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How Developers are Driving the Industrial Internet Upside

industrial internet market research

Delivering on the $15 trillion potential of the Industrial Internet requires building success across the board. It includes everything from fostering an active and productive developer ecosystem to securely integrating software with hardware devices.

Source: World Economic Forum

The Distributed Genius of Open Source Collaborative Projects

open source software benefits for enterprise business

Open source has many benefits: from increased interoperability to reduced costs as multiple vendors and users leverage shared resources for non-differentiated parts of the stack. Companies using open source are building products faster and more efficiently; and once the code is part of a vibrant open source project, the value through continued community support is multiplied.

Source: Linux Foundation

ITaaS Consultants will Replace the Legacy Vendor Salesperson

digital business transformation consultants

The market for network infrastructure services (NIS) is evolving in tandem with shifting customer buying behaviors. Within the enterprise, IT is shifting from a cost center to an enabler of business outcomes, driving customers to look to their NIS providers as strategic change agents.

Source: TBR

Publishing Best Practices of the Top Ranked Business Blogs

b2b marketing communications business blog

The top 10 business blogs ranked are publishing nearly 8X as many blog posts as blogs ranked from 11–50. This is a huge difference in how often they publish blog posts. It’s interesting that both groups posted 6–7 times per day on Twitter and 2 times per day on Facebook, but the frequency with which they posted new content to their blogs was vastly different.

Source: Hubspot

Profile of Worldwide Digital Strategy Consulting Services

digital busoness strategy consulting services

IDC published three reports that cover three unique digital domains. As digitization shifts from a temporal to a foundational driver of everyday business across virtually every industry, effective digital business strategies become a competitive requirement.

Source: IDC

How Digital Practitioners will Lead, Plan and Execute Change

digital transformation talent

We knew this day would come, where the leading enterprise industry analysts would all acknowledge that business technology has evolved. Moreover, the integration of digital requirements into most work processes has resulted in a world where every capable employee is potentially a skilled Digital Practitioner.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Cloud Computing Professional Services Flourish Worldwide

open source cloud computing professional services

According to TBR, hosted private and professional services cloud revenue grew 31.2% from the year-ago quarter to $7 billion. The 29 vendors covered in their market study accounted for 49% of the total hosted private and professional services cloud computing market.

via TBR


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