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Market Analysis of Over-the-Top Distribution for Premium Video

As direct distribution via the internet results in disintermediation for some of the players, rights holders could theoretically expect to capture a much larger share of the end market — up to 92% of the value with direct distribution compared with 28% in the current model.

However, to date, traditional distribution is still more profitable because revenues from the TV end market are so large.


Live TV is Still Very Popular with Senior Citizens around the Globe

Most (86%) global respondents who watch TV indicate they usually watch TV programming “live”, although other popular modes of watching are catching on like streaming or downloading from a computer (27%), streaming from the internet to TV (16%), using a DVR or other recording device attached to a TV (16%), and on mobile device (11%).

The findings reflect a new poll of 15,551 adults in 20 countries conducted by Ipsos OTX.

via Ipsos

More Upside Opportunities for Creative Interactive Video in 2014

Interactive video saw tremendous success in North America last year, thanks to its completely immersive brand experience, and this growth is expected to continue in 2014, according to recent research by Sizmek.

Advertisers using interactive video have learned from the past, combining the best practices of both rich media and video ads.

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Few Smart TV Sets in America are Connected to the Internet

Leichtman Research Group found that found that 77% of households in the United States have at least one high definition television (HDTV) set, and about 46% of all households have multiple HDTVs. Five years ago, 34% of households had at least one HDTV, and 11% of households had more than one HDTV.

Only 14% of households have a Smart TV set that is connected to the Internet – 3% of households that have more than one connected Smart TV set.

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TV 2020: Video Entertainment in the Network Society

What will broadcast TV be like in 2020? According to a panel of experts from YouTube, Scripps, AT&T and Ericsson it will be without a home DVR, on-demand and a solo experience. Will it still be called TV?

By 2020 we will be living in the network society — 50 billion connected devices will be in the world with 15 billion of them video enabled.

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Amazon Fire TV: How it will Challenge Legacy Pay-TV


Amazon, which has been building its multimedia presence to tap the growing appetite for digital media, is now jumping headlong into the heated competition for consumers’ attention and an estimated $70 billion TV ad market.

It took the wraps off the Fire TV at a rare Apple-style media event in New York.

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Latin American Pay-TV Revenue to Reach $24.7 Billion by 2020


Digital TV adoption is already growing in Latin America — from only 18.1 percent penetration of TV households at end-2010 to just over the halfway mark by end-2014 and onto 94.5 percent by 2020, according to the latest market study by Digital TV Research.

Put another way, 132 million digital TV households (in 19 countries) will be added between 2010 and 2020 to take the total to 157 million.

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Exploring the Internet Set-Top Box User Segmentation Trends


According to The Diffusion Group, 14 percent of broadband households currently use an Internet Set-Top Box (iSTB) — such as Roku or Apple TV — to access online over-the-top (OTT) video content on their television set.

Internet set-top box use is especially prominent among Early Millennials (age 25-34) and Late Boomers (age 45-54).

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Global Video Index: a 43% Surge in Mobile and Tablet Usage


According to findings from Ooyala’s Q4 Video Index, time spent watching video on tablets and mobile devices is up an astounding 719% since Q4 of 2011. In Q4 of 2013 alone, smartphones and tablets increased their share of all video watched online by 43%.

Ooyala now predicts that by 2016, half of all online video viewing will be done on mobile and tablet devices.

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IPTV has Reached Over 100 Million Subscribers Worldwide


The three largest IPTV markets — China, France and the U.S. — will account for over half of the world’s subscriber base. By 2018, analysts forecast the global IPTV revenue will increase at an 11.8 percent CAGR, reaching a value of $42.9 billion.

With over 100 million IPTV subscribers worldwide, the IPTV market has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years.

via Pyramid Research


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