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The Path to Digital Business Development Evolution

Gartner predicts that by 2020, 75% of business will be digital businesses or preparing to become one.  However, a survey showed that only 22% of respondents defined themselves as already being a digital business.

But 41% of survey respondents see themselves as a digital ‘marketing’ business.

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How Smartphone Owners Use Touch to Activate Most Apps

As mobile devices continue to advance in popularity, a full touchscreen on mobile devices has become the most preferred input method — and it has increased considerably over the past six years. In both the U.S. market (71%) and Western Europe market (75%), a touchscreen was rated as their most preferred key input.

Almost all respondents owning any smartphone preferred touchscreen as their most preferred input, with Blackberry owners being the exception.

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Chief Marketing Technologist Top Priority for Transformation

New business models inspired by the digital economy require the Chief Marketing Technologist to collaborate with multiple business leaders to deal with economic forces that are changing how the organization fundamentally competes.

Many companies threatened by digital disruption from more agile players can’t transform their legacy business.

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Why the Digital Business Trend Continues to Accelerate

Businesses are not content to simply use today’s IT to build traditional systems faster and cheaper, nor are they content to let each technology exist in its own silo. CIOs now recognize that the true value of IT doesn’t lie solely in traditional approaches.

Rather, IT is the fuel for a digital arms race as companies work to modernize existing commercial offerings.

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Why Digital Marketing Maturity is Far Away for Most Firms

Most organizations fall around Level 3 — that being Integrated Digital Marketing. According to a poll from Gartner regarding their Digital Marketing Maturity Model, only 2% of participants felt they were at Level 5 — Immersive Digital Marketing.

Gartner says growing up is hard to do. Change is difficult.

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Savvy CMOs and CIOs Learn How to Excel at Digital Marketing

Transformers: Age of Digital - eMarketer

Marketers better like change, because it’s coming. In a recent study, 88% of American marketing strategists said their firms were undergoing a formal digital marketing leadership transformation effort.

30% of CIOs and 25% of CMOs said digital transformation had brought about a need for cross-functional cooperation.

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Framework for Digital Service Strategy and Market Execution

Telecom provider groups reacted to pressure on traditional revenue by increasing their focus on digital services and creating dedicated business units — notably Telefónica Digital, SingTel Group Digital Life and SK Planet.

There’s a wide variety of service areas – including over-the-top, advertising, analytics, payments, e-commerce and M2M.

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