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Huge Challenge to Staff Today’s Progressive Marketing Team

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In a constantly evolving digital marketing landscape, U.S. companies want their key marketing personnel to remain both informed and nimble. According to new research, almost seven in 10 feel the drive to innovate will impact their staffing decisions over the next two years.

Source: eMarketer

Why Savvy Executives Embrace Creative Thought Leadership

executive thought leadership market research

Thought leadership content is a common staple within executives’ content marketing programs. According to research, almost half of professionals worldwide produce thought leadership content to stand out from competitors, as well as to earn notoriety for their company or themselves.

Source: eMarketer

More Savvy American Marketers Embrace Agile Methods

digital transformation market research

Recent survey found that a little more than half of U.S. marketers said they have begun to embrace Agile Marketing methods — an iterative approach to planning and executing activities derived from the often used Agile Software development methodology.

Source: eMarketer

Why the Internet of Things Needs Better Product Marketing

IoT product marketing market research

More than 70% of business executives worldwide feel that if they take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT), it will have a significant impact on business outcomes. However, according to research, over half also agree that there’s still confusion surrounding the concept.

Source: eMarketer

Why the U.S. Legacy Marketing Status-Quo is Enduring

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Old-school American marketers guide budgets. eMarketer estimates that digital — which includes mobile — is still second to TV advertising spend in the U.S. market. eMarketer expects outlays on digital ads will reach $68.82 billion in 2016, while TV spending will total $70.60 billion.

Source: eMarketer

Agile Marketing: B2B Commercial Storytelling, Just-in-Time

B2B Agile Marketing market research

Agile marketing is one approach that is factoring more prominently into the process at savvy brands and agencies. It is an iterative approach to planning and executing digital marketing activities derived from the frequently used Agile software development methodology.

Source: eMarketer

Every Organization will Appoint a Corporate Digital Champion

digital transformation leader market research

IDC has predicted that by 2017, 60% of companies with a Digital Transformation strategy will deem it too important for any one functional area and create an independent corporate executive position to oversee the implementation across the entire organization.

Source: IDC


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