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Mobile Market Evolution – New Challenges and Opportunities

Digital Lifescapes: Mobile Market Evolution - Challenges and Opportunities

Samsung sells more Android-based smartphones than most other manufacturers, but offering new models with powerful processors, more memory or larger screens may be loosing its appeal in this highly competitive marketplace.

While the Galaxy S5 is an evolutionary product, there’s not enough meaningful changes to make people want to upgrade from version 4 of this popular smartphone.

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How Cloud Innovation Happens First in Open Source Platforms

Through the new private cloud solutions and extended alliance, Dell and Red Hat aim to provide customers at various stages of OpenStack evaluation and use with an enterprise-grade software life cycle experience, and greater stability, predictability and rigor to the community-published OpenStack updates.

Dell and Red Hat have co-engineered OpenStack-based cloud solutions to address enterprise customer demand for more flexible, elastic and dynamic IT services.

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Why Digital Marketing will Lead the Cloud Innovation Trend

Saugatuck noticed several developments that attest to the rapidly-growing influence of Marketing as a locus and shaper of Cloud Business and the growing shift toward “digital business” strategies.

Digital Marketing will lead the transformative change to business that the Cloud has been promising for years, and drive widespread advancements in corporate IT capabilities.

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Transmedia: the Greatest Comeback in Sailing History

WSJ interactive story features The America’s Cup, first held in 1851, is believed to award the world’s oldest international sporting trophy. The contest also is one of the least professionalized.

There is no permanent organization, commission or governing body. The winner gets to pick where and when the next race is held.

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EU Launches 5G Mobile Program with €4.2B Research Fund

A joint 5G research and innovation program created by the European Commission and the private sector has upped its investment budget to a combined €4.2 billion.

The 5G PPP was launched last December as part of a €6.2 billion EU research program called “Horizon 2020,” with €700 million committed.

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How Technological Advances will Transform U.S. Business

The seismic shifts wrought by technological change are ongoing, at least in the eyes of CEOs in the U.S. market. A survey of CEOs found that the 86% believed that technology advances would have the greatest transformative effect on their businesses.

Almost seven in 10 thought demographic shifts would result in massive change, while nearly six in 10 foresaw shifts in global economic power having that effect.

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Growing Demand for Digital Business Tech Transformation

2014 will likely be a year of dual business goals for forward-thinking senior executives. Responding to ongoing needs for business efficiency and growth, but also adapting to exploit a fundamentally different digital commerce paradigm.

Commercial digitalization, based upon the latest and most effective business technology advances has already begun, but most CIOs do not feel prepared for this next era, according to Gartner.

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Information and Communication Technology Policy for Innovation

Effective Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can facilitate innovation – by improving information exchange and knowledge diffusion incurred in the production of new products and services.

While the use of ICT has grown steadily over the past decade, it substantially varies across OECD countries, according to the findings from a recent global study.

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How the Digital Metasystem will Generate New Opportunities

Companies taking advantage of the “digital metasystem” are creating tremendous returns, while weak performers have collectively destroyed hundreds of billions of dollars of shareholder value, according to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

To adapt to the new environment of blurring industry boundaries, companies will need to make speculative bets on new technologies and markets.

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Making Great Britain, Growth Britain via Crowdsourced Ideas

In a bid to get Britain back on track, Growth Britain invites the public to pitch their ideas and offer feasible solutions to what will help drive growth and positively shape the British enterprise landscape.

This independent and authoritative research from Growth Britain will highlight and deduce the key points in areas that have curbed the growth of British enterprise and provide practicable solutions to these issues.

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