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The Multifaceted Approach to Superior Digital Transformation

digital business revolution

MIT has segmented companies into levels of digital transformation maturity — those that have digitally transformed, those that have not, and those that fall somewhere in between. The companies that have digitally transformed have invested well in both technology enabled initiatives and leadership capabilities.

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Demand for Digital Marketing Services will Expand in 2015

TBR reports digital marketing services vendors grew revenue from $7.3 billion in 2013 to nearly $9 billion in 2014 — that’s 23.3% year-over-year. That growth illustrated the early phase of digital marketing, where established advertising agencies and new entrants are attracted by the lucrative opportunities created by new demand for digital transformation.

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Why Every Digital Ecosystem must Compete for Tech Talent

Tech Ecosystem

“As I think about the necessary components for a tech ecosystem to thrive, I see it as a set of interlinked and interdependent building blocks. The basic and required base is a healthy supply and access to technical talent. If “software is eating the world” you need founders and team members who can build said software.”

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Digital Marketing – The Talent Revolution Goals and Objectives

The Talent Revolution

One of the biggest challenges is marketers still “don’t know what they don’t know” when it comes to marketing in a digital world. So Google Digital Academy, the Boston Consulting Group, the Knowledge Engineers, the IAB, the IPA, the Marketing Academy, ISBA, and the Marketing Society have teamed up to help bridge the digital skills gap.

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Why is B2B Marketing Innovation Still a Pathetic Oxymoron?

Demands for a solid customer experience as well as new products and competition are forcing B2B marketers to master the art of innovation. While they acknowledge the need to innovate, roadblocks abound — and they’re mostly centered around close-mindedness.

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Why Available Talent Restricts Digital Marketing Tech Adoption

Digital Marketing Tech

Among client-side marketers worldwide, nearly eight in 10 said they would increase digital marketing technology spending in 2015, vs. 70 percent in 2014. One-fifth said this would stay the same, while just 1% intended to spend less.

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Why DevOps Business Strategy will Mainstream by 2016


Although DevOps methods emphasize people over tools and processes, implementation utilizes technology. The DevOps tools market will reach $2.3 billion in 2015, up 21.1 percent from 2014. By 2016, DevOps will evolve from a niche strategy employed by large cloud computing providers to a mainstream strategy employed by 25 percent of organizations.

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