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Transmedia: White River Indie Fest 2015 is Seeking Entries

The White River Indie Festival (WRIF) and Google have partnered to host the 2015 Tell-it-in-Transmedia Film Competition. The competition, which was announced at the Woodstock Digital Media Festival, invites filmmakers to creatively combine two or more distinct digital media platforms to tell their stories.

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Transmedia: Exploring the Science of Interstellar

Explore black holes, warped time, and much, much more with Kip Thorne’s new book, The Science of Interstellar — The cast of Interstellar were featured in a Google+ Hangout live from Washington, D.C. on November 5 to help promote the movie.

Transmedia: How to Create an Architecture for Digital Content

“Gomez sums up the ultimate challenge of transmedia production as creating integrated content where attention flows from device to device. The difference between multiplatform and transmedia storytelling is that transmedia includes an architecture for dialogue.”

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Transmedia: Exploring the StoryWorld Quest Conference

Transmedia storytelling is a cutting edge technique that allows storytellers to convey messages, themes and rich narratives to a mass audience through the artful and well-planned use of multiple media platforms.

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BYOD Trend is Improving the Security of Access Networks

According to a recent study, the trend of Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) to work is growing from 29% of all devices today to almost 40% by 2016, driven by wider user adoption within existing BYOD companies, as well as multiple devices per user. Survey respondents expect their enterprise wireless LAN user population to grow by 10% per year over the next 2 years, driven to a large extent by guest access, which will account for only 18% of the user population by 2016.

via Infonetics Research

Transmedia: a Metrics Model that Measures Valid Engagement

How do you measure transmedia storytelling? What types of metrics will help transmedia producers to better understand and subsequently compare and contrast the impact of a transmedia story? These are million-dollar questions begging for answers. Measuring engagement is important because it contextualizes what an audience size means and how a transmedia production is performing.

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Transmedia: Why Should Brands Care about Storytelling?

Jeff Gomez, founder of Starlight Runner, chats about the ingredients that make Transmedia unlike the standard cross-platform content, and explains how the discipline applies to brands, Hollywood movies, and even population activation projects for governments.

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