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Why Real Digital Transformation is Hard to Achieve

Why Real Digital Transformation is Hard to Achieve

“The reality is that digital business demands different skills, working practices, organizational models and even cultures,” said Marcus Blosch, research vice president at Gartner. “To change an organization designed for a structured, process-oriented world to one that’s designed for ecosystems, adaptation, learning and experimentation is hard.”

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How to Future-Proof Your Skills for Ongoing Disruption

How to Future-Proof Your Skills for Ongoing Disruption

Today, more than 57 million workers – about 36% of the US workforce – freelance. But, according to the Freelancers Union and Upwork, their numbers will exceed non-freelancers – 86.5 million to 83.4 million – by 2027. Do you have the right skills?

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How Transformation-Ready Leaders Learn and Grow

How Transformation-Ready Leaders Learn and Grow

If you want to weather disruption with greater resilience, you can increase your transformation readiness with more dynamic learning. It won’t cost you anything beyond a little time and focus, but you have to actively look for these opportunities to learn and grow.

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How to Market Professional Services via Workplace Culture

How to Market Professional Services via Workplace Culture

When people find businesses intentionally delivering the kinds of distinctive, hassle-free experiences they crave, they can’t wait to tell their peers about it. The consistent delivery of competence, attention, and care is fueled by a healthy workplace culture.

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Common Traits of the Best Digital Leaders

Common Traits of the Best Digital Leaders

In a continually changing competitive environment, leaders constantly face new challenges and must adapt both the organization and their leadership style to this new environment. Successfully meeting these challenges requires new skills and capabilities that leaders have not needed in the past.

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Ranking the World’s Most Innovative Countries

Ranking the World’s Most Innovative Countries

This is the first time in the history of the GII that the same countries are in the Top 10 for two years running. Switzerland (1) remains on top for the 8th year in a row, with considerably improved R&D expenditures continuing to feed its dominance. The Netherlands (2) excels in business sophistication and online creativity.


Digital Dexterity: Exploring the New Ways of Work

Digital Dexterity: Exploring the New Ways of Work

Only 7 to 18 percent of organizations possess the ‘digital dexterity’ to adopt New Ways of Work (NWOW) solutions — such as virtual collaboration and a mobile workplace. Furthermore, it’s already apparent that forcing employees to accept rigid and inflexible workplace mandates are a recipe for poor performance.

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