Just 8% of Current Marketers Have Proven Digital Skills

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“In order to succeed, our thinking and skillset needs to be too, failing to do so will result in an even larger skills gap than what currently exists and will not only affect organisations who need to adapt their marketing to new innovative audience engagement strategies, but also decrease the opportunities for people looking to advance or enter a career in marketing.”

Source: Digital Marketing Magazine

Autonomous Vehicles and IoT Coming to More U.S. Cities

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Even if American drivers remain unsure about the latest advances – only 16 percent want to ride in a self-driving vehicle according to a University of Michigan study – car manufacturers are fully on board.

Source: World Economic Forum

Exploring Vehicle-to-Everything Connectivity Trends

self-driving car vehicle market research

According to Juniper Research, the annual production of self-driving cars will reach 14.5 million in 2025 — that’s up from a forecast of only a few thousands in 2020 — to reach a global installed base of more than 22 million consumer vehicles by 2025.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Study Finds 4.3 Billion Active Mobile Users Worldwide

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While the shift from feature phones to smartphones is occurring in most markets worldwide, the rate at which it is happening differs from region to region. Overall, eMarketer estimates that roughly half (49.7%) of mobile owners across the globe will use a smartphone at least once a month.

Source: eMarketer

Subscription Video on Demand Trends in North America

North American SVOD market research

According to a recent study, North America will have 112 million SVOD subscribers — that’s for movie and TV services only; excluding sports — by end-2016, which is up by 19 million when compared with 2015. Moreover, the SVOD total is forecast to climb to 138 million by 2021.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Why China Leads in Artificial Intelligence Research

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According to recent study findings, China has overtaken the United States to become the world leader in deep learning research, a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) inspired by the human brain.

Source: World Economic Forum

Evolving Telecom Network Infrastructure for IoT Apps

IOT M2M technology market research

Wireless communication technology is a key component of most Internet of Things (IoT) projects. Choosing the best-fit solution can be challenging, due to the use of competing technologies. Mobile network service providers prefer open standards-based technology. So, that’s a key market driver.

Source: Digital Lifescapes