How Apple will Conquer the Mobile Payments Marketplace

Back in 2003, Apple launched the iTunes Music Store with 200,000 songs offered at 99¢ each and forever changed the music recording industry. Apple has a history of being a disruptor — they’re the ultimate opportunist that knows how to exploit fear, uncertainty and doubt. Moreover, was the iPhone introduction a supreme Trojan Horse marketing strategy?

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The Most Innovative Companies – an Interactive Guide from BCG

To explore the state of innovation, The Boston Consulting Group fields an annual innovation survey of thousands of senior-level executives. Since 2005, their survey has revealed the 50 companies that executives ranked as the most innovative. The interactive guide shows the changes to The BCG’s list of most innovative companies from 2005 to 2014.

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London Still Searching for its Tech Mojo, Launches Census

A ground-breaking comprehensive census of London’s tech businesses launched today with a mission to map out the capital’s tech sector. The Great London Tech Census will bring together big data, individual interviews and an online questionnaire to create a detailed analysis of London’s tech cluster.

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B2B End-User Buyers Search Online for Substantive Content

B2B end-user buyers worldwide were most likely to begin researching work-related purchases on search engines (35%) and manufacturers’ websites (27%), and 18% got started on consumer sites. B2B end-user buyers want it all when researching online — a good media mix as well as a huge range of information.

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Growth of Cloud Computing Vendor Professional Services

Given the current level of cloud-related maturity within the enterprise, and the continued shortage of skilled software engineer talent, most CIOs and IT managers must rely upon the professional services of their vendor partners.

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Global Wearable Tech Market will Reach $70 billion in 2024

In 2014 alone, $1 billion will be invested in wearable technology. The largest companies in the world are competing for a slice of a market which IDTechEx analysts predict will be worth $70 billion in 2024. Moreover, general interest in wearable technology space has increased 10-fold since 2013.

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CIOs Claim to Have Reversed the Pervasive Shadow IT Trend


Sixty-five percent of enterprises are now using cloud computing technology, services and solutions as part of their IT infrastructure, according to a new report.  In addition, IT leadership — specifically the CIO/CTO — controls more than 80 percent of total cloud spend within the organization.  The CIO/CTO personally oversees more than half 62 percent of cloud purchases.

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