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Digital Growth: How to Future-Proof Your Workforce

Digital Growth: How to Future-Proof Your Workforce

“Demand for skills in areas such as AI, robotics, and automation is exploding, with mentions in online job postings growing more than 40% per year. Digital experts ranked learning and training second in importance among dozens of job factors.”

via BCG

How to Reignite Your Marketing for the Digital Era

How to Reignite Your Marketing for the Digital Era

“CMOs have a choice, embrace the future or cling to the past. To succeed today, they have to abandon mass-media thinking, and resist the urge to squander their budgets on trivial advertising or paid media.”

via Digital Polymath

Digital Transformation Skills with The Most Demand

Digital Transformation Skills with The Most Demand

“The skills in highest demand among our survey respondents are teamwork (74% of respondents), leadership (70%), and communication (67%), all soft skills, followed by user experience and analytics, which are technical ones.”

via HBR

How High-Growth Technology Companies Scale Culture

How High-Growth Tech Companies Scale Culture

“Distinct cultures have always been a hallmark of tech companies. But to scale culture, high-growth technology companies are focused on the cultural criteria that really matter, even when it means leaving some traditional practices behind.”

via Spencer Stuart

Human Resource Analytics, Learning and Development


“Sixty-five percent of survey respondents overall said they expect their HR budgets to increase in 2020, while only 17% expect a decrease and 19% expect no change. The survey received responses from 373 HR leaders of director level and above globally.”

via Gartner

How to Create a Challenge Culture That Never Quits

How to Create a Challenge Culture That Never Quits

CEOs need a cadre of gifted leaders in their ranks who are able to see around corners, spot looming threats and identify new opportunities for growth. A ‘challenge culture’ requires constant dissatisfaction with the status quo.

via Chief Executive

Best Practices of Innovative Entrepreneur Education

Best Practices of Innovative Entrepreneur Education

The goal is to shift the underlying perceptions and belief systems of individuals, to build their conviction and risk/reward tolerance at a personal level to help them take the leap to become an entrepreneur.”

via World Economic Forum