Why “Next Issue” App won’t Revive Magazine Publishing

Back in April, a company called Next Issue Media launched its digital-magazine app. A joint venture of five big publishers — Condé Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corp and TIME‘s owner, Time Inc. — it bundled a bunch of famous publications into a single app with all-you-can-read pricing.

Next Issue currently offers 39 titles, including many of the biggies from the founding publishers. It’s tempting to want Next Issue to be something that will make magazine lovers out of people who have drifted away from magazines, or never got into them in the first place. If it were radically cheaper–for instance, if it matched Netflix and Hulu Plus’s $7.99/month price — it might.

With the current price points, though, I think that its real audience is people who are already voracious readers of big-name magazines in either dead-tree or digital form, or both.

via TIME.com

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