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No More Dummies: B2B Buyers Make the Case for Better Talent

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“The digital marketer that won’t invest the time and effort to become capable of contributing to content strategy and development is going to be of limited value. Savvy buyers expect meaningful and substantive content, and they can’t get that from marketers that outsource their jobs to agencies who have little client industry subject matter expertise.”

Source: Forrester Blogs

Exploring the Common Barriers to Big Data Use in Marketing

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B2B marketers in Western Europe and the U.S. are mostly optimistic about big data and its future. However, according to new research, less than half of those surveyed believe their organization is ready to apply big data today.

Source: eMarketer

Mobile Commerce Exceeds $24B During Holiday Season

Total online commerce is on the rise. In 2014, mobile comprised 11.6% of the U.S. market $303 billion in e-commerce sales. BI Intelligence forecasts that by 2020, mobile will account for 45% of the $632 billion in total eCommerce sales.

Source: Business Insider

Email Marketing Outperforms Social Media and Paid Search

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Newsletters were the most common type of marketing email sent by U.S. email marketers in the first half of 2016. Email is the most cost-effective choice when measured against other digital marketing methods.

Source: eMarketer

B2B Marketers Prepare for Cognitive Analytics Innovation

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As businesses come to terms with tapping into artificial intelligence (AI) to improve operations, one key concern for B2B marketers is how it will be integrated effectively. Are you ready for cognitive analytics innovation?

Source: eMarketer

Just 8% of Current Marketers Have Proven Digital Skills

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“In order to succeed, our thinking and skillset needs to be too, failing to do so will result in an even larger skills gap than what currently exists and will not only affect organisations who need to adapt their marketing to new innovative audience engagement strategies, but also decrease the opportunities for people looking to advance or enter a career in marketing.”

Source: Digital Marketing Magazine

Many More American Marketers Embraced Mobile Media in 2016

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The shift in share of Google’s U.S. advertising revenues from desktop to mobile was sharp between 2015 and 2016. Last year, about of 60% of the search giant’s net U.S. ad revenues came from desktop placements. This year, the mix will be almost exactly 50/50 between desktop and mobile.

Source: eMarketer