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Creating Virtual Residency in the Global Networked Economy

ESTONIA flung open its digital borders last week. The eastern European country invited anyone, anywhere, to open a bank account or start a business. By the end of the year, anyone with an internet connection will be able to live their financial life in Estonia, all without being physically present.

via New Scientist

Why European Digital Start-Ups need a Bigger Single Market

Innovation isn’t easy. It takes courage to experiment and advance a new idea. Europe has always excelled at this. Radio, television, and mobile communications advances all originated in Europe. But past success won’t ensure Europe’s long tradition of innovation continues. New technologies require more risk-taking and the ability to launch new products with speed and scale.

via World Economic Forum

Why Savvy B2B Marketers Share Big Forward-Looking Insights

B2B Marketers: What Insights Are You Using? - eMarketer

While 81.1% of business-to-business (B2B) marketing and sales professionals polled worldwide said they used “insights” — context-based facts specific to a prospect that help companies shape marketing messages and sales conversations as well as differentiate from the competition — in their content efforts, they weren’t necessarily using the most effective value points.

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The 5 Ways New Technology will Disrupt Your Business


KPMG recently surveyed 768 technology business leaders to identify the emerging or disruptive technologies and barriers to the adoption of tech innovation. Cloud Computing and Mobile continue to be major forces of technological change, with the convergence of these two powerhouses enabling innovation and new business models.

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Why Telecom Network APIs are a Catalyst for Service Growth

Most broadband service providers are not recognized for new business ideas or product leadership. That’s why they typically rely upon outside vendors to create the concepts for new original sources of revenue. That’s particularly true for software-based innovations.

The telecom network Application Programming Interface (API) is the conduit for that creativity.

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The Path to Digital Business Development Evolution

Gartner predicts that by 2020, 75% of business will be digital businesses or preparing to become one.  However, a survey showed that only 22% of respondents defined themselves as already being a digital business.

But 41% of survey respondents see themselves as a digital ‘marketing’ business.

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How Smartphone Owners Use Touch to Activate Most Apps

As mobile devices continue to advance in popularity, a full touchscreen on mobile devices has become the most preferred input method — and it has increased considerably over the past six years. In both the U.S. market (71%) and Western Europe market (75%), a touchscreen was rated as their most preferred key input.

Almost all respondents owning any smartphone preferred touchscreen as their most preferred input, with Blackberry owners being the exception.

via Strategy Analytics


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