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Global M2M Solutions Revenue will Reach $40 Billion by 2019

Global M2M

Juniper Research now forecasts that the Far East and China region will account for 22 percent of global cellular M2M connections by 2019 — that’s a substantial increase from 15 percent in 2014.

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The Internet of Things could Reach $11.1 Trillion by 2025

Internet of Things

“Our bottom-up analysis for the applications we size estimates that the IoT has a total potential economic impact of $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion a year by 2025.” At the top end, that level of value would be equivalent to about 11 percent of the world economy.

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IoT Apps Gain Momentum within Government Organizations

Government M2M IoT forecast

The global cellular-based M2M value-added services market will grow significantly, with a CAGR of 33.14% during 2015 to 2019. “Government organizations worldwide have started to invest heavily in IoT projects. M2M is a part of the Internet of Things and increased investment will fuel demand for M2M VAS,” said Faisal Ghaus.

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Mobile Money Transfer Revenue will Reach $4 Billion in 2018

Mobile Money Transfer

As mCommerce services continue to gain new users across developing regions — such as sub-Saharan Africa and emerging Asia — the early-adopter nations have experienced a mobile money revolution that has empowered the local economies.

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European Commission shares Digital Agenda Scoreboard

Digital Agenda Scoreboard 2015

In the last two years, there’s been 20 million more subscriptions to high-speed Internet access in the EU. These fast wireline broadband subscriptions remain fewer than one-third of the total, but 4G mobile broadband is available to 79% of households — that’s up from 27%.

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Why Global Mobile Service Revenue Fell 2 Percent in 2014

global mobile phone service 2014

Dragged down by the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), with Europe as the main culprit, overall global mobile service revenue fell 2 percent in 2014 from 2013, to $781 billion. Globally, mobile broadband revenue rose nearly a third year-over-year in 2014, but this was not enough to offset double-digit declines in voice service and SMS revenue.

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Software Defined Networking Drives Bare Metal Growth

open source networking sdn

Bare metal switches, an integral part of open networking, accounted for 12 percent of data center Ethernet ports shipped worldwide in 1Q15. “Open networking, which leverages open source software and open hardware designs, is set to change networking, just as open source changed the server and operating system marketplace,” said Cliff Grossner.

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