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How Smart Speaker Adoption is Gaining Momentum

How Smart Speaker Adoption is Gaining Momentum

Smart speakers are being rapidly adopted, and eMarketer’s latest forecast predicts that the number of U.S. smart speaker users will rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 47.9 percent between 2016 and 2020.

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Why Legacy PC Vendors Promote Device-as-a-Service

Why Legacy PC Vendors Promote Device-as-a-Service

Worldwide tablet and PC shipments will fall by 2.1 percent to 398 million units in 2018, according to the latest market study by Canalys. But this represents the smallest decline of the past four years and sets the tone for an era of stability. So, when does the market trend return to growth? That remains a mystery.

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Digital Transformation Spending will Reach $1.1 Trillion

Digital Transformation Spending will Reach $1.1 Trillion

Across the globe, CEOs continue to promote business technology-enabled growth. Worldwide spending on the technologies and services that enable digital transformation (DX) is forecast to be more than $1.1 trillion in 2018 — that’s an increase of 16.8 percent over the $958 billion spent in 2017, according to the latest market study by IDC.

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Exploring the Digital Champion Innovation Performance

Digital Maturity is Paying Off for Champions

The performance gap between ‘digital champions’ and laggards is widening, and digital’s continued contribution to company performance means that gap will likely grow. But any company can improve. BCG reports that 25% of the companies they surveyed qualify as champions.

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Real IoT Value Requires a System of Technologies

Real IoT Value Requires a System of Technologies

The convergence of these technologies (blockchain, machine learning, etc) with IoT has created a multiplier effect by building further strength and adding new capabilities in the connected ecosystem, thereby, enabling these enterprises to re-visualize their businesses.

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Executive Summary: 2018 Digital Business Report

Executive Summary: 2018 Digital Business Report

In the 2018 Digital Business Report, MIT SMR and Deloitte find that digitally maturing organizations encourage distributed leadership and a healthy appetite for experimentation.

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Senior Leaders Plan to Deploy Business Technology in 2018


Overall, the INSEAD survey showed the transformational nature of different digital technologies. Companies have a variety of options to deal with the impact of technologies on their business models: partnerships, corporate board engagement and start-up accelerators.