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Retailer eCommerce Combines with In-Store Innovations

Online In-Store Retail

Retail demand for buying online, picking up in-store is growing — and recent research suggests consumers are drawn to this purchasing option in order to save more or get their hands on purchases earlier.

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Why Multi-Channel Marketing is a Huge Competitive Advantage

Multichannel Marketing

Marketers that use a mobile channel now have an advantage. When asked about the biggest challenges to multi-channel marketing, nearly a quarter of survey respondents said they lacked the time and resources to develop and execute multi-channel campaigns.

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Retail eCommerce Sales will Reach $23.33 Billion in Spain

Digital Buyers in Spain

eMarketer estimates that the digital buyer population in Spain will rise 7.9% in 2015 to reach 17.5 million, representing 60.0% of internet users. By 2019, 67.3% of internet users in Spain will be digital buyers, or 20.9 million people.

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Why Mobile Organic Search Trends Matter to U.S. Marketers

Mobile Organic Search

There will be 157.3 million U.S. mobile phone search users this year, that’s just under half of the total population. Next year, mobile search will reach 177.8 million mobile phone users, equating to nearly 55% of all consumers in the country.

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How Mobile Responsive Design Can Transform Online Retail

Mobile Retail

Mobile devices are driving a web design evolution, and recent research emphasizes the impact mobile optimization can have on retailers. Among U.S. digital retailers that had a mobile-optimized website, mCommerce accounted for 31% of eCommerce transactions during Q2 2015.

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B2Bs Choose Content Marketing Quality Over Impression Quantity

B2B Quality Content Marketing

Remarkable content marketers can easily stand out from the herd of bland competitors that still focus on counting trivial advertising impressions. Why? Because the savvy business-to-business (B2B) marketers want quality over quantity when it comes to lead generation.

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How Social Media Players will Monetize Apps via eRetail Sales

Social Media eRetail Sales

Across the globe, eCommerce is about to enter the next phase of market development. This transition started back in 2013, when the value of mobile and online physical goods sales exceeded $1 trillion for the first time and last year exceeded $1.4 trillion.

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