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Real Thought Leadership Requires Leading Thoughts

Real Thought Leadership Requires Leading Thoughts

“To become a truly differentiated bellwether in your market sector, start by raising the bar of expectations for your leadership team. Envision a ‘movement’ that you can passionately lead in the marketplace — as the recognized #1 or #2 influencer.”

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Why More B2B Marketers Explore Launching Podcasts

Why More B2B Marketers Explore Launching Podcasts

B2Bs are experimenting with the audio format at a time when podcast audiences are growing. eMarketer forecasts that by 2022, 83.8 million people in the U.S. will listen to at least one podcast per month, that’s up from 73.0 million people in 2018.

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LinkedIn Study: Why Meaningful Influence Matters


“While four of the top five content categories were in line with expectations — Finance and Economy, Startup Strategies, Business and Management, Technology — it was Society and Culture that topped the list.”

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B2B Tech Storytelling: Leading with Purposeful Narratives

B2B Tech Storytelling: Leading with Purposeful Narratives

Cisco Systems is often referred to as a ‘bellwether’ stock, meaning it’s a leading indicator of the direction of the economy, or of a sector of the market, or the market as a whole. How did Cisco achieve that eminence with a remarkable internet-enabled worldview? It was partly via commercial storytelling.

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2019 Marketing Trends: Reinvent the Digital Landscape

2019 Marketing Trends: Reinvent the Digital Landscape

“From AI to agile, digital transformations are redefining what it means to be a modern marketer. We’ve identified 9 of the most exciting trends that are changing how we work, market and enrich every customer experience.”

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More CMOs Seek Agile Digital Polymath Talent

More CMOs Seek Agile Digital Polymath Talent

CMOs that invest in their in-house digital marketing capabilities and business model will benefit from a valuable in-house partner to collaborate with external creative and media agency partners. This provides both in-house and external agencies a role.

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Protecting Customer Data is a Top Challenge for CMOs

Protecting Customer Data is a Top Challenge for CMOs

The proliferation of data breaches is happening at a time when marketers are becoming more reliant upon user data. In a survey of 226 CMOs worldwide, 42 percent of respondents said that protecting customer data is one of their top data-related challenges.

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