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Transmedia: Chanel’s Brand Ubiquity & Narrative Storytelling

Transmedia: Chanel Brand Ubiquity and Narrative Storytelling

Opting for a true narrative approach, INSIDE CHANEL tells the brand’s story in chronological fashion, allowing consumers to immerse themselves in the story behind the company’s growth – each chapter capturing the unique story behind the brand’s iconic items.

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Transmedia: 24 Hour Jerusalem Documentary by ARTE and BR

24h Jerusalem: a new transmedia project by ARTE and BR

ARTE and German public broadcaster BR launched the interactive platform for its transmedia project and 24-hours long documentary. The platform features complementary second-screen content.

On April 12, the program will air online, on ARTE (both in France and Germany), BR and the Norwegian channel NRK.

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Transmedia: Why Corporate Storytelling is Such a Hot Topic


Corporate Storytelling has never been a hotter topic than now. The most beautiful thing about it though, is that it opens up the possibility to move beyond product placement, sponsorship and branding.

An area where needs and values of a company can fit naturally into the stories and narratives of a producer, creating a much fuller experience.

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Transmedia: The Economist New ‘Essays’ Immersive Storytelling

The Economist has launched a new digital-first series called Essays, adopting an immersive storytelling style to deliver content outside the “constraints of print”.

The series, which started with Democracy, was “an opportunity to start doing things in a different way,” said Tom Standage, digital editor.

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Transmedia: the Greatest Comeback in Sailing History

WSJ interactive story features The America’s Cup, first held in 1851, is believed to award the world’s oldest international sporting trophy. The contest also is one of the least professionalized.

There is no permanent organization, commission or governing body. The winner gets to pick where and when the next race is held.

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Transmedia: the Ultimate Guide for Filmmakers by Indiewire

Filmmakers and artists have been exploring transmedia, or new ways to tell stories in innovative and immersive ways using different platforms and new technology.

As filmmakers experiment with transmedia storytelling, they continue to look to Indiewire for resources on the best practices and tips for creating transmedia projects.

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Transmedia: Sega Announces a ‘Sonic Boom’ Sub-Universe

Sega has announced that they are establishing a transmedia sub-universe for the Sonic franchise which will span games, a TV show and a line of toys. Dubbed the Sonic Boom, Sega calls this a “new look” for the famed characters that make up the Sonic universe.

The Sonic Boom game will be exclusive to the Wii U and 3DS as part of an existing deal with Nintendo.

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Transmedia: the Brand Narrative Influence in Mobile Marketing

The mobile medium is unique in its ability to transport the brand’s narrative in transmedia storytelling models.

Given that the device is ever connected, contextually relevant, and always within arms’ reach, the opportunities for brand marketers to engage consumers with consistency, relevance, and personalization are tremendous.

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Transmedia: Digital Storytelling and Marketing Evolves in 2014

As technology continues to infiltrate even the most tech-averse households, 2014 will mark the year that advanced technology stops feeling scientific, and starts feeling natural. We aren’t talking about digital as an afterthought — but more examples of Commercial Transmedia.

Expect more connection between games, long-form content, innovative purchasing options and stories being told in a variety of new and unexpected ways.

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Transmedia: More Start-ups will Apply Digital Storytelling in 2014

Raptor Consumer Partners, a private equity company, is betting that Hollywood marketers can help boost the profile of its start-ups — partly by adopting a technique known as commercial transmedia marketing.

Transmedia storytelling develops brands across platforms by creating an internal narrative universe and consistent but independent characters.

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