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Transmedia: Brand Storytelling – How to Spawn a Revolution

Brands Storytelling

“By spinning abstract concepts — like seemingly unrelated products, or new products and concepts — into the concrete constructs of a narrative, your company can make New Ideas more comprehensible, and ultimately more meaningful for potential customers.”

via Business2Community

Transmedia: Cross-Platform Content Development in 2015

2015 Predictions: “I think the idea of telling stories that combine media types is here to stay. I think the classic idea of Transmedia is good for marketing, but not for other kinds of storytelling. I see game-play mechanics making an entrance in a big way…”

via MIPblog

Transmedia: One Approach to Leading Interactive Expeditions

A storytelling toy by Eric Cade Schoenborn to give some insight as to the process to create interactive storytelling projects at the Knight Foundation. As with any expedition, you need a guide.

via Knight Foundation

Transmedia: the Art and Science of Interactive Storytelling

Interactive storytelling is the art of telling stories enhanced with technological, social or collaborative interactive features to offer content adapted to new behaviors in a rapidly changing cultural ecosystem.

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Transmedia: Hands-On Intro at Honeycomb Creative Works

Transmedia production uses fragments of different media to tell complex stories that are not easily reduced to a linear narrative. It makes it possible to engage the viewer in a subject from multiple different angles, and using many different artistic forms, without imposing a single vision or conclusion.

via Honeycomb

Transmedia: White River Indie Fest 2015 is Seeking Entries

The White River Indie Festival (WRIF) and Google have partnered to host the 2015 Tell-it-in-Transmedia Film Competition. The competition, which was announced at the Woodstock Digital Media Festival, invites filmmakers to creatively combine two or more distinct digital media platforms to tell their stories.

via WRIF

Transmedia: Exploring the Science of Interstellar

Explore black holes, warped time, and much, much more with Kip Thorne’s new book, The Science of Interstellar — The cast of Interstellar were featured in a Google+ Hangout live from Washington, D.C. on November 5 to help promote the movie.


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