Exploring Market Opportunities for Wearable Band Technology

The wearable band market grew 684 percent on a worldwide basis in the first half of 2014 compared with the first half of 2013, according to the latest global market study by Canalys.

Many have speculated that Apple will soon launch a smart wearable band.

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Why Incentives make Sharing Wearable Data more Palatable

Eighty percent of consumers have privacy concerns with wearable Internet of Things (IoT) connected technologies. But half of those same consumers said they would be willing to share personal data collected by such devices with third-party retailers when presented with compensation such as a coupon or discount.

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Digital Innovation Evolves Past Cloud and Social Strategy

By 2016, use of cloud and social will be so pervasive that 60% of mainstream organizations will not consider them as a significant factor, in and of themselves, when making investment decisions.  Use of cloud and social will be the expected norm, but not a differentiated factor in themselves.

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Mobile Apps Revenues will Reach $60 Billion in 2018

Strategy Analytics forecasts global total mobile apps revenues of $33.7 billion in 2014 to reach just over $60 billion in 2018. Previously, they reported that the smartphone and tablet apps market had reached $21.4 billion in 2013. Strategy Analytics also predicts overall consumer and advertiser expenditure on handset-based mobile media will increase at just below 8% CAGR between 2013 and 2018 to exceed $380 billion.

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Transmedia: How Lucasfilm will Redefine Long-form Storytelling

Marvel Studios has shown that multiple franchises can work together to tell one story, and they’ve even played with a bit of transmedia by having Agents of SHIELD peripherally involved.  But Star Wars is about to blow that out of the water; there have been big meetings setting the future of the Star Wars universe, and these meetings are going to impact everything we see from Star Wars moving forward.

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Economic Development in the World’s Most Virtual City

Dubai is in many ways unique — a city known for its scale, size and growth but still with a residential population of only 2 million.  It has deliberately pursued a high-growth strategy, by ensuring that its infrastructure and real estate is developed ahead of demand.

Dubai is perhaps the most virtual city in the world, driven by high levels of capital inflow and visitors.

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Growing Demand for Linux and Open Source IT Coding Skills

Over the past 20 years, Linux has ascended from a Finnish student’s hobby to the world’s most dominant operating system — one that runs everything from high-performance computing to mobile. Yet companies still can’t get the Linux software talent they need.

93% of IT hiring managers plan to hire a Linux professional in the next six months.

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