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How Artificial Intelligence Drives Digital Transformation

How Artificial Intelligence Drives Digital Transformation

AI will improve the productivity of many jobs, eliminating millions of middle- and low-level positions, but also creating millions more new positions of highly skilled, management and even the entry-level and low-skilled variety.

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Internet of Things Revenue will Reach $1.1 Trillion

Internet of Things Revenue will Reach $1.1 Trillion

IoT hardware will be the largest technology category in 2018 with $239 billion going largely toward modules and sensors, along with some spending on infrastructure and security. IDC reports that services will be the second largest technology category, followed by software and connectivity.

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Upside for Overall Cloud IT will Reach $554 Billion in 2021

Upside for Overall Cloud IT will Reach $554 Billion in 2021

The hyperscale datacenters operated by cloud service providers are dramatically altering the market for infrastructure hardware and software. By 2021, cloud service providers will account for 76 percent of cloud-related infrastructure hardware and software spending.

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How C-Suite Partners Align for Digital Transformation


“65 percent of businesses told IDC that they now have a digital leadership team. On average, there are four C-suite executives on the team and 43 percent said that the CEO is the primary leader.”

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Why Hyperscale Cloud Providers Lead the Server Market

Why Hyperscale Cloud Providers Lead the Server Market

While demand from cloud computing service providers has driven overall market performance in the past, other areas of the server market are beginning to show growth. Worldwide server shipments increased 11.1 percent year over year to 2.67 million units in 3Q17.

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Medical Data Apps Drive Demand for Cloud Services

Medical Data Apps Drive Demand for Cloud Services

Frost & Sullivan finds that the global market for healthcare cloud computing — revenue generated by cloud computing services offered to providers — will be worth almost $10 billion by 2021, primarily driven by the need to store the exponentially increasing volume of healthcare data.

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Vendors Remove Complexity to Win the Multi-Cloud War


Why are savvy CIOs and CTOs so focused on Hybrid IT infrastructure solutions? More enterprises are moving to hybrid and multi-cloud environments. According 451 Research, the cloud services market will reach $53.3 billion in 2021, that up from $28.1 billion this year.

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