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More Conflicting Opinions About B2B Content Marketing Results

B2B content marketing effectiveness market research

Almost a third of B2B marketers said their use of content marketing is effective — 36% had opposing views. Forty-four percent of respondents remained neutral. The lack of effectiveness may be due to B2B marketers not documenting their content strategy.

Source: eMarketer

Why Digital Media in UK Market will Dominate Growth in 2016

digital media united kingdom great britain UK

In 2015, total media consumption time in the UK is expected to reach 9 hours and 31 minutes, with digital media accounting for a 48.7% share. That being said, British digital media usage will increase to 51.5% next year.

Source: eMarketer

Outlook for the European Digital Pay-TV Market in 2015

video entertainment Europe

Digital video subscriber growth in Europe continues to outpace the overall TV market (including analog), with a 4.8% growth rate over the past 12 months — that’s compared to 3.4% for total tracked subscribers. Digital subscriber levels now exceed 102 million in Europe.

Source: Strategy Analytics

Global Video Index Shows Mobile Viewing Up by 110 Percent

mobile internet video entertainment

In their latest Index, Ooyala said 44% of all video views in the second quarter of 2015 were on mobile devices, that’s an increase of 844% since the second quarter of 2012, and a compound annual growth rate that exceeds 110%.

Source: Ooyala

Mobile eCommerce Revenue is Growing Rapidly in China

China mobile internet ecommerce market research

Although China’s economy as a whole has suffered from a great deal of instability this year, its eCommerce sector is and will remain a major driver of economic growth, as internet penetration and smartphone ownership continue to increase.

Source: eMarketer

Most Millennials Block Ads, Other Groups Will Follow

ad-blockers digital media marketing trends

Ad blocking has been around for a long time, but digital advertisers and publishers are seeing it as an increasing problem. Research suggests that a solid majority of internet users ages 18 to 34 are now blocking ads when they view digital media content.

Source: eMarketer

Why Ad Blocking will Raise the Bar for Old-School Marketers

digital marketing legacy advertising

About 16 percent of those who use the Internet in the United States — or 45 million people — have already installed an ad blocker, that’s up 48 percent over the last 12 months, said Sean Blanchfield, who runs PageFair, an Irish start-up that tracks ad blocking.

Source: New York Times


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