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How Battery Technology for Mobile Devices will Evolve

Short battery life remains the biggest irritation to smartphone users and is a clear opportunity for handset vendors and mobile network service providers to improve the user experience by adopting new, longer-lasting battery technologies.”Additionally, the growth in size-constrained wearable devices makes the problem even more acute,” said Nick Spencer.

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Video Game Revenues of Top 25 Companies Reach $25 Billion

The top 25 video game companies generated over $25 billion in the first half of 2014, that’s an impressive jump of $3 billion, or 17%, compared to same period in 2013. For the first half of 2014 Tencent’s revenues are an impressive 50% higher than the number 2 in the world: EA.

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How Casual Gaming Drives Market Development in Britain

June 2014 polling found that UK gamers hailed from across demographic groups within Great Britain — i.e. more females played video games than men, and more older adults played than teens. The smartphone was considered the leading video game device by 54% of respondents vs. 45% who considered the console to be the main device.

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How to Explore the Era of Mobile Location-Based Services

As the mobile service provider’s traditional sources of communications revenues decrease, the move towards 4G LTE enables new potential streams of revenues — including in-store retail applications, big data analytics, customer experience management and personalized advertising.

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How Mobile Devices Impact the Video Entertainment Sector

Media tablets are more popular than ever, according to a new study. Tablet ownership increased to 50% from 40% in 2013, and the percentage of all American consumers watching TV or movies on tablets weekly jumped to 26% from 17% last year. Smartphones are now used weekly to watch TV or movies by more than 40% of consumers under 35 years old. Meanwhile, U.S. consumers spending less on traditional pay-TV services jumped from 26% last year to 35% in 2014.

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How China is Leading the Emerging Mobile Internet Era

Demand for affordable devices used to connect to the mobile internet, mostly from emerging markets, is continuing to drive strong sales of what Gartner calls “white-box” smartphones and media tablets in 2014. Gartner expects the white-box smartphone market to grow 50 percent, while the white-box tablet market will experience growth of 15.6 percent.

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Hyper-Local Mobile Marketing Delivers Targeted Results

Mobile location-based ads help advertisers improve targeting, up engagement and generate better creative — if the data they rely on is accurate. Broken down by location, hyper-local campaigns grabbed the largest share of accurate advertising impressions served in the U.S. market in Q3 2014, at 46%. This was up from 34% in Q2 2014.

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