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How a Shift to Software Impacts Data Center Hardware Vendors

open source software in data center

Server hardware vendors are threatened by the growing importance of software within the data center market, as customers seek to mitigate complexity and ongoing management challenges. TBR reports that server, storage and networking hardware revenue increased by just 3.9% year-to-year in 1Q15.

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Why Emerging Digital Platforms Disrupt Old Business Models

digital disruption

Uber and other digital platforms are redefining the interaction among consumers, workers, and employers. They are also making the prior celebrated firm of the industrial age – an essential institution, which allowed for specialization and saved on transactions costs – redundant.

via World Economic Forum

Why Wearable Device Shipments will Soar in China During 2015

Wearables in China

Last year, 13.0 million wearable devices were shipped in China. That was already a 150% increase over 2013. Wearable device shipments in China are forecast to increase by 169.2% and reach 35 million units in 2015.

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How the Savvy CIOs are Doing Much More with Less Budget

Savvy CIO open hybrid cloud computing

Enterprise spending on Information Technology (IT) budgets will reach a combined worldwide total of $3.5 trillion in 2015 — that’s a 5.5 percent decline from 2014, according to Gartner. Regardless, smart CIOs are undeterred and are meeting their objectives — they know how to optimize their budget spend.

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Enterprise Mobility Applications Gain Traction in Europe

Enterprise Mobility Applications

The ongoing pursuit of digital business transformation projects are prompting many CIOs to rethink the technologies, services and techniques that underpin their enterprise mobility initiatives — evolving traditional roles, responsibilities and organizational cultures in the process.

via Business Technology Roundtable

Mobile Video Viewing Grew by 126.7% During Last 12 Months

Mobile Video Viewing

Short-form content remains the most popular type of video viewed on mobile phones. In Q1 2015, videos under 3 minutes accounted for nearly half of time spent watching video via smartphones.

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Demand Grows for Data Center Infrastructure Management

cloud data center infrastructure management

Infrastructure management software vendors experienced an average 48% growth in subscription revenues, but license and maintenance revenue averages declined. TBR believes these figures illustrate the ongoing business model shifts from software license and maintenance agreements to more flexible subscriptions.

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