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Smartphone Users in Mexico Adopting more Messaging Apps

Mexico will boast 104.3 million mobile connections — 86.7% of the population — and a mobile phone user base of 75.8 million in 2014, nearly half of whom will be smartphone users. One of the most eagerly embraced smartphone capabilities are over-the-top (OTT) mobile messaging services.

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Why Mobile Operators are Seeking New Revenue Sources

Mobile service providers will find the next decade to be full of new challenges and opportunities. Meanwhile, the mobile internet phenomena has offered a welcomed increase in service revenue, but there were also some unanticipated negative side effects.

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Demand for Mobile-Optimized Web Sites is Growing Rapidly

Among U.S. millennial smartphone users polled, nearly 90% said their phones never left their side — they’re often experts on mobile internet usage. Yet, 86% said many websites didn’t offer good mobile functionality. Nearly half of respondents said they attempted to access the mobile site of a business via smartphone daily, so this is a huge problem for marketers.

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M2M Home Appliance Market Helps to Drive the IoT Trend

According to research firm TechNavio, the Connected M2M Home Appliance Market in the U.S. is expected to witness significant growth and post a CAGR of 49.98 percent from 2014-2018. A lot of this growth can be chalked up to the trend towards cloud-managed smart homes and the Internet of Things.

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Content Marketing Practices are Becoming More Effective

In a recent study, 77% of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers in North America are using content marketing. And responses indicated that marketers were getting more effective at the tactic — 37% said their organizations were effective at content marketing, that’s up from 34% last year and 32% three years ago.

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Mobile Network Operators are Evaluating SDN and NFV


A recent macrocell backhaul study reveals the extent to which mobile operators are looking at software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) solutions to provide greater flexibility and cost-savings. Moreover, 29% of respondents say they are deploying SDN, while the majority (63%) are already evaluating it.

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Why a Focus on Customer Need Matters More than Anything

When marketing executives in North America were asked to rank the most important attributes of customer centricity, having a senior management team committed to understanding the needs and behaviors of the customer market landed in the top spot.

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