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Tech Mergers and Acquisitions Highlight New Q1 2014 Deals

In looking at the Q1 2014 deal numbers, M&A activity is gearing up for a rebound — or at least a notable uptick from 2013. The first quarter of the year saw overall M&A activity rise 39% in terms of deal value while the average transaction size rose 36% respectively.

The number of deals in the Technology sector increased by 20% to 398 deals, worth roughly $58.3 billion.

via Merrill Datasite

American Public Ponders the Future of Scientific Advances

The American public anticipates that the coming half-century — next 50 years — will be a period of profound scientific change, as inventions that were once confined to the realm of science fiction come into common usage.

Public attitudes towards ubiquitous wearable or implanted computing devices are viewed as the most positive.

via Pew Research Center

Exploring New Wearable Tech Market Segmentation Trends

The worldwide wearable computing market is finally expanding beyond the early-adopter segment, with more functional and stylish personal accessories that are making their way onto the pages of lifestyle magazines like GQ and Shape.

Wearable shipment volumes will exceed 19 million units in 2014 — that’s more than tripling last year’s sales performance.

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Exploring the Impact of Network Functions Virtualization

The forward-looking effects of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) on the traditional wireline and wireless broadband service provider sector will truly be unprecedented. Vendors of deeply-rooted proprietary technologies are most at risk.

Moreover, plans for open-source hardware and software adoption will potentially reshape the whole value-chain.

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The Explosion of Mobile Internet Traffic is Driving 5G Research

Mobile data traffic is experiencing tremendous growth – with over an 80% increase in global mobile data traffic in 2013 compared to 2012. Led mainly by an increase in mobile video traffic; it is really no surprise that the industry is now beginning to float the idea of 5G infrastructure.

While it is not yet clear what form 5G technology will take, there are plenty of industry players expressing an interest in developing this concept further.

via BuddeComm

New Emerging Wearable Technologies Include e-Textiles

When you imagine the emerging market for Wearable Technologies, you’ll likely think of eye glasses or wrist bands — not garments or apparel. Think again; there’s more innovation coming to the rapidly growing wearable tech category.

According to IDTechEx Research, the evolving field of e-textiles describes new technology that is reliant on e-fibers for electronic, electro-optic and electrical functionality.

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Digital Technology Startup Exits have Reached $104 Billion

Today, many technology entrepreneurs are quickly building their companies and quickly realizing a rapid, lucrative exit. According to Dealogic, the odds are in their favor — as of October 2013, the tech sector had logged 1,715 M&A deals worth approximately $104 billion.

Each year more than a half million new startups launch, in this fast-growing, quickly evolving sector of the market.

via Dealogic

High-Growth Lessons from the New Technology Aristocracy

Over the past decade, business has witnessed the rise of a new aristocracy: the new technology giants. Their growth has been stellar — Google, Amazon, Facebook and eBay, for example, all surpassed $1 billion in annual sales within roughly 5 years of launch.

Procter & Gamble, by contrast, took more than 20 years to reach $1 million in yearly sales and more than 100 years to pass the $1 billion mark.

via BCG

Market Segmentation of Evolving Wearable Technologies

As the smart wearable electronics business grows very rapidly from over $14 billion today to over 70 billion in 2024, the dominant segment by value will remain the increasingly merged medical, healthcare, fitness and wellness sector.

According to IDTechEx, it has the largest number of big names behind the most promising new developments.

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Why we Really Need more Wi-Fi Spectrum – Right Now, Today

Have you ever noticed your Internet speeds slowing down when you’re in a crowded office or trying to stream a movie at a peak time like 8 p.m. on a weeknight?

You’re likely experiencing Wi-Fi congestion – caused by the huge growth in Wi-Fi traffic around the country.

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