The Lasting Impact from a PC Market Transition to Tablets

The missed opportunities for incumbent traditional PC manufacturers, such as HP and Dell, to participate in the media tablet phenomenon has already raised doubts about their future growth potential. Moreover, the current slow adoption of Ultrabooks may erode the influence of legacy PC component providers, such as Intel.

Clearly, the future belongs to those agile industry leaders who saw this demand shift coming and invested wisely in new product development. Strategic foresight will separate the winners from the losers, as this PC market transition plays out in the coming weeks and months.

‚ÄčThe April to June quarter of 2012 set a new record for media tablet shipments reaching nearly 25 million units — with total shipments growing 36 percent quarter-over-quarter QoQ and 77 percent year-over-year YoY.

via Digital Lifescapes

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