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Why Remote Worker Options will Gain Momentum in 2016

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Did you know that offering remote work options can reduce employee turnover by 50%? It can also dramatically cut operating costs. When insurance giant Aetna started allowing a large portion of their employees to work from home they were able to eliminate the need for 2.7 million square feet of office space, which saved the company $78 million.

Source: FOW

Digital Marketing Superheroes are the Catalyst for Change

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The most successful CMOs will be progressive, forward-thinking catalysts of organizational change. They must be fully cognizant of what it really means to be a digital marketing practitioner. They will lead by example. They will also protect the few change-agents from the gang of legacy organization antibodies that will try to undermine and eliminate any plan to disrupt the traditional marketing status-quo.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Why Basic Content Marketing Skills are in High Demand


Writing, communication and organizational skills lead the list of “baseline skills” employers are having difficulty finding, according to “The Human Factor: The Hard Time Employers Have Finding Soft Skills,” a new study of job postings by Burning Glass Technologies.

Source: Burning Glass

Progressive Marketing Demand Drives Quest for Digital Talent


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“CMOs said that their greatest struggles are with organizational silos and ownership issues, the lack of technology and data-savvy talent, and the impact of scaling up their digital efforts.” Many respondents reported difficulty recruiting and retaining digital marketers with the required skills.

Source: BCG

How Savvy Mentors Advance Digital Sales Enablement

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Many organizations are moving to implement more marketing technology in their stack — especially sales enablement tools. But research suggests tech adoption is a relatively small part of being a high-performing salesperson.

Source: eMarketer

Marketing 2020: Digital Reality Creates Huge Skills Gap

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Constant innovation relies upon a broad range of digital marketing skills. But these skills are in high demand and short supply – and there’s concern that matters may be getting worse. “A digital skills shortage is a big concern for many employers.”

Source: Guardian

Thought Leadership – Forefront of Digital Transformation

thought leadership market research

Thought leadership matters because stretching old ideas beyond their traditional boundaries creates new perspectives. More important, it can serve as a foundation for others to expand and innovate, inspiring conversations that would have been otherwise lost or never started.

Source: World Economic Forum


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