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Why More Marketers Seek Better Omni-Channel Solutions

Marketers are still struggling to integrate customer data, and in March 2015 polling by Signal, just 6% worldwide said they had a single view of all customers and prospects across devices and touchpoints, while one-third had nothing in place.

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Exploring the Global Mobile Internet User Demographics

Mobile web usage

Comparing internet usage trends across these four generations shows just how much ground the mobile web still has to cover among the older age groups. Currently, Teens (3.08 hours) typically spend twice as long per day using the mobile internet as Gen X (1.54 hours) and five times as long as Baby Boomers (0.61 hours).

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Streaming Music Services Reach $1.87 Billion in the U.S. Market

Online Music Services

American music streaming service revenues increased by 29% last year to reach $1.87 billion, accounting for more than one-quarter of total industry revenues. Growth was at the expense of both digital downloads and physical media revenues.

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Mobile Marketing Growth will Eclipse All Other Ad Spending

Mobile Marketing

Mobile advertising spending continues to increase in America. In 2015, mobile ad spending in the U.S. market will increase by 50.0% — reaching $28.72 billion. By 2019, mobile ad spending will rise to $65.87 billion, or 72.2% of total digital ad spend.

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The Growing Importance of B2B Digital Marketing Analytics

digital marketing analytics

Analytics are critical for marketing success, at least according to business-to-business (B2B) marketing execs polled. A study surveyed more than 300 senior marketing executives and business leaders and found that 86% of respondents viewed marketing analytics as being ‘very important.’

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American Small Businesses are Absent from Mobile Marketing

How Much Longer Until Small Businesses Join the Mobile World? - eMarketer

Small business marketers acknowledge the benefit of mobile marketing, but so far, they haven’t done much about it. About 78% of U.S. small-business respondents said they didn’t have a mobile app presence, despite the fact that 71% felt it would have a positive impact.

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Smartphones and Tablets Gain Share of Digital Audio Usage

Digital audio consumption is moving to mobile. American smartphone listeners will grow nearly 15% to just under 100 million people — that’s 52.3% of smartphone users. Moreover, 77.3 million people will listen via tablets — that’s 45.5% of digital music listeners and 48.7% of tablet users.

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