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Online Distribution for Indie Film Producers is Very Problematic

While the App Store has helped Indie game and software developers make billions collectively selling their apps, iTunes hasn’t had the same effect for independent filmmakers.

For all the excitement that people had about the long tail. it’s proven remarkably easy for large rights holders to flood it with their own back-catalogue.

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Hollywood Studios 2013 Box Office Performance Review

Hollywood studios are reviewing their 2013 performance via the Cinema channel. For the first time ever, Warner Brothers surpassed $3 billion for international box office revenue.

With total revenues at $5.04 billion — $3.14 billion from international sales and $1.90 billion from domestic — Warner topped the list of Hollywood studios —  and a total of 19 new releases during 2013.

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Blu-ray, DVD Video Rentals and Disc Sales Continue to Decline

Digital movie purchases surged 47% last year to $1.19 billion, according to data released by Digital Entertainment Group. It was the fastest-growing category as total home-entertainment revenue inched up 0.7% to $18.22 billion.

Digital online growth just barely made up for ongoing declines in sales and rentals of physical discs. The total U.S. home-entertainment market remains well below its peak of more than $22 billion 2004.

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Long-Form Video Consumption Trending Up on Smartphones

According to research, just over 42% of internet users in North America watched news video content on their smartphones, and more than 36% watched previews for TV shows or movies.

That compared with 30.9% of respondents who said they watched full-length movies on their phones, and 27% who watched TV show reruns.

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U.S. Total 3D Movie Revenue will Reach $2.2 Billion in 2013

Consumer spending on 3D movies across cinema, video discs and pay-TV VOD platforms will reach a combined $2.2 billion within the U.S. market in 2013.

Total consumer spending on movies across cinema, both physical and digital video sectors, as well as transactional and subscription VOD platforms, is forecast to reach $23.2 million this year — therefore 3D movies will account for one tenth of the entire U.S. movies market.

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Explore Digital Cinema Movie Distribution in the 21st Century

The North American satellite delivery network for movies and other content has gone live, heralding the beginning of a true digital cinema environment both for projection and distribution.

Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC) has launched to 17,000 screens in 1,200 sites across the continent. The essence of the system is a ‘smart pipe’, bringing content into the cinema by satellite, broadband or even hard drive if necessary.

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BFI NET.WORK – How the UK Supports Emerging Filmmakers

The BFI NET.WORK will connect the UK’s film agencies for the first time, bringing together experienced development teams and talent centres to offer hands-on and holistic development opportunities for promising UK writers, directors and producers who are yet to make their first feature film.

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How Global 3D Cinema Revenue is Driven by Local Movies

Global box office revenue from 3D cinema screens recorded a new high of $7.29 billion in 2012 — that’s up from $6.99 billion the previous year, a steady 3.3 percent rise and representing a slowdown from the larger 14.5 percent increase in 2011.

Local 3D movies became, for the first time, a key element driving the steady growth in the global 3D cinema box office.

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Measuring the Emotional Impact of a Story within Short Video

The audience members at ‘Shape of Story’ used a smartphone-enabled web application to “tag” moments of emotional impact while watching seven short films. A visualization of their aggregated marks was shown after each short while they submitted comments to contextualize their reactions.

The shape of each story and a curated selection of comments were displayed on the big screen during the discussion held after the screening. The crowd feedback helped structure the conversation.

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BFI NET.WORK – UK Creative Talent Development in Action

The NET.WORK is a key initiative to support promising writers, directors and producers from the nations and regions of the UK and is central to the BFI’s strategy, detailed in its Film Forever five year plan, to discover and support the next generation of UK filmmaking talent.

BFI will work with national partners Creative England, Creative Scotland, Film Agency for Wales and Northern Ireland Screen to establish a joined-up network of experienced development teams across the UK.

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