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British Now Spend More for Online Video than DVDs

UK video market research

Britons will spend more on video streaming subscriptions and film/TV downloads than on buying and renting DVDs. Consumers will spend £1.31B on streaming and downloading in 2016 (23.7% more than 2015), compared to £956M on DVDs (includes Blu-ray), a 16.3% decline.

Source: Strategy Analytics

Key Trends Shaping the Cross-Platform Media Landscape

US digital media marketing research

The lines between desktop, mobile, TV and film are beginning to blur as the various platforms are often more distinguished by differences in use case than by the underlying technology. As a result, there are a new host of issues and solutions facing marketers and publishers.

Source: comScore

Video Game Industry Rebounds in First Quarter 2016

global video game market research

The games investment market was dominated by games tech, web games and console/PC games sectors, with the largest deals in Asia. Note, the previously dominant mobile games sector took under 10% of games investment in the first quarter, where it had taken around $4 of every $10 invested in games in previous years.

Source: Digi-Capital

How to Make Sense of Digital Video Content Opportunities

digital video opportunities market research

Sorting through the myriad options for advertising opportunities can seem overwhelming. As brands shift budgets from linear TV to digital video, they are faced with decisions about what platforms work best, what publishers to partner with and how to assess campaign success in a fragmented, evolving media landscape.

Source: eMarketer

Agencies Can’t Fix the Digital Marketing Talent Shortage

digital marketing talent market research

Marketers often hire agencies to bring in expertise they lack internally or for staff augmentation, like supporting a campaign. Unfortunately, marketing leaders can grow dependent on these outside resources and under-invest in developing the skills of their own internal talent.

Source: Gartner

Advertising Blocker Users Say Most Online Ads Fail to Engage

Advertising Blocking market research

No matter the gender, age or income of the person, or the part of the world in which they live, they are most likely to be blocking ads because they feel that too many of them are annoying or irrelevant and because they believe there are too many ads on the internet.

Source: Global Web Index

Digital Advertising Spend Reached $36.5B in Europe


In 2015, ad spend in Western Europe was up 3.1%, reaching $111.0 billion. By year-end 2016 it will grow to $114.1 billion and reach $127.8 billion by year-end 2021. Traditional advertising accounted for 67% of total ad spend in 2015, down 0.5% YoY. In comparison, digital advertising was up 11.2% in 2015 totaling $36.5 billion, accounting for 33% of total ad spend.

Source: Strategy Analytics


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