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Smart TVs and Blu-Ray Players Enable more OTT Video Usage



Global Connected TV Device shipments for Q3 2015 reached 52.7 million units — that’s an increase of 18% from 44.5 million in Q3 2014. The overall installed base of these devices has now surpassed 660 million units, with Smart TVs accounting for 47% of the total.

Source: Strategy Analytics

Why Emerging Nations in Asia will Drive Mobile Internet Growth


Global mobile phone shipments remained flat in 2015. The new emerging countries accounted for 14% of total worldwide handset volumes. Southwest Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines are leading growth, based on their huge populations and demand for 3G/4G phones.

Source: Strategy Analytics

U.S. Connected TV Viewers will Reach 200 Million by 2019

US connected tv market research

Connected TVs have become mainstream in America, with over half of the U.S. population expected to watch streaming video content in 2016, and more than 60% adoption forecast by 2019. But the nuances of connected TV use are still evolving.

Source: eMarketer

Why Many Americans Prefer to Use a Mobile Feature Phone

US mobile feature phone market research

92% of American adults own a mobile phone of some kind (68% are smartphones). Although these mobile devices are ubiquitous today, the share of adults who own one has risen substantially since 2004, when Pew Research conducted its first poll. At that time, 65% of Americans owned a cellphone.

Source: Pew Research Center

Volatility in Media Tablets Create Semiconductor Market Upside

media tablet semiconductor chip market research

Tablet processor market will grow by just 2.8 percent CAGR in revenues from 2015 to 2020 to reach $3.5 billion. The overall media tablet market slowdown and continued pricing pressure will result in slow revenue growth. But x86 Atom chip shipments will likely grow faster than ARM-based chip shipments over the next five years, as low-cost Android-based tablets gain market share.

Source: Strategy Analytics

Lessons Learned from the Global Media Tablet Marketplace

detachable media tablet market research

The worldwide media tablet market recorded lower shipments for the fourth straight quarter, with 48.7 million units shipped in 3Q15, according to the latest market study by IDC. Despite early signs of a slight improvement, shipments were actually down -12.6 percent year-over-year.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

How Fitness Apps are Driving Wearable Tech in America

fitness wearable device market research

eMarketer estimates that 39.5 million American adults will use wearables during 2015 — including smartwatches, fitness trackers and other smart devices. That’s an increase of 57.7 percent over 2014.

Source: eMarketer


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