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More Affordable Smartphones Divide the Global Marketplace

Affordable Smartphones

The mobile communication subscriber landscape continues to shift and evolve as more markets reach saturation point across the globe. Most vendors have adjusted their product lines to incorporate low-cost mobile phone models that appeal to consumers in emerging nations, but a few still prefer to rely on the perception that their devices are worth a premium price.

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Cisco Midyear Security Report Reveals New Cyber Threats

Cisco Midyear Security Report

The Angler Exploit Kit represents the types of common IT security threats that will challenge organizations as the digital economy and the Internet of Everything (IoE) create new attack vectors and monetization opportunities for adversaries.

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New Connected Vehicle Market Upside Could Reach $152 Billion

connected car services

Automakers are in a rush to add Internet connectivity to new cars to help sell additional products and services. By 2020, revenues from connected vehicle services are expected to reach $152 billion — connected-safety feature revenue will deliver $13 billion of that total.

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Measuring Thought Leadership Influence is still Very Subjective

Thought Leadership Metrics

According to ITSMA’s latest research, 79% of buyers said that Thought Leadership significantly influenced their views of providers, and 75% said it played an important role in determining who made it onto their short list. The challenge, of course, is identifying when and how thought leadership has an influence.


Digital Media Year-Over-Year Growth Reaches $1 Billion

digital media marketing trends

With marketer demand for digital media exploding, a new Standard Media Index analysis has pinpoint with a high level of accuracy just how much the shift to new media has cost the traditional channels. The overall market is up $1 billion YoY (+1%), representing digital’s organic growth.

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Why Digital, Mobile and Social Marketing is Still Challenging

Digital, Mobile and Social Marketing

There’s no doubt that advertisers are funneling money into digital, mobile and social (DMS) campaigns. However, recent research suggests that more than 70% of marketers are still struggling to deliver an audience across these online channels.

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Enterprise Mobility Applications Require Automation Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Applications Automation Solutions

Today’s commercial smartphone and tablet users are demanding better, faster performance from their field service organizations. As a result, the pressure to excel is generating interest in new enterprise mobility technologies — such as the various forms of mobile communication management.

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