Smart TV Shipments to Reach 52.85 Million by 2012

The worldwide market for smart TVs will soar from 1.04 million in 2010 to 25.18 million this year and account for 10.4% of all TV shipments — according to a new report from Taiwan’s Topology Research Institute TRi.

With an increasing number of set makers jumping on the smart TV bandwagon, global shipments are forecast to continue increasing sharply and reach 52.85 million units by 2012, accounting for 20% of all TV shipments.

C.W. Chang, research manager at TRi, predicts that user interface, gaming function, Internet browsing, over-the-top OTT video, social networking and search tools will become the deciding factors in market success for a smart TV — with social networking to be the “killer application”.

via IPTV news

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