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Mobile Network Operators are Evaluating SDN and NFV


A recent macrocell backhaul study reveals the extent to which mobile operators are looking at software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) solutions to provide greater flexibility and cost-savings. Moreover, 29% of respondents say they are deploying SDN, while the majority (63%) are already evaluating it.

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How Small Developer Teams Drive the Internet of Things


A recent study found 70% of IoT developers work in small teams, most of them in start-ups of under 50 people. Small, agile teams dominate the search for the next killer app. That should come as no surprise – it takes a lot of flexibility to venture out in the complete unknown.

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Exploring the Mobile Internet Investment Review Q3 2014


The Digi-Capital “Mobile Internet Billions” list has grown to 32 billion-dollar companies — adding $11.4 billion shareholder value in Q3 2014 alone.  “That’s $125 million value added every day of Q3 to reach a combined $163 billion valuation, only 7 years after the launch of the iPhone,” said Digi-Capital Managing Director Tim Merel.

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How History can Teach Us about the Future of Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing is now where electricity was in 1890. There are still homes and offices across the world that each protect and support their own data-storage device. Hundreds of millions of television set-top boxes and video recorders purr quietly in homes across the world – each hosting gigabytes of storage.

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Upside Growth Potential for Mobile Productivity Apps


As we approach the end of 2014, it’s important to revisit the enterprise mobility application marketplace. Clearly, the mobile cloud apps trend will be far reaching in 2015 — it will touch every department within many organizations and it will be adopted by most forward-thinking industries.

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Hybrid Cloud – How to Remove the Build vs Buy False Dilemma


Every significant Web company builds its own private data centers. What’s running in those data centers? Heavily modified open-source cloud computing software. Yet public cloud services can offer huge advantages for the enterprise CIO. Why does cloud have to be an either/or choice? — it doesn’t, you can choose both public and private services.

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Cloud Computing Planning Guide Removes the Mystery


Cloud computing will reach an important transitional point in 2014. Many organizations have used cloud services for low-hanging fruit and obvious use cases, but this early phase is coming to an end. The time is ripe for transition because enterprise customers and service providers are both evolving, and patterns for hybrid cloud, applications and risk management are taking shape.

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