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Worldwide M2M Services Market Reached over $16 Billion in 2013

Cellular technologies are playing an increasingly important role in enabling M2M services, comprising the vast majority of WAN wireless M2M connections today — over 220 million, and nearly tripling to just over 630 million connections by 2018,” said Godfrey Chua, directing analyst at Infonetics Research.

The global market for M2M services reached just over $16 billion in 2013, and there were nearly 1.7 billion M2M connections worldwide.

via Infonetics Research

Exploring Cellular Telematics and the Connected Car Opportunity

Telematics is one of the fastest growing segments of the cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) market. The total telematics M2M SIMs reached 37 million in 2013, representing about 4% of all passenger cars. Pyramid Research estimates that penetration of passenger cars will grow to 12% by 2018 — with telematics M2M SIMs contributing more than 20% of all M2M SIMs.

Europe will become the largest market in 2016, overtaking the U.S. market.

via Pyramid Research

How Cloud Innovation Happens First in Open Source Platforms

Through the new private cloud solutions and extended alliance, Dell and Red Hat aim to provide customers at various stages of OpenStack evaluation and use with an enterprise-grade software life cycle experience, and greater stability, predictability and rigor to the community-published OpenStack updates.

Dell and Red Hat have co-engineered OpenStack-based cloud solutions to address enterprise customer demand for more flexible, elastic and dynamic IT services.

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Exploring the Impact of Network Functions Virtualization

The forward-looking effects of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) on the traditional wireline and wireless broadband service provider sector will truly be unprecedented. Vendors of deeply-rooted proprietary technologies are most at risk.

Moreover, plans for open-source hardware and software adoption will potentially reshape the whole value-chain.

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OpenStack Cloud Solutions are Now Gaining Momentum Globally

The history of OpenStack, an open-source cloud project, can be traced back to July, 2010 — when the original founders created a shared vision for their bold goal.

The passion of the initial developers was captured in a pragmatic mission statement: to produce the ubiquitous Open Source Cloud Computing platform that will meet the needs of public and private clouds regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable.

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TV 2020: Video Entertainment in the Network Society

What will broadcast TV be like in 2020? According to a panel of experts from YouTube, Scripps, AT&T and Ericsson it will be without a home DVR, on-demand and a solo experience. Will it still be called TV?

By 2020 we will be living in the network society — 50 billion connected devices will be in the world with 15 billion of them video enabled.

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How Smartphones and Tablets are Increasing Wi-Fi Adoption

MRG expects that overall Wi-Fi device shipments will double between 2012 and 2018 – growing to just over 3 billion during that time frame. Accounting for the lion’s share of those chipsets will be smartphones and media tablets.

Outside of Apple, the vast majority of high-end smartphones are shipping with the new 802.11ac type chipsets.

via MRG

Total Retail Sales in U.S. Market Reached $4.5 Trillion in 2013

Total retail sales in the U.S. market topped $4.53 trillion in 2013, and eCommerce accounted for a significant portion of that growth, up by 16.9% in 2013 — or nearly $40 billion — according to eMarketer.

While brick-and-mortar sales still command a vast majority of the retail market— nearly $4.27 trillion in 2013 — eCommerce sales are increasing much faster.

via eMarketer

Big Data Gains Momentum with UK Marketing Professionals

Big data is a big deal for businesses — and particularly marketers — worldwide. The sentiment in the UK is no different. A survey of marketing professionals in Europe, 90% of whom came from the UK, found that 82% of companies either already used big data or planned to do so within the next three years.

While big data has a huge amount of potential, until it can be better structured, stored and harvested, its use for marketers will remain limited.

via eMarketer

The Mobile Economy Outlook is Valued at $3.1 Trillion by 2017

There’s an evolving co-dependent ecosystem of vendors offering many new interrelated products and services that are helping to fuel growth in the mobile sector of the Technology, Media and Telecommunications industries.

The mobile economy is now blooming at an even faster rate than expected — by 2017 the collective market will be valued at $3.1 trillion, that’s $200 billion more than the $2.9 trillion they forecast in October 2012.

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