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Global Mobile Apps Market is Big, and Getting Bigger in 2015

mobile applications forecast

Mobile investment is growing as quickly as mobile device usage and revenue, with $14 billion invested in Q1 2015 – that’s up 120% compared to Q1 2014. The $41 billion of mobile investments in the 12 months to Q1 2015 was dominated by travel/transport and mCommerce software apps.

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China is the New 4G Wireless Broadband Market Leader

Wireless Broadband Market Leader

While it has been a common practice for telecom industry analysts to assess the economic vitality of a nation by ranking their relative investment in fiber optic broadband communication infrastructure, in future the comparison of wireless broadband capabilities will be the key measure of supremacy.

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How the Mobile Industry Fuels Growth in the Global Economy

mobile telecom industry

In 2014, it was estimated that the mobile technology industry directly employed approximately 12.8 million people globally and 11.8 million people indirectly, bringing the total impact to just under 25 million jobs.

via World Economic Forum

Exploring the Evolutionary Path to 5G Mobile Communications

5G mobile internet

Examples of the early path to 5G include an April 23, 2015 demonstration by Hong Kong Telecom of the world’s first IP-RAN-based LTE Advanced system offering 450 Mbps. This advanced 4G service will be deployed in 2016, followed by the planned 1 Gbps service. The 5G service will follow, offering 10 Gbps, based on massive MIMO and massive Carrier Aggregation.

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How Retailers are Utilizing In-Store Wireless Technologies

Retailers In-Store Wireless Technologies

Retailers are investing more on in-store digital technology that has the potential to improve the shopping experience. ABI Research has forecast well over one million indoor location retail deployments by 2020, with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons now established as the key building block for indoor location.

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NFV Early Adopters on the Verge of Large-Scale Deployments

network functions virtualization

Dell’Oro Group updated their assessment of the Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) initiative.  It’s a new paradigm for the way telecom service providers design, construct, and operate their networks. “Over the past twelve months, we have seen a marked shift in industry sentiment. While NFV technologies are still immature, the industry is continuing to push hard on development,” said Shin Umeda.

via Dell’Oro Group

Digital Single Market for Europe – the Sixteen Strategic Initiatives

Digital Single Market for Europe

The aim of the Digital Single Market is to tear down regulatory walls and finally move from 28 national markets to a single one. A fully functional Digital Single Market could contribute €415 billion per year to the EU economy and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

via European Commission


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