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Transmedia: How ‘East Los High’ Spans Digital Media Platforms

“East Los High,” the trailblazing, addictive and hugely popular Hulu original series, uses a range of digital media platforms to involve its audience in the lives, scandals and emotional traumas of Latino students.

Many experience its transmedia content, which is found on characters’ vlogs, extended scenes and websites.

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Transmedia: Ten New Creative Projects from Arab Countries

Dia Sud Med, a project co-funded by Euromed Audiovisual as part of which audiovisual students from Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon developed ten transmedia projects, has ended.

But its web series, storytelling websites and phone apps are just getting started.

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Transmedia: How to Multiply the Reach of Digital Documentaries

Since its November launch, the Fort McMoney website has been viewed more than 500,000 times and drawn 30,000 active players. The project is a standout in transmedia storytelling, which uses multiple platforms to convey an engaging narrative, and increasingly applies to documentaries.

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Transmedia: Exploring Three ‘Planet of the Apes’ Short Films

Twentieth Century Fox has partnered with Vice Media’s Motherboard to release three short films documenting what happened during the 10 years that have passed between “Rise” and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.”

The “Before the Dawn” short films will show fans what happened during that decade, which led to mankind’s descent into destruction.

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Transmedia: Explore the New Disney ‘Frozen’ Storybook App

Disney Frozen

The “Frozen Storybook Deluxe” app lets users interact with the story from the perspectives of the two sisters, depending on how they flip their media tablet. The film-based app is an interactive transmedia story.

The app includes an experience that serves as a unique and immersive extension to the feature film.

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Transmedia: Dig Deeper – Show and Tell all the Backstories

Great transmedia storytelling makes you want to pull apart each of the pieces and find out the deep, dark secrets that live in the world of the story. But you can’t expect everyone to do that. That’s why the crafting of a story that is both complete on its own and acts as a diving board for subsequent – or parallel – exploration, is essential.

Say it with me: transmedia storytelling does NOT mean “to be continued” — transmedia storytelling means “to dig deeper.”

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Transmedia: How to Enhance Digital Storytelling in Campaigns

Transmedia storytelling is a technique of telling a single story across a range of different media platforms. However, compared with traditional cross-platform adaptations, transmedia storytelling requires the use of each additional media to enhance the underlying story.

Clearly defining the brand and its purpose allows the narrative to form a connection with the target audience early in the story.

via IAB Australia

Why Threat Intelligence Security Spend will Reach $1.4B by 2018

A consistent bombardment of unknown, targeted, and adaptive cyber threats are wreaking havoc in the enterprise and driving the expansion of threat intelligence security services (TISS) that are specifically designed to detect advanced persistent threats (APTs), advanced malware, and previously unidentified attacks.

According to IDC, worldwide threat intelligence security services spending will increase from $905.5 million in 2014 to more than $1.4 billion in 2018.

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Transmedia: Circa 1948 at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival

Circa 1948 is a Storyworld featuring  an interactive art app for iPad and iPhone, an interactive installation and an interactive photo essay co-created by internationally renowned artist Stan Douglas and the award winning NFB Digital Studio.

Discover two vibrant communities struggling through a time of unforgiving change.

via Tribeca Film Festival

Transmedia: Branded Content at the London School of Marketing

London School of Marketing (LSM) has released its latest whitepaper titled “The Role of Branded Content in an Evolving Transmedia World.” The focus now is on building connections. “We have been communicating with email, blogs, white papers, ebooks, social media, webinars and more recently films – but we have been doing it from our perspective.”

With transmedia, each medium that your audience interacts with should serve a very specific purpose, while allowing your story to unfold like chapters in a book.

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