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How to Reignite Your Marketing for the Digital Era

How to Reignite Your Marketing for the Digital Era

“CMOs have a choice, embrace the future or cling to the past. To succeed today, they have to abandon mass-media thinking, and resist the urge to squander their budgets on trivial advertising or paid media.”

via Digital Polymath

Digital Politics: Exposing The Post-Truth Reality

Digital Politics: Exposing The Post-Truth Reality

“The nebulous realm of political advertising, issue advertising and microtargeting on digital platforms has sparked outrage and debate among industry leaders, political campaigners and citizens as to what needs to change in order to combat disinformation.”

via World Economic Forum

Why Customer Data Protection is The Highest Priority

Why Customer Data Protection is The Highest Priority

“Protecting customer data was the leading challenge for 42.5% of CMOs worldwide and the top obstacle for working with data, named by respondents in a September 2018 survey from Forbes Insights and The Trade Desk.”

via eMarketer

Why Authentic Employee Advocates will Drive Growth

Why Authentic Employee Advocates will Drive Growth

While trust in brands has dwindled, B2B buyers hold those same brands’ employees in high regard as authentic and compelling sources of information. They want to engage with them. However, buyers don’t trust paid ‘influencer’ shills — they’re not credible.

via Forrester

How Content Marketers Influence Business Leaders

How Content Marketers Influence Business Leaders

“Looking at the marketing subtopics that influenced business over the years, we find only three: marketing communications, customer relationships and channel management. The only one consistently on an uptrend since the 2000s is marketing communications.”

via INSEAD Knowledge

How Programmatic Advertising Fees Impact Digital Marketing

How Programmatic Advertising Fees Impact Digital Marketing

Nearly one-third of U.S. advertiser spending on programmatic display ads goes to tech and software intermediaries — the so-called “ad tech tax” — to execute ad transactions, before publishers receive the rest as advertising revenues.

via eMarketer

Why Earned Media is More Effective than Advertising

Why Earned Media is More Effective than Advertising

“Nielsen survey research shows that earned presence is more likely than traditional paid marketing investments to influence consumers to switch brands. Recommendations and reviews, in particular, are forms of earned media that are more persuasive.”

via Nielsen