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Software Product Management Talent Dilemma

Software Product Management Talent Dilemma

Product management is one of the most critical talent pools for any company that is writing software but often does not get the right level of attention. Having a world-class product management function requires a multipronged approach under a holistic talent-management program.

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Agility and Digital Practices Transform the Boardroom

Agility and Digital Practices Transform the Boardroom

Creating an Agile Board is a journey, not a playbook. It takes experimentation, learning and practice. If businesses are to successfully navigate the waters of disruption, agility needs to be practiced and demonstrated from the very top.

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Employee Engagement is Critical to Business Results

Employee Engagement is Critical to Business Results

Globally, employee engagement is low, and has been low for at least the last two decades. The latest Gartner Global Talent Monitor finds that only 32% of employees globally report high levels of intent to stay and only 14% report high levels of discretionary effort day-to-day.

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Future of Work: Open Innovation and Flexible Talent

Future of Work: Open Innovation and Flexible Talent

“58% of respondents say they have no capability to use open innovation and crowdsourced ideas, and only 9% agree strongly that they can do this. Organizations need to do more to take advantage of the ideas and skills from the wider market – not just from their traditional employee base.”

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Global Networked Economy: Digital Talent Quest

Global Networked Economy Digital Talent Quest

“Nearly 75% of all high-skilled migrants reside in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia; over 70% of software engineers in Silicon Valley are foreign-born. But today’s leaders could well be tomorrow’s laggards.”

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How to Attract and Retain Knowledge Talent

How to Attract and Retain Knowledge Talent

As specialized knowledge becomes more valuable, the ability to identify and hire ‘knowledge stars’ will be game-changing for many companies. But most HR departments are still using yesterday’s methods of searching for and screening potential employees for the jobs of today and tomorrow, a new study argues.

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Lessons Learned: The Successful Digital Reinventor


A new survey highlights the need for enterprise architects to facilitate digital transformations by managing technological complexity and setting a course for the development of their companies’ IT landscape.

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