noticed, and app developers will take advantage of the capabilities.

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Femtocell Market Development Upside in Emerging Nations

Digital Lifescapes: Femtocell Market Development Upside in Emerging Nations

Demand for access to the mobile internet creates opportunities for new wireless technologies. Femtocells are small cellular base stations used to provide wireless connectivity for mobile devices such as smartphones and media tablets.

Femtocell device market was valued at $220 million in 2012 and is expected to grow at CAGR of 42.9% during 2013-2020.

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Digital Production Color Print Market will Reach $5.4 Billion

Given the continued trend of a shift to online digital media, color printing technology may not be in vogue — but it’s still evolving. According to the latest market study by IDC, the worldwide digital production color print market continued its unabated growth of top-line shipment value in 2013.

The industry achieved record shipment values of $4.4 billion in 2013.

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Cloud Enables a Big Competitive Advantage for Savvy UK Firms

Recovery from the financial crisis in Europe continues across the whole region. Granted, there are structural reasons for the eurozone economy’s slow recovery. Regardless, savvy senior executives in leading nations are actively seeks ways to grow their business.

For some that means a shift to cloud computing services — thereby lowering operational costs and boosting productivity.

via Business Technology Roundtable

SDN and NFV – a Quantum Leap within the Networking Industry

Open technologies serving as the foundation for SDN and NFV represent the biggest shift in networking in 20 years – creating at least another $20 Billion in value with the opportunity to create more than $50 Billion.

There have already been $3 Billion in start-up exits in the SDN space — with more anticipated.

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