How Open Source Subscriptions Disrupt Legacy App Vendors

Open Source Software Subscription

The ongoing success of open source software subscriptions continues to take a heavy toll on traditional vendors. Application software revenue grew by just 2.7 percent year-to-year for the twenty-three vendors tracked in Technology Business Research (TBR) “Applications Software Vendor Benchmark” study.

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Why Real-Time Multichannel Marketing is Gaining Momentum

Real-Time Multichannel Marketing

With the growth of real-time capable digital channels and adoption by targeted buyers, more marketers say they plan to focus on engaging with audiences at the very moment they need it. Survey findings also indicate the increasing importance of social media to B2B multi-channel marketers.

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Open Source Android Leads Global Smartphone OS Market

Google Android open source smartphones

Global smartphone sales will grow by 8% in 2016, according to Strategy Analytics. Android will continue to be the world’s most popular Operating System platform, by volume.  Together, Google Android and Apple iOS already dominate the global smartphone market — combined they account for 96% of total smartphone sales in 2015.

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Exploring the Six Degrees of Technology-Enabled Innovation

Inside the 6 Degrees of Innovation

A recent study by the Cambridge Judge Business School assessed major transformative innovations across a number of industries to distill the “Six Degrees of Innovation.” The six degrees represent six matching patterns between trends in technology and market needs that occur with regularity in successful business models.

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More European Marketers Focus on Mobile eCommerce Upside

Europe Mobile Marketers

European marketers were most united in their expectations of mobile transactions — around 40% in each country said they thought real-time, personalized mobile purchasing would have a major impact on how marketing was conducted.

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Hyper-converged Platforms Upside to Reach $10.6 Billion

Hyper-converged storage platform

The software-defined capabilities of hyper-converged platforms are helping organizations overcome challenges related to internal IT processes and infrastructure management, according  to the latest market study by Technology Business Research (TBR).

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Industrial Internet of Things will Expand in the Aviation Sector

industrial internet of things aviation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is embedding functions into airplanes to improve manufacturing quality and reduce flight delays. But the primary use for the IoT is diagnosing jet engines and systems to detect maintenance issues and reduce service lead time.

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