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Why High-Quality Digital Marketing Content Matters

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Many marketers are hopeful that digital content creation will integrate their messaging with what people are already reading and watching on social channels. But more than a third of digital media professionals worldwide say quality of content is the biggest barrier to their success.

Source: eMarketer

Digital Marketing: the Laggards Struggle to Embrace Change

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As a variety of research demonstrates, many marketing organizations still struggle with challenges like adapting company culture for digital technology, and figuring out who should spearhead implementation efforts. Outsourcing strategy and execution to smaller Ad agencies isn’t progress.

Source: eMarketer

How to Prosper in The Fourth Industrial Revolution

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The World Economic Forum “Future of Jobs” study predicts that 5 million jobs will be lost before 2020 as artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and other socio-economic factors replace the need for human workers.

Source: World Economic Forum

Future Skills Gap will Impact the Global Networked Economy

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Developed countries are gradually turning to educational models that cultivate skills such as creativity and grit – but they are yet to crack the skills gap. Emerging economies, on the other hand, face more daunting challenges.

Source: World Economic Forum

Become a Real Digital Winner, by Focusing on Progressive Skills

Digital Transformation market research

Most companies have a lot of work to do to get organization leadership up to speed for business today — particularly to develop real digital proficiency among managers and employees, build effective diversity programs, streamline decision-making, and cultivate future leaders.

Source: Oxford Economics

Huge Challenge to Staff Today’s Progressive Marketing Team

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In a constantly evolving digital marketing landscape, U.S. companies want their key marketing personnel to remain both informed and nimble. According to new research, almost seven in 10 feel the drive to innovate will impact their staffing decisions over the next two years.

Source: eMarketer

Why Savvy Executives Embrace Creative Thought Leadership

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Thought leadership content is a common staple within executives’ content marketing programs. According to research, almost half of professionals worldwide produce thought leadership content to stand out from competitors, as well as to earn notoriety for their company or themselves.

Source: eMarketer