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Say Hello to the Helpful Robotic Assistant in Your Smartphone

There is a shift from smartphones being a communications device to a multi-function, voice-controlled computer that helps you run more and more aspects of your life. It’s already a cloud-connected digital personal assistant that knows you, but it will grow to communicate with the computer in your car, at home, in the office, at the shopping mall and elsewhere.

via World Economic Forum

How History can Teach Us about the Future of Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing is now where electricity was in 1890. There are still homes and offices across the world that each protect and support their own data-storage device. Hundreds of millions of television set-top boxes and video recorders purr quietly in homes across the world – each hosting gigabytes of storage.

via The Guardian

Creating Virtual Residency in the Global Networked Economy

ESTONIA flung open its digital borders last week. The eastern European country invited anyone, anywhere, to open a bank account or start a business. By the end of the year, anyone with an internet connection will be able to live their financial life in Estonia, all without being physically present.

via New Scientist

The State of Silicon Valley Fall 2014 – Download the Report

The Ipsos technology industry specialization research practice has captured the insights and perceptions of industry thought-leaders from people working in tech companies, at start-ups, at VC firms, at agencies working with tech companies and at Ipsos.

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Webcast Archive – Accelerating Cloud Innovation with OpenStack


There is no question about it: Dynamic enterprises are demanding more performance, scalability, agility and flexibility from their datacenter infrastructures. And despite advances in virtualization, the future of business IT is in the cloud with OpenStack, the fastest-growing and massively scalable cloud infrastructure platform. Learn more, playback the archived webcast at the ON24 site.

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Why Marketing Technology Investment is on the Rise

Marketers are constantly striving to understand consumers, increasing data collection efforts as a result. However, professionals need to up marketing technology investments if they hope to make sense of this data, and the majority have taken note — 53% of U.S. marketers polled said they had increased marketing technology investments in the past three years.

via eMarketer

Global Wearable Device Sales to Grow 180 Percent by 2015

The global wearable device market will grow over 180% YoY in 2015. The smartwatch category will be the largest subsegment, driven by Apple, Samsung, Sony and others. The wearable device market presents a big opportunity for Microsoft, Nokia, Qualcomm, Broadcom, MediaTek, Google, Motorola, Huawei, TCL-Alcatel and others.

via Strategy Analytics


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