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Digital Retail will Transform Grocery Shopping

Digital Retail will Transform Grocery Shopping

Food and beverage retail is the next big sector that will feel the influence of digital shopping. We’re seeing the shift already: 23% of U.S. shoppers bought groceries online in 2016, an increase of 20% versus just two years prior—and adoption has only accelerated since then.

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The Rising Speed of Digital Technology Adoption

The Rising Speed of Digital Technology Adoption

In the modern world, through increased connectivity, instant communication, and established infrastructure systems, new ideas and products can spread at speeds never seen before – and this enables a new product to quickly get in people’s hands.

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Why Investment in Blockchain Applications will Triple

Why Investment in Blockchain Applications will Triple

Distributed ledger technologies, or blockchain, is gaining momentum across the globe. What’s the appeal to apply the new eCommerce related benefits? There’s no proprietary owner or administrator. As a result, interest in open blockchain technologies — such as Hyperledger — are attracting many new ecosystem participants.

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Retailers Raise Investment in Artificial Intelligence Apps

Retailers Raise Investment in Artificial Intelligence Apps

According to the latest worldwide market study by Juniper Research, global retailer spending on AI will reach $7.3 billion per year by 2022 — that’s up from an estimated $2 billion in 2018, as retailers target new avenues to increase personalization of the customer experience.

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Hybrid IT Demand Fuels Multi-Cloud Computing Trend

Hybrid IT Demand Fuels Multi-Cloud Computing Trend

The latest Global Cloud Index (GCI) 2016-2021 from Cisco focuses on the worldwide market outlook for enterprise data center virtualization and cloud computing services. Today’s digital business is enabled by Hybrid IT infrastructure that supports the deployment of cloud-based solutions.

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How to Improve Trust in the Digital Economy

How to Improve Trust in the Digital Economy

The digital economy is one of the few growth certainties in an uncertain world. But the pace of this growth will not be determined by the rate of technological innovation itself. It will be determined by the people who use it.

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Savvy B2B Marketers Create High Quality Content

Savvy B2B Marketers Create High Quality Content

Creating high quality content that is focused on the audience across all buyer’s journey stages is a major goal for B2B marketers in 2018. A refined program should include strategic, efficient and innovative content created by a dedicated team.

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