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Mobile Applications Revenue will Reach $33.7 billion in 2014

Strategy Analytics forecasts global total mobile applications revenues of $33.7 billion in 2014 — rising to reach just over $60 billion in 2018. Moreover, 88% of revenues in 2014 are from “freemium” business models  – based upon advertising, in-app purchases and subscription.

The mobile apps market is shifting rapidly. At the current growth rate, Google Play apps revenue will overtake Apple iOS in 2016.

via Strategy Analytics

How Open Source 3DR Drone Innovation is Community-Driven

Chris Anderson has a unique perspective on technology-driven innovation. He was the editor in chief of Wired for more than ten years, and he’s written two New York Times best-selling books on the digital economy. Today, he’s CEO of 3DRobotics.

Like the Linux open source innovation phenomenon – there is a fundamental DNA path dependency here.

via BCG

Investment in Cloud Computing will Grow Rapidly in Brazil

According to Kable, 76% of respondents in Brazil plan to increase their ICT spending in 2014 compared to 56% in 2013, providing opportunities for ICT vendors targeting the Brazilian enterprise market.

Hardware, software, and IT services will attract the major proportion (64%) of Brazilian ICT budgets in 2014.

via Kable

Mobile App Stickiness Index Reports Ongoing Usage Trends

The Localytics “App Stickiness Index” is a way to measure how well mobile apps are tackling the challenges of engagement and avoiding churn, in aggregate. The Index is a composite of two key application metrics: Power Users and Loyal Users.

Media and Entertainment vertical continues to have the greatest App Stickiness; Technology has the lowest.

via Localytics

London DataStore – the Open Source Big Data API Project

The London Datastore was created by the Greater London Authority (GLA) as an innovation towards freeing London’s data. Citizens can access the data that the GLA and other public sector organisations hold, and use that data however they see fit – free of charge.

The GLA is committed to influencing and cajoling other public sector organisations into releasing their data here too.

via London DataStore

Big Data Investment Forecast to Reach $30 Billion in 2014

Despite privacy concerns and organizational resistance, Big Data investments continue to gain momentum throughout the globe. SNS Research estimates that Big Data investments will account for nearly $30 Billion in 2014.

These software investments are further expected to grow at a CAGR of 17% over the next 6 years.

via SNS Research

Why Digital Marketers Struggle to Interpret their Customer Data

More than half of U.S. client-side marketers say that the desire to build a single customer viewpoint was a key priority of unification — combining data from all applications that help with digital marketing today.

However, just 14% of marketers said they were strongly capable of creating a single view of their customer.

via eMarketer

Software Subscriptions and Cloud Transform the Market

Most CIOs would prefer to be freed from the ongoing burden and rising cost of managing software license compliance. It’s one of the primary reasons why open source software subscriptions are so appealing. It’s also a key driver of pay-as-you-go cloud service adoption.

Forward-looking software vendor executives also acknowledge the apparent shortcomings of the legacy licensing model.

via Digital Lifescapes

Why Most American Smartphone Users Choose a Few Good Apps

In Q4 2013, Nielsen found that U.S. adult Android and iPhone users were spending 65% more time with mobile apps than they had just two years ago — 30 hours, 15 minutes in Q4 2013, vs. 18 hours, 18 minutes in Q4 2011.

However, mobile users were spending more time with the apps they had, as opposed to downloading new ones.

via eMarketer

Hybrid Cloud Creates $7 Billion Platform Integration Opportunity

The Hybrid Cloud customer research report indicates 20% of the large enterprise market has integrated at least two clouds to create a hybrid cloud, creating a $7 billion public/private hybrid integration market in 2014.

The volume of Cloud integration will increase over the next five years as customers demand improved data interoperability, connectivity and customer experience.

via TBR


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