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Multi-Platform Market – How Video is Consumed in France

mobile video market research

In France, broadcast TV remains almost universally popular. But many consumers also watch TV on other devices and platforms, including PCs, tablets and mobile phones. Conversely, much digital video content can now be viewed on a TV set, as explored by eMarketer.

Source: eMarketer

Why Digital Marketers Look to LinkedIn for eCommerce Uplift

digital marketing ecommerce market research

Social commerce is nothing new, and social media sites continue to influence many eCommerce purchases, according to 2015 research. Purchases influenced by LinkedIn had the biggest average order value.

Source: eMarketer

More Omni-Channel Commerce Services Reach Global Markets

b2b omnichannel market research

Customers today forge paths to purchase that seamlessly cross channels, screens and stores.  For example, U.S. consumers in 2015 spent a whopping $1.5 trillion in-store that originally started or were influenced along the way by digital touchpoints.

Source: Forrester

Building the Leading Digital Marketing Agency of Tomorrow

IBM digital marketing market research

As today’s CMO focuses on customer experience, the financial benefits of agency consolidation and territoriality are outweighed by the need for collaboration and agility.  Agencies need to become business experts, not just marketing experts.

Source: Gartner

Google’s Digital Ad Revenue Reached $51.81 Billion in 2015

digital advertising market research

Net advertising revenues at Google reached $51.81 billion worldwide in 2015. That represents a more than 30% share of all worldwide digital ad revenues—far ahead of second-place Facebook, which garnered 9.6% of worldwide digital ad revenues last year.

Source: eMarketer

2015 Year in Search – What SEO Enables for Savvy Marketers

search engine optimization market research

Google’s annual “Year in Search” video and website remind us that people turn to Google in the moments that matter to them — from the profound to the mundane. More than 100 billion searches are conducted on Google each month.

Source: Think with Google

How Mobile Advertising Spend Reached $15.82 Billion in China

china mobile advertising market research

eMarketer estimates that outlays on mobile advertising soared more than twofold in 2015 to reach $15.82 billion. Mobile made up 22.3% of total media ad spending in China — a higher level than in any other market worldwide.

Source: eMarketer


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