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How Low-Power Helper Chips Improve Smart Mobile Devices

Existing wearable devices such as Google’s head-mounted computer Google Glass require battery charging at least once a day, even with light use. A new kind of low-power chip aimed at such wearable devices could not only extend battery lives but also allow the devices to constantly listen for voice commands.

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Top 25 Mobile Apps Dominated by the Digital Media Brands

The ranking of top mobile apps is dominated by app constellations of some of the largest digital media brands — specifically, Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay.  These six brands account for 9 of the top 10 most used apps, 16 of the top 25, and 24 of the top 50.

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How Smartphones Enable the Always-On Phenomenon

American smartphone users are actually laggards in the morning, and relatively casual about checking their phones at night, compared with users in several other developed internet markets.  People in the UK, France, Germany and Singapore were much faster about their morning check-ins, and were also more likely to check last thing at night.

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Worldwide Mobile Workforce will Reach 1.67 Billion in 2018

The global mobile workforce is set to increase from 1.26 billion in 2013 (accounting for 36.4% of the global workforce)  to 1.67 billion in 2018 (accounting for 41.8% of the global workforce).  Globalization will continue to drive the growth of mobile office workers in all regions as executives, consultants, sales & field professionals, and other mobile professionals of multinational corporations proliferate.

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Evolution of Mobile Gaming Creates New Opportunities

Juniper Research has revealed that by 2019 worldwide revenues from media tablet games usage will reach $13.3 billion — that’s a threefold rise on the 2014 revenue of $3.6 billion. The latest Juniper Research market study highlights that mobile gaming growth will be fueled by a number of key factors.

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Mobile Workforce Technology Driven by Smartphone Apps

Smartphone sales to business users — both though corporate-liable purchasing and from BYOD volume — is on pace to grow more than 20% in 2014 over last year’s volume of nearly 280 million units.  Despite the disparity in volume, where global personal-liable sales will be more than double the unit count of corporate purchases in 2014, the gap between the two classes of device ownership can slightly shrink over the next few years if corporate purchases continue their current surge.

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Global Mobile Data Traffic will Reach 260.8 Exabytes by 2019

In the first quarter of 2014, the overall worldwide mobile service provider revenue increased by just 0.58 percent year-on-year to $264 billion, according to the latest global market study by ABI Research.

The aggregate service revenue for 2014 will grow 2.9% YoY to $1.01 trillion, mainly driven by the mobile Internet.

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