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Wearable Devices Marketing Needs to Improve the Message

Wearable devices trumped smartphones and tablets at electronics shows in 2014, signaling another advance in consumer electronics is under way, according to eMarketer. the number of wearable device units shipped worldwide in 2014 would total 19.2 billion units — a more than 200% increase.

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Digital Media Reaches 24% Share of $523B Global Ad Spend

ZenithOptimedia predicts that Internet advertising will command about 24% of the $523 billion that is expected to be spent on ads around the globe in 2014. This year, for the first time, digital media advertising will exceed the combined share spent on newspapers and magazines.

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Global Media Intelligence Report – Worldwide Ad Spending

In 2014, North America will remain the largest single contributor to the global advertising economy and represent 35.6% of the worldwide total, as regional spending reaches $193.86 billion. North America also tops the global digital ad spending marketplace.

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How to Explore the Era of Mobile Location-Based Services

As the mobile service provider’s traditional sources of communications revenues decrease, the move towards 4G LTE enables new potential streams of revenues — including in-store retail applications, big data analytics, customer experience management and personalized advertising.

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How Mobile Internet Enables Economic Growth in Africa

Spurred by increased infrastructural investments, improved connectivity and affordability, positive government interventions, and the spread of mobility, the African digital media landscape is rapidly evolving, according to IDC. Although only an estimated 19% of the continent’s 1 billion population is online, this situation is expected to improve as investments in infrastructure continue to gain momentum.

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The Mobile Channel Influences In-Store Purchases in America

Thanks to mobile devices, consumers now start researching retail products way before they step into a store to buy. The research found that 81% of U.S. mobile users turned to their devices to research retail items at home or work — meaning before heading to a brick-and-mortar store — while 19% engaged with mobile during a shopping trip.

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OTT Video Entertainment will Reach $42.34 Billion by 2020

The growth of the over-the-top OTT video entertainment industry was previously a primary concern of the American pay-TV sector, as more and more consumers chose to abandon the traditional high-cost cable and satellite TV services. Now this transition has become a worldwide phenomena.

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