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Explore the Top Upcoming Technology Disruptors in 2015

Technology can cut either way. It can be a differentiating factor that helps your business be more successful or it can be something that contributes to your company’s downfall — particularly, if competitors are first-to-market and apply it for a significant competitive edge.

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Why the Days of CIOs Fighting Cloud Trends are Over in 2015

In 2015 this realization will become a motivator for vendors and enterprise CIOs to focus their cloud strategies on empowering business and developers first and put aside their own concerns and priorities. Cloud computing adoption will accelerate and technology management groups must adapt to this reality by learning how to add value.

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Digital Ideation for Developers – the OpenShift Startup Program

The OpenShift startup program was created with you in mind. Combining the best of what platform as a service and OpenShift provides with unique needs of a growing startup, the OpenShift startup program is here to help you make the big leap forward. Collaborating with Red Hat on OpenShift will enable startups to focus on their code, via the benefits of Platform as a Service (PaaS).

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How to Ride the Digital Business Wave to Customer Centricity

Becoming a customer-centric business provides practical, step-by-step advice to top executives within all kinds of enterprises on how to become a customer-centric business. Just how well any company does this will be the key to its success and sustainability, but it is increasingly challenging in a digital world.

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Cloud Benefit is a Means to Attain a Business Outcome

When asked about what their cloud service strategy is, many companies don’t have one and the default is often stated or not that they are just doing what their CEO wants. This is not a cloud strategy. A cloud strategy begins by identifying business goals and mapping potential benefits of the cloud to them, while mitigating the potential drawbacks. Cloud computing should be thought of as a means to an end. The end must be specified first.

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All Savvy CIOs will Shift their Main Focus in 2015 Onwards

IDC Worldwide CIO Agenda 2015 Predictions — 1) By 2017, 80 percent of the CIO’s time will be focused on analytics, cybersecurity and creating new revenue streams through digital services. “The transformations brought about by the 3rd platform are having significant effects on how the business uses IT, how IT is delivered, and how the IT organization is structured. Insightful CIOs will seize the opportunity to be key players in this transformation and elevate their role in the enterprise” said Michael Rosen.

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Four Proven Approaches to Business Model Innovation

To understand which business model innovation approach fits best for any individual company, it is critical to understand both impetus and focus. Impetus: Is the company defending against an external threat, such as commoditization, new regulation, or an economic downturn — or is it proactively disrupting the status quo? Focus: What is the most attractive area of opportunity — does it reside in the core business or in adjacent businesses or markets?

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