UK Digital Advertising Spend is Growing in 2012

British consumer products advertisers have been looking forward to the London 2012 Olympics. The total media advertising spend is set for a significant increased in new growth this year — due partly to Olympics related promotional activities.

eMarketer now estimates that with total spending forecast to reach $24.21 billion — it’s increased by about 4.5 percent. In a tough European economic environment, that’s considered to be a big bonus.And, according to the results of a recent market study, a record amount of that ad spending will be online.

eMarketer estimates that fully one in three ad campaign spending in the UK will be digital this year — a figure that will rise to nearly one in two by 2016.

via Digital Lifescapes

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3 responses to “UK Digital Advertising Spend is Growing in 2012”

  1. Sara says :

    It’s not surprising that digital advertising is killing it in today’s market. It’s the best value for the advertising dollar and is easier to track!

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