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Why Open Innovation Success is Attracting More Followers

open innovation

Reaping the benefits of Open Innovation, such as lower R&D costs and shorter time to market, takes experience. Discipline and proper management are needed to ensure that risks and rewards are optimally allocated across the spectrum of actors involved. The choice of partner is also key.

via World Economic Forum

How a Digital Skills Shortage will Impact the UK Economy

digital skills

The UK is at a tipping point: The country is not addressing its significant digital talent shortage. The Digital Skills Committee highlights the impact of changing technology on the labour market, with an estimated 35% of UK jobs at risk of being automated over the next 20 years.

via UK Parliament

Digital Business Transformation – Why it’s Top of Mind in 2015

digital business transformation

As digital transformation takes hold, many companies struggle to find company champions, understand digital proficiency levels, and topple rigid hierarchies. It’s about future investments in new markets and opportunities, but only if companies understand how to use technology as a liberating force.

via World Economic Forum

DevOps is the Key Enabler of Digital Business Transformation

DevOps software digital business innovation

DevOps, like Agile, is people-first approach. Although all four key elements– people, process, technology and metrics – are important, DevOps is primarily a cultural change toward collaboration and shared business objectives.

via Lens360

Creativity Chasm – the B2B Marketing Innovation Paradox

Of 200 CMOs interviewed, 82 percent agree that B2B marketing is experiencing a “crisis of creativity” and 92 percent agree they require a radical new way of working in order to be creative. CMOs report feeling “starved of inspiration,” yet 97 percent concur that “innovation is critical to the future success” of their business.

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WEF15: Digital Transformation + Collaborative Innovation Talent

Right now, the global war for talent is dominated by high-income European countries like Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg and the Netherlands (all in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index top 10).

via World Economic Forum

The Growing Upside for Cloud Computing Professional Services

cloud computing Red Hat Software

Managed private and professional services cloud revenue grew 37.9% from the year-ago quarter to $5.5 billion. “Global enterprises do not have the adequate cloud computing skills and expertise to fully manage their environments or cloud sprawl, driving demand for third-party cloud delivery, management and hosting,” said Cassandra Mooshian, TBR cloud analyst.

via TBR


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