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Cloud Computing Professional Services Flourish Worldwide

open source cloud computing professional services

According to TBR, hosted private and professional services cloud revenue grew 31.2% from the year-ago quarter to $7 billion. The 29 vendors covered in their market study accounted for 49% of the total hosted private and professional services cloud computing market.

via TBR

Cloud Professional Services Market will Reach $55B in 2020

cloud professional services

The cloud professional services market, which TBR currently values at $35 billion, is expected to grow at a 9% CAGR, reaching $55 billion by 2020. “The need for advisory services regarding cloud computing adoption holds strong, despite the continued maturation of the cloud landscape.”

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Why the Savvy CIO Embraces Digital Business Transformation

CIO in the digital age

The rapid adoption of digital technologies is putting new pressures on IT organizations. As spending on cloud, mobile, analytics, and social technology soars, CIOs have the opportunity to help drive strategy, innovation, and revenue growth. At the same time, these technologies present major new challenges in the traditional domain of IT.

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Digital Transformation Leaders will Explore a Bold IT Vision

Digital Transformation Leadership

Business leaders need to transform and boldly lead their digitally powered organizations that are adaptive to change, and able to drive it. “Leadership of digital transformation requires a nuanced set of skills and abilities, some of which may not come naturally to many executives,” says Fred Magee.

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Human Talent Determines Your Rank in the Digital Economy

Effective Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is impacting all businesses, functions, and processes. The “people dimension” of digital business transformation is reflected in the available talent pool, and it will impact every enterprise in traditional industries or untried new business models.

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Top Cities Harness Talent in the Global Networked Economy

transforming global cities

By 2030, 410 million more people will be living in the world’s top 750 cities. These cities will account for 35% of the world’s population, 61% of the world’s GDP, and 30% of the world’s jobs. This massive increase in employment will transform cities radically — both developed and emerging.

via World Economic Forum

How to Build a Fast-Moving Digital Enterprise Model

digital enterprise

Large companies face significant hurdles in transforming into digital businesses. McKinsey principal Edwin van Bommel explains how organizations can quickly develop digital business capabilities. Few firms already have the required skills and talent.

via McKinsey


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