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Why UK Subscribers are Unsure about 4G Mobile Real Benefits

While the figures for 4G mobile uptake in the UK seem relatively healthy, consumer sentiment looks to be lagging. Only 22% of 3G-only device owners surveyed were excited by the prospect of 4G service.

A further 42% couldn’t see the benefit of 4G, while 56% thought it would be too expensive.

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Mobile App Stickiness Index Reports Ongoing Usage Trends

The Localytics “App Stickiness Index” is a way to measure how well mobile apps are tackling the challenges of engagement and avoiding churn, in aggregate. The Index is a composite of two key application metrics: Power Users and Loyal Users.

Media and Entertainment vertical continues to have the greatest App Stickiness; Technology has the lowest.

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Exploring the $50 Billion Global Enterprise Mobility Opportunity

Mobility — the use of mobile data, new devices, new applications and communications services — is one of the most disruptive forces in today’s enterprise market.  Embracing mobility as a strategic asset and opportunity, rather than simply a technical challenge, will be a critical success factor for all businesses moving forward.

Mobility works – 80% of enterprise executives say mobile app based initiatives had met or exceeded expectations.

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Western European Shoppers Tap the Mobile Retail Channel

Just like in 2013, an explosion in online shopping is among the most powerful influences on eCommerce in Western Europe this year. Levels of mobile retail activity are rising rapidly across Europe as more consumers use smartphones, according to eMarketer.

24% of smartphone users in the EU-5 accessed retail websites, representing year-on-year growth of 42%.

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Why Most American Smartphone Users Choose a Few Good Apps

In Q4 2013, Nielsen found that U.S. adult Android and iPhone users were spending 65% more time with mobile apps than they had just two years ago — 30 hours, 15 minutes in Q4 2013, vs. 18 hours, 18 minutes in Q4 2011.

However, mobile users were spending more time with the apps they had, as opposed to downloading new ones.

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More Financial Services will Migrate to the Mobile Cloud

According to the latest market study by Juniper Research, a mobile banking service is currently available in most regions of the world, driven by exceptional consumer demand — especially within the developed regions.

Juniper uncovered that over 1.75 billion mobile phone users will have used their device for banking purposes by the end of 2019.

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Smartphones Reach 70 Percent Market Share in America

As the American market for smartphones is reaching full saturation, the focus continues to shift from device adoption to software application usage.  comScore reported the key trends in the U.S. smartphone industry for May 2014.

Facebook ranked as the top individual smartphone app. Google has six mobile media apps ranked within the top 15 positions.

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Mobile Device Love Comes and Goes but Apps are Forever

When’s the last time you replaced your mobile device?  Over half of smartphone and tablet owners are toting devices purchased within the past year, based on March 2014 survey results.

57% of respondents who owned a smartphone had purchased it within the past year, and 55% of tablet users said the same.

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Mobile Payments Market is Still Very Nascent and Growing

eCommerce is a 1,145 billion EUR market generating 34.8 billion transactions in 2014 and mCommerce has generated 115 billion EUR in revenues, through 29 billion transactions — including about 13% of alternative payment systems other than payment cards.

IDATE estimates that 278 million NFC-enabled mobile phones will be used in 2014.


More Open Source Software within Enterprise Mobile Devices

The use of smartphones and notebook PCs is widespread among enterprises, with nearly three out of every four organizations issuing corporate-owned laptops (74 percent) and smartphones 71 percent to their workforce, according to the latest global market study by Frost & Sullivan.

Media tablets, on the other hand, are issued by only half 47 percent the surveyed enterprises.

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