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Why the Next IT Frontier is About Delivering Digital Innovation

Delivering Digital Innovation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving a new era of innovation with sensors and controllers that support digitalization and digital business. Gartner said that “Cool Vendors” are delivering digital innovation for the way that people work and how businesses structure themselves.

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SDN and NFV Create a Demand for New Professional Services

SDN NFV professional services and training

Telecom network operators require substantial help from the vendor community. They need SDN and NFV platform professional services, starting with consulting, then planning, which leads to systems integration, and finally to training their technical staff to run these software-defined networks.

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The Open Organization – How to Ignite Passion and Performance

The Open Organization - Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat

The Open Organization” is a book about creating a successful business in today’s enormously fast-moving technology climate. The only way to do that is by eschewing the old ways of doing business — including a top-down hierarchical approach — in favor of a new approach that emphasizes soliciting and embracing everyone’s opinions.

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Why Line of Business Leads Digital Transformation Projects

Digital Transformation Consulting

IDC studied the market for digital transformation consulting and systems integration services. They found that buyers indicated a variety of non-IT roles were the key sponsors for digital transformation implementation service projects 60% of the time.

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Why Business-IT Alignment is Really About Synchronization

Business-IT Alignment

IT leaders and groups tends to focus more on the tools, capabilities, and the potential technical benefits that can be gained throughout the enterprise. Business leaders tend to focus more on how these benefits can be applied for commercial strategic advantage.

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High-Cost of Low-Engagement Managers in U.S. Businesses

Managers have the greatest impact on employee engagement, which makes this finding very worrisome: just 35% of U.S. managers are engaged in their jobs, while 51% are not engaged — and 14% are actively disengaged.

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The Open Organization – Igniting Passion and Performance

The Open Organization - Jim Whitehurst

Today’s leaders know that speed and agility are the keys to any company’s success, and yet many are frustrated that their organizations can’t move fast enough to stay competitive. As the pace accelerates, how do you inspire people’s energy and creativity? A new business leadership book offers actionable insights.

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