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Olympics and the World Cup Help Boost Internet Usage in Brazil

According to data from comScore, 88.4% of internet users in Brazil visited news and information sites in March 2013 — ranking it first among BRIC countries, and above the worldwide reach of 76.1% of internet users.

With an average of 60.7 minutes per visitor, internet users in Brazil spent more than twice as much time with online news sites as their Russian counterparts, and still significantly more than those in India and China.

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London 2012 Revisited – Delivering the Economic Legacy

London 2012 showed that Britain not only has world-class athletes but also the world-class expertise, knowledge and innovation to deliver the most high profile event in the world on time and on budget.

One year on there is £9.9 billion of economic benefit from Olympic-related activities and 31,000 new jobs.

via UKTI

How iCity Secures the Future of London Olympics Venue

More than 4,500 jobs will be created at iCITY with around 2,000 more in the local area by 2019, delivering employment for those living close to the Park.

iCITY will invest more than £100million to make the Press and Broadcast Centres an attractive and vibrant location where creative and digital companies will locate.

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GREAT Britain Delivers – London 2012 Olympics Revisited

Great Britain Delivers is the story of how British talent and expertise brought London 2012, the Greatest Show on Earth, to an audience of billions.

Whatever your sport, wherever you are in the world, Great Britain Delivers.

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London 2012: the Olympic Network (part three)

In part two of this series, I shared some additional details about the various services that are being delivered over the London 2012 Olympics intelligent network infrastructure.

Now I’ll share more background about the human (people) ingredients associated with the ICT infrastructure investment — and what I believe to be a valuable lesson-learned that we can all gain from this experience.

But first, I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Atos and BT teams for their leadership and numerous contributions to making the London 2012 Olympics a resounding success.

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London 2012 Olympic Games Media Consumption

The primary London 2012 Olympic games are over, but they’re clearly not forgotten. Several market studies highlighted the multi-platform or multi-device media consumption trends. There were some interesting regional variations within the market study findings.

As an example, according to a pre-Olympics market study by Ipsos, while 65 percent of survey respondents say they would be watching the competition on TV, 23 percent were rooting for their countries via the Internet — a number that swells to 34 percent in APAC countries and 43 percent in BRIC countries.

Six percent of people said they would watch at least part of the Olympics on mobile devices and 4 percent intended to watch on their media tablets.

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BBC Record-Breaking Multi- platform London 2012 Olympics

The BBC has delivered its most successful online event ever, attracting a record-breaking 55 million global browsers to BBC Sport online (cumulative reach) throughout the course of the Games, and marking London 2012 as the first truly digital Games.

This has mirrored the BBC’s record Olympic TV reach, across both linear TV channels and Red Button, with over 51.9 million viewers in the UK — the largest TV audience reach for a major event for at least 10 years.

And video proved hugely popular, with 106 million requests for video throughout the Games (62 million for live streams, 8 million for on-demand streams and 35 million for clips).

via BBC

BBC Super Hi-Vision 8K from the London 2012 Olympics

The London 2012 Olympics is remarkable for its television coverage — including the use of an UHDTV system called Super Hi-Vision.

Promoted as the future of television, it has sixteen times the resolution of a high-definition (HDTV) image. Seen by informitv on an 8-metre wide screen at BBC Broadcasting House in London, the picture quality is phenomenal.

At 7680 x 4320 pixels, the 8K UHDTV2 image has a resolution of 33 megapixels.

via informitv

2016 Olympic Games Legacy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Like London 2012, the infrastructure legacy is a large part of the 2016 Olympics project. Essentially it breaks into two parts. First, the main venues will form a permanent Olympic training centre after the Games.

The second part is mostly about housing and commercial space. AECOM’s competition entry also proposed a school to be built near a bordering favela and the redevelopment of the international press building as a college.

‘A lot of money in a project like this goes into putting in the utilities, and we wanted at least 70 per cent of the infrastructure to be used afterwards,’ explains Goymour.

via Blueprint Magazine

UK Digital Advertising Spend is Growing in 2012

British consumer products advertisers have been looking forward to the London 2012 Olympics. The total media advertising spend is set for a significant increased in new growth this year — due partly to Olympics related promotional activities.

eMarketer now estimates that with total spending forecast to reach $24.21 billion — it’s increased by about 4.5 percent. In a tough European economic environment, that’s considered to be a big bonus.And, according to the results of a recent market study, a record amount of that ad spending will be online.

eMarketer estimates that fully one in three ad campaign spending in the UK will be digital this year — a figure that will rise to nearly one in two by 2016.

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