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Women are Very Likely to be Mobile Gamers in the UK Market

The perceived wisdom is that females generally lag behind their male counterparts when it comes to technology adoption. While this is true to a degree, the further down the age scale one goes, the less that idea holds true, according eMarketer.

Findings from a recent study indicated that of the 20 million mobile gamers in the UK, almost half were female.

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Mobile Market Evolution – New Challenges and Opportunities

Digital Lifescapes: Mobile Market Evolution - Challenges and Opportunities

Samsung sells more Android-based smartphones than most other manufacturers, but offering new models with powerful processors, more memory or larger screens may be loosing its appeal in this highly competitive marketplace.

While the Galaxy S5 is an evolutionary product, there’s not enough meaningful changes to make people want to upgrade from version 4 of this popular smartphone.

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Big Data Deployment Challenges for Marketers within the UK

Debate and activity are on the rise in the UK, as companies of all kinds see the potential for Big Data to identify and exploit business opportunities based on the customer information they have or can gather digitally.

But knowledge of analytics is a major hurdle. Over 20% of respondents in IT roles, 33% in other roles, said their understanding of Big Data analytics was poor.

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Exploring the Impact of Network Functions Virtualization

The forward-looking effects of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) on the traditional wireline and wireless broadband service provider sector will truly be unprecedented. Vendors of deeply-rooted proprietary technologies are most at risk.

Moreover, plans for open-source hardware and software adoption will potentially reshape the whole value-chain.

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Why Mobile Content Marketing Expertise is Not Optional

If you’re an American digital marketing practitioner and you’re not already optimizing content for the mobile channel, then you are missing both a strategic and tactical market development opportunity. Mobile internet use is a mainstream activity. Mobile media consumption is commonplace.

Review the latest market study findings and see for yourself — mobile content marketing matters.

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Growing Demand for OpenStack Developers and Architects


Across the globe, forward-looking telecom service providers and their savvy enterprise customers are joining the progressive movement to deploy Open Hybrid Cloud solutions.

The growing trend has created a demand for highly-skilled IT talent that can enable companies to achieve their business technology goals and objectives.

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Big Data Gains Momentum with UK Marketing Professionals

Big data is a big deal for businesses — and particularly marketers — worldwide. The sentiment in the UK is no different. A survey of marketing professionals in Europe, 90% of whom came from the UK, found that 82% of companies either already used big data or planned to do so within the next three years.

While big data has a huge amount of potential, until it can be better structured, stored and harvested, its use for marketers will remain limited.

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How SDN and NFV Technologies will Gain Momentum in 2014

“This is the year that SDN and NFV move from the lab to field trials. Many carriers are in the process of moving from SDN/NFV proof-of-concept projects to working with vendors in the development and ‘productization’ of software that will become the basis for commercial deployments,” said Michael Howard, principal analyst at Infonetics Research.

Only 29% are currently implementing SDNs, but 52% plan to evaluate SDNs by the end of 2014. Nearly every carrier plans to deploy SDN (97%) or NFV (93%) in some aspect of their network.

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How Mobile Business Apps are Increasing User Productivity

Prepackaged mobile applications reached a plateau during 2013, but with more exciting advancements expected in 2014, North American companies are once again deploying a wide array of mobile worker software.

According to Frost & Sullivan, 48 percent of business decision makers report that their companies already deploy one to ten apps for employees on mobile devices.

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Exploring the Big Data Vendor Revenue and Market Forecast


Broken down by type, Big Data-related services revenue made up 40% of the total market, followed by hardware at 38% and software at 22%. Such a breakdown is due in part to the open source nature of much Big Data software.

Both IT-vendors and pure-play Big Data vendors took steps to better articulate their product and service roadmaps.

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