Mobile Healthcare Applications will Gain Momentum in 2015

Among U.S. physicians polled, 84% reported using smartphones for professional purposes. Tablet usage had also risen by 5 percentage points. Fully 56% of doctors said they used tablets for their jobs, compared with just over half the year prior.

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Why Smartphones Drive Internet Use in Emerging Markets


IDC believes that detachable 2-in-1 devices will show strong growth potential in the tablets category, and convertible notebooks are beginning to gain traction in PCs. But ultimately, for more people in more places, the smartphone is the clear choice in terms of owning one connected device.

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IT User Group Predicts Cloud Adoption will Grow Rapidly

When asked what percentage of their cloud computing services would be private by 2016, the expectation for 40% or more of operations increased from 38% to 63% of respondents. In 2012, 18% of ODCA members believed their organizations would house 60% of their operations in private clouds by 2016. Since then, that number has doubled.

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Streaming Music Services Reach $1.87 Billion in the U.S. Market

Online Music Services

American music streaming service revenues increased by 29% last year to reach $1.87 billion, accounting for more than one-quarter of total industry revenues. Growth was at the expense of both digital downloads and physical media revenues.

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How Self-Adapting Teams Adopt Digital Transformation Tech

Digital Transformation Technologies

By 2018, one third of the top twenty market-share leaders in most industries will be significantly impacted by new competitors — and “reinvented” incumbents — that proactively apply digital technologies to create new services and associated business models.

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Mobile Internet Use Driven by Smartphones in Latin America

A total of 69.4 million mobile handsets were purchased in Brazil in 2014, with smartphones representing close to 75% of total sales. Brazil accounted for over 40% of smartphones sold in Latin America in 2014 — followed by Mexico and Argentina, which were responsible for 20% and 8% of all sales, respectively.

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Demand for Digital Marketing Services will Expand in 2015

TBR reports digital marketing services vendors grew revenue from $7.3 billion in 2013 to nearly $9 billion in 2014 — that’s 23.3% year-over-year. That growth illustrated the early phase of digital marketing, where established advertising agencies and new entrants are attracted by the lucrative opportunities created by new demand for digital transformation.

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