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Why Content Marketing Requires a Budgetary Leap of Faith

Content Marketing Analytics

Despite the fact that 60% of B2B marketers polled said they intended to increase their content marketing budget in the next 12 months, just 11% were very successful at tracking their content marketing return on investment (ROI).

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How Wearable Devices will Aid Personalized Digital Marketing

Personalized Digital Marketing

The potential for targeted, personalized advertising — enabled by new mobile device adoption — is a key area of interest for digital marketers. Advertising spend on smart watches will reach $68.6 million by 2019, that’s up from an estimated $1.5 million this year.

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Video Content Viewing on Mobile Devices is Booming in America

US Adults Spend 5.5 Hours with Video Content Each Day - eMarketer

Adults in the U.S. will spend an average of 5 hours and 31 minutes watching video each day this year, according to eMarketer, and digital video viewing across devices is driving growth — especially via smartphones and media tablets.

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Marketers Embrace the Mobile Channel in Japan, South Korea

Digital Ad Spending

Japan is one of Asia-Pacific’s more mature digital advertising markets, but ad spending growth is still in double digits — at least for one more year, according to eMarketer’s latest estimate.

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Dubious ROI Limits Social Media Use at U.S. Small Businesses

Small Business

Questioning the ROI, more than 40% of American small business owners surveyed said they didn’t use social media for business. This increased from 38% in the fall 2014 and the percentage in spring 2014 — during which use dropped 8 percentage points from September 2013.

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Why B2B Marketers Need Epic Content for the Buyer’s Journey

Today, 74% of B2B buyers research at least one-half of their work purchases online. In addition, 30% of today’s B2B buyers complete at least half of their work purchases online. With that percentage nearly doubling to 56% by 2017, B2B sellers will see a significant volume of offline business move online in the next few years.

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Why Indonesia has the Highest Mobile Ad Growth Worldwide

Mobile Internet Ad Growth

Mobile internet advertising spending will triple this year in Indonesia to account for 15.5% of digital ad spending in the country. By the end of 2019, a majority of digital ad spending in the nation will go toward the mobile channel.

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