How Cloud Services will Disrupt the Videoconference Market

Cloud Services

Enterprise videoconferencing infrastructure and endpoint hardware revenues are forecast to be relatively flat through 2020 — growing slightly at a 2.1 percent CAGR — according to the latest worldwide market study by ABI Research.

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Why Open Innovation Success is Attracting More Followers

open innovation

Reaping the benefits of Open Innovation, such as lower R&D costs and shorter time to market, takes experience. Discipline and proper management are needed to ensure that risks and rewards are optimally allocated across the spectrum of actors involved. The choice of partner is also key.

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Mobile Payments Global Market $250B Upside Opportunity

Mobile Pay Taps Global Growth | Morgan Stanley

Here is the potential of mobile pay in a nutshell: The global count of active credit- and debit-card accounts is 1.3 billion. Mobile payments can expand the global revenue pie from $175 billion to $250 billion, including $45 billion in developed markets and $30 billion in emerging markets.

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IPTV Gains More Subscribers in China, Japan and South Korea

The increased adoption of IPTV in the Asia-Pacific region has resulted in significant growth of the Global IPTV Market, leading to a projected CAGR of 20.32 percent from 2014 to 2019, says research firm TechNavio. IPTV operators in the APAC region are focused on increasing their customer base and revenue through promotional campaigns and providing services with low installation costs.

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Many U.S. Retailers are Slow to Adopt Digital Technologies

Retailer Technologies

North American retailers have plenty of work ahead of them when it comes to integrating new technologies. From multi-channel to payments to mobile, their work is cut out for them — but is almost certain to evolve even further before they put their current plans in place.

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How Mobile Internet Traffic is Advancing LTE Deployments

Mobile Internet

At the end of 2014, LTE-Advanced covered its first 100 million people worldwide — that’s just 4 years since the network technology inception. ABI Research predicts that the coverage will reach 1 billion mobile subscribers in 4 more years.

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Telecom Providers Seek More Virtualization, Cloud Services

Propelled by API exposure platforms and enterprise services, the global market for service delivery platform (SDP) software and services grew 13 percent in 2014 to just under $4.7 billion. Virtualization and cloud computing is a hot topic throughout the communications industry right now, and the service delivery platform segment is no exception.

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