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Why Argentina is an Important Digital Market in Latin America

Despite a seemingly endless string of news reports about foreign companies reducing operations in Argentina, the country remains relevant in Latin America. eMarketer estimates there are 27.1 internet users in Argentina – the total will rise to 29.0 million in 2015, or 66.8% of the country’s population.

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How Cloud Computing Service Management is Evolving

Cloud service management is going to become yet one more segment of the legacy enterprise software sector that’s being affected by the ongoing adoption of open-source software subscription models.

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How Mobile Search is Driving Traffic from Smartphones

Mobile increased its share of paid search clicks by 6 percentage points in North America — from one-third to nearly 40 percent. The gain was due to smartphones, which accounted for more than one-fifth of clicks in Q4 2014, up from 16% during the same period the year prior.

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market Upside

The augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) markets are experiencing increased growth potential, from new devices and new content, to existing content that’s being adapted to make use of the emerging communication medium.

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Why Cloud Brokerage Hasn’t Gained Much Adoption

Cloud service brokerage market development is still in the early stages. A recent survey of enterprise cloud adopters showed a near even three-way split between adopting, considering or not planning to adopt brokerage services, according to the latest market study by Technology Business Research (TBR).

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Why Fashion-First Wearable Technology will Grow

Invisible wearables will see significant adoption before the end of the decade. Within a wearables market that will be worth approximately $80 billion annually by 2020, fashion-first wearables will have a much greater appeal than tech-centric devices — as they will blend in with consumer life more effectively.

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How Online Usage Trends Impact Retail eCommerce Revenues

Though mobile shoppers accounted for 75.9% of all U.S. digital shoppers in 2014, and mobile buyers for 63.7% of digital buyers, nearly 56% of traffic to retail sites came from non-mobile sources, as did three-quarters of revenues.

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