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Agile Marketing: B2B Commercial Storytelling, Just-in-Time

B2B Agile Marketing market research

Agile marketing is one approach that is factoring more prominently into the process at savvy brands and agencies. It is an iterative approach to planning and executing digital marketing activities derived from the frequently used Agile software development methodology.

Source: eMarketer

Every Organization will Appoint a Corporate Digital Champion

digital transformation leader market research

IDC has predicted that by 2017, 60% of companies with a Digital Transformation strategy will deem it too important for any one functional area and create an independent corporate executive position to oversee the implementation across the entire organization.

Source: IDC

Why B2B Marketers Outsource Content Creation Projects

B2B content marketing market research

More B2B marketers are realizing the benefits of content marketing as a method to generate leads and drive customer engagement. But even as marketers recognize the importance of the discipline, many still struggle with the logistics necessary to produce compelling content.

Source: eMarketer

Global Search for Digital Savvy IT Talent Intensifies

digital transformation talent market research

Everest Group estimates that the global digital services talent market is currently 300,000 to 350,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) strong and accounts for 5 to 7 percent of the global IT-BP industry. Going forward, they expect this share to increase, owing to the annual rate of growth of digital services market (14 to 18 percent).

Source: Everest Group

Digital Transformation Skills Shortage Restrains Innovation

digital transformation market research

IDT found that only 17 percent of respondents had enough employees with the right skills to embark on a smooth digital transformation. While, at the same time, The Hackett Group study identified talent as the “most important determinant of IT’s capability to successfully address its key issues,” in relation to digital transformation.

Source: CIO

UK Government Ongoing Quest to Expand Digital Skills

UK digital skills market research

Within the next 20 years the overwhelming majority of all jobs will require at least a basic level of digital skills. It is estimated that by 2023, at least one million new digital roles will have been created in the UK. The challenge we now face is making sure that supply keeps up with demand.

Source: Future Of Tech

Why B2B Marketers Must Improve Sales Outcomes

digital marketing market research

Many B2B marketing, sales teams and CEOs agree that their overall sales efforts could improve. On a scale of 1 to 5 — with 1 being “not effective at all” — results from a survey in North America found that 40% of respondents ranked their sales efforts a 3. Over a third ranked their efforts a 4, but only 7.5% gave themselves a 5.

Source: eMarketer


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