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How to Assess the U.S. Mobile Apps Market Opportunity

The mobile internet has swiftly risen to become the leading digital platform, with total activity on smartphones and tablets accounting for an astounding 60 percent of digital media time spent in the U.S. market.  The fuel driving mobile’s relentless growth is primarily app usage, which alone makes up a majority of total digital media engagement at 52 percent.

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Software-Defined Networking Market to Reach $8B by 2018

Software-defined networking (SDN) continues to gain ground within the broader enterprise and cloud service provider markets for data center networking.  The worldwide SDN market for the enterprise and cloud service provider segments will grow from $960 million in 2014 to over $8 billion by 2018, representing a robust CAGR of 89.4 percent.

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Global Smartphone Growth Outlook Belongs to Android

The worldwide smartphone market reached a new milestone in the second quarter of 2014 2Q14, moving past the 300 million unit mark for the first time in its history. According to IDC, vendors shipped a total of 301.3 million smartphones worldwide in 2Q14, that’s up by 25.3 percent from the 240.5 million units shipped in the second quarter of 2013.

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Technical Talent Drives Cloud Professional Services Demand

“When buyers were asked what characteristics were required for a cloud professional services project to be successful, at a worldwide level, the number one characteristic was ‘provide technical insights and competence’ followed by ‘provide functional insights and competence’,” said Gard Little, Research Director. “These two items made it to the top of the 2014 list.”

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Mobile Digital Video Gaming is Gaining Momentum in Germany

The video gaming shift to digital in Europe has been happening for a few years, and mobile is rapidly increasing its share of the video gaming market in Germany.  Smartphone and tablet gaming app revenues in Germany came in at €465 million ($620 million) in 2014, representing year-over-year growth of nearly 33 percent.

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Global Media and Entertainment Industry Cloud Service Apps

In order to manage the growth of digital media applications, as well as the increase in online video consumption on multiple screens, the media and entertainment industry must balance the need to support complex production and distribution-oriented IT workflows with an uncertain product revenue potential.

Cloud services offer an attractive solution to this dilemma, as they can help all types of M&E companies.

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Update: 173 Million Americans Now Own a Smartphone

Apple ranked as the top smartphone manufacturer with 42.1 percent OEM market share. Meanwhile, Google Android was the leading smartphone platform with 51.9 percent platform market share.

Facebook ranked as the top individual smartphone application, but Google had three apps in the top five positions.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Smartphone Software Apps are Deleted

Over the past four years, the average number of software apps installed on smartphones in the U.S. and Western Europe has settled between 31 and 37. Smartphone owners in these regions continue to retain an average of two-thirds of all applications they have ever installed on their device.

The most common reasons for deleting an app is not using it, getting bored with it, and memory/battery/data consumption.

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Tech-Savvy Workers Continue to Fuel Shadow IT Phenomenon

Smart employees are setting up their own work applications — for example cloud file sync and share services — due to IT departments falling short in resources for workers.  In a UK study, only 14% prefer to use applications supplied by their employer.

18% say their employers’ IT departments don’t provide them with the applications that they need to be able to do their jobs.

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Internet of Things and Connected Device Awareness in France

France's Web Users Look Forward to More Connected Devices - eMarketer

Internet users in France are fast becoming familiar with connected devices, according to a recent report. Nearly three-quarters of those polled said they’ve heard of connected devices or the Internet of Things.

71% of smartphone users said they would access their software applications directly from their cars.

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