Creating the Argument for a Private Cloud in Prisons

More recently, Redlitz started the Last Mile program at San Quentin, which may be even more ambitious. He had met some volunteers at San Quentin socially, he says, and realized that there were similarities between what he did with entrepreneurs and what might be done with prisoners.

“Working with entrepreneurs is different, but there’s a lot of talent and passion behind bars that can be nurtured, one person at a time, the way we do it in venture capital.”

The six-month-long program has three tenets: 1) educating a group of six men about how the world has changed since the creation of the Internet which none in the group have ever seen; 2) discussing how entrepreneurs think and make businesses work; and 3) having them create a business plan and a pitch, the same way any entrepreneur would, at what Redlitz calls Demo Day, which took place last May.

via Connected Life Exchange

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