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Organize for Innovation: Rethinking How We Work


In Organize for Innovation, Red Hat President and CEO Jim Whitehurst reflects on the technological, social, and economic forces impacting the ways we work.


How Digital Transformation Impacts IT Outsourcing

How Digital Transformation Impacts IT Outsourcing

The global sourcing industry posted a decline in transactions. Large financial services firms, especially banks, are increasingly looking to expand their in-house IT teams and insource parts of their outsourced IT services portfolios.

via Everest Group

Talent Management and Digital Transformation Leaders

Talent Management and Digital Transformation Leaders

“The CHRO brings experience in traditional talent management, including acquisition, training, retention and compliance, while the CIO brings an in-depth understanding of enabling technology and digital transformation opportunities.”

via Gartner

Rising Demand for Digital Business Developer Skills

Rising Demand for Digital Business Developer Skills

Demand is surging for information-technology (IT) workers with advanced digital skills, as more companies seek help developing data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging business tools.

via WSJ

Global Talent: Innovation Policy and the Economy

Global Talent: Innovation Policy and the Economy

“Talent is the most precious resource for today’s knowledge-based economy, and a significant share of the U.S. skilled workforce in technology fields is foreign-born. The U.S. has long held a leading position in attracting global talent, but the gap to other countries is weakening.”

via Harvard Business School

Why Savvy CMOs Create a Digital Growth Engine

Why Savvy CMOs Create a Digital Growth Engine

Marketing has been on the front lines of the digital revolution, but the landscape has become much more complicated, requiring a focus on growth, data, and new modes of creativity – and a truly growth-oriented CMO.

via McKinsey

Can AI Improve Obsolete Recruitment Practices?

Can AI Improve Obsolete Recruitment Practices?

“It’s too soon to say that machine-learning is the secret to properly evaluating candidates, or that the world is ready for whatever is going to replace resumes. But it’s plain to see how even small changes in the process might address some of the biggest failings of traditional hiring methods.”

via World Economic Forum