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Why Argentina is an Important Digital Market in Latin America

Despite a seemingly endless string of news reports about foreign companies reducing operations in Argentina, the country remains relevant in Latin America. eMarketer estimates there are 27.1 internet users in Argentina – the total will rise to 29.0 million in 2015, or 66.8% of the country’s population.

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How Mobile Search is Driving Traffic from Smartphones

Mobile increased its share of paid search clicks by 6 percentage points in North America — from one-third to nearly 40 percent. The gain was due to smartphones, which accounted for more than one-fifth of clicks in Q4 2014, up from 16% during the same period the year prior.

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How Online Usage Trends Impact Retail eCommerce Revenues

Though mobile shoppers accounted for 75.9% of all U.S. digital shoppers in 2014, and mobile buyers for 63.7% of digital buyers, nearly 56% of traffic to retail sites came from non-mobile sources, as did three-quarters of revenues.

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More B2B Marketers Plan to Spend Big on Mobile in 2015

B2B Content

Among B2B marketing executives worldwide that responded to a survey, just one-third used mobile to distribute their content. However, 65% of B2B content marketers worldwide said they planned to increase spending on mobile applications in 2015.

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Many U.S. Retailers are Slow to Adopt Digital Technologies

Retailer Technologies

North American retailers have plenty of work ahead of them when it comes to integrating new technologies. From multi-channel to payments to mobile, their work is cut out for them — but is almost certain to evolve even further before they put their current plans in place.

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Why Savvy Mobile Marketers Follow the Path to Google Apps

2014 saw a major shift in mobile advertising impressions. According to recent data, Google Android grew its share of mobile ad impressions worldwide by more than 66% between Q4 2013 and Q4 2014 — leapfrogging Apple iOS to claim first place.

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B2B Buyers Pursue Complex Procurement Journeys Online

Decision-making authority for purchases is slipping away from individuals in familiar roles. Just as the digital revolution has transformed once-predictable consumer purchasing paths, so too B2B selling has become less linear as customers research, evaluate, select, and share experiences about products.

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