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Why Telecom Providers Struggle to Evolve Their Business Model


While telecom operators agree on the ultimate transformation of telecommunications networks to cloud-based infrastructures and the increasing role of video and Internet of Things (IoT) to drive revenue, they diverge on how fast these developments will affect them based on their business models.

Source: TBR

Explore Cellular IoT Wireless Network Technology Standards

internet of things m2m market research

One of the key principles that has enabled global wireless telecom network connectivity is the development and implementation of technology standards. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to evolve, new standards will set the stage for market development to blossom.

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5G is Forecast to Reach 24 Million Subscribers in 2021

5G wireless market research

North America and Asia will each account for more than 40 percent of global 5G subscriptions at the end of 2021, followed by Europe with more than 10 percent of subscriptions, with the Middle East and Africa accounting for the remainder.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

How Virtual Network Functions will Transform Mobile Services


The global market for mobile Subscriber Data Management (SDM) software and services totaled $1.5 billion in 2015. Network functions virtualization (NFV) is emerging as a key driver behind SDM spending, according to the latest global IHS market study.

Source: IHS Technology

How VoLTE Service Revenue will Reach $6.3 Billion by 2020

Mobile VoLTE market research

Mobile communication technology is evolving. Voice over LTE (VoLTE) deployment is quickly ramping up, with improvements in network efficiency and spectrum reuse as the primary drivers. There are currently sixty-three VoLTE commercial networks in operation, according to IHS.

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Why Digital Transformation is Good for the Telecom Sector

telecom innovation market research

In a 2015 study of telecom operators preparing for the digital future by The Economist, it became apparent that digital technologies were helping the telecom industry create new products and services (44%), in the substitution of declining core revenue streams with new ones (42%), leading to an increase in revenue (42%).

Source: World Economic Forum

How Mobile Internet Use Drives More Network Expansions

global mobile internet market research

Mobile internet applications have grown exponentially over the last decade, especially within urban areas around the globe. Mobile network service providers have started to deploy small cell wireless communications technology to support the growing demand.

Source: Digital Lifescapes


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