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U.S. Holiday Online Shopping Forecast to Reach $61 Billion

The comScore forecast for the November-December 2014 American holiday season is that total online retail spending will reach $61.0 billion, representing a 16-percent gain versus year ago. Mobile commerce is predicted to account for $7.9 billion of retail spending, representing 13 percent of total digital commerce and growing at an annual rate of 25 percent vs. the 2013 season.

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Why China’s Online Population Leads the Worldwide Market

China is far and away the world’s largest Internet market, in addition to being its largest country overall, according to eMarketer. Internet usage in the country skews male, with 55.3% of the internet population being male in 2014. Just over half the male population of the country is already online, compared to 43.7% of females.

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How the Global Internet will Reach 3 Billion Users in 2015

The number of internet users worldwide will surpass 3 billion in 2015, according to eMarketer, increasing 6.2% next year to reach 42.4% of the entire world’s population. By 2018, nearly half the world’s population, or 3.6 billion people, will access the internet at least once each month.

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Digital Business Innovation in the Emerging API Economy

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provide access to software services on a network, and they have existed since the early days of computing. Now they are garnering new attention as Mobility and Cloud make them more important and more accessible. Releasing APIs has become an important marketing strategy for many companies, and their usage is encouraging integration of innumerable online services.

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How Mobile Internet Adoption will Reach Nearly All Humans

By 2020, 90 percent of the world’s population who are over 6 years old will have a mobile phone, and many of them will be watching a lot of video on their devices, according to a study. There was a 60% increase in mobile data traffic from 3Q 2013 to the same period in 2014. Meanwhile, voice call traffic stayed flat.

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Outlook for Over-the-Top Mobile Communication Apps

There’s been a growing concern about the impact of Over-the-Top mobile communication software applications — such as WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat and Skype — on the Mobile Network Operator business model. The negative threat is somewhat obvious, but there is also the potential for market collaboration and business partnerships.

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Mobile Payment Usage Gains Momentum with UK Millennials

UK internet users ages 18 to 34 were much more positive about mobile payments than any other age group surveyed. Almost half (48%) said they would like to use their mobile phones for small transactions, for example, well above the 29% average across all age groups.

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