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How Mobile Devices Impact the Video Entertainment Sector

Media tablets are more popular than ever, according to a new study. Tablet ownership increased to 50% from 40% in 2013, and the percentage of all American consumers watching TV or movies on tablets weekly jumped to 26% from 17% last year. Smartphones are now used weekly to watch TV or movies by more than 40% of consumers under 35 years old. Meanwhile, U.S. consumers spending less on traditional pay-TV services jumped from 26% last year to 35% in 2014.

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How China is Leading the Emerging Mobile Internet Era

Demand for affordable devices used to connect to the mobile internet, mostly from emerging markets, is continuing to drive strong sales of what Gartner calls “white-box” smartphones and media tablets in 2014. Gartner expects the white-box smartphone market to grow 50 percent, while the white-box tablet market will experience growth of 15.6 percent.

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Hyper-Local Mobile Marketing Delivers Targeted Results

Mobile location-based ads help advertisers improve targeting, up engagement and generate better creative — if the data they rely on is accurate. Broken down by location, hyper-local campaigns grabbed the largest share of accurate advertising impressions served in the U.S. market in Q3 2014, at 46%. This was up from 34% in Q2 2014.

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Upside Opportunities for Mobile Context-Aware Applications

As smartphone use grows around the globe, the demand for creative new mobile software application innovation will explode. Mobile Internet access is crucial in modern app functionality. Naturally, with faster broadband connection speeds, a richer mobile experience is available, with the possibility to leverage a cloud-based software app backend system.

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Exploring the Pulse of Mobile Enterprise Applications

An increasing number of North American businesses are realizing the value of deploying mobile software applications for use by their workers. In fact, in a recent Frost & Sullivan Mobile Applications survey, 73% of respondents reported already having one or more employee-facing mobile applications in place. The bulk of these users – 48% of the total survey sample – have from one to 10 apps deployed to some degree.

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Why Low-Cost Smartphones will Dominate this Decade

According to Juniper Research, the number of smartphone shipments will approach 1.2 billion in 2014 — that’s an increase of 19 percent from the 985 million in 2013. The global market is expected to be driven by growth in emerging markets, due to a continued surge in sales and adoption of low-cost Economy $75-$150 and Ultra-Economy sub-$75 smartphones.

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These 6 Key Trends in Mobile will Usher in a New Era by 2020

By 2020, a clear picture of the post-smartphone era will have emerged — the blended-reality era. The smartphone will be the central component of a personal Internet of Things (IoT), connecting with wearables, household objects and utilities, and connected vehicles to quantify, aggregate, and automate everyday tasks. Sensors, displays, and augmented reality services will blend a digital layer into the physical world, quantifying it for increased efficiency and optimization.

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