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Digital Politics: Exposing The Post-Truth Reality

Digital Politics: Exposing The Post-Truth Reality

“The nebulous realm of political advertising, issue advertising and microtargeting on digital platforms has sparked outrage and debate among industry leaders, political campaigners and citizens as to what needs to change in order to combat disinformation.”

via World Economic Forum

Addressable Advertising Gains Momentum via Streaming

Addressable Advertising Gains Momentum via Streaming

Almost half of the TV homes in the U.S. (47%) have at least one enabled smart TV. And, 72% of homes use video streaming-capable TV devices. These numbers highlight a significant opportunity for brands, marketers and advertisers.

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Paywalls vs Advertising: Digital Media in Transition

Paywalls vs Advertising: Digital Media in Transition

“To remain successful in the saturated attention economy against huge competitors, inserting ad-supported aspects is an imperative for many digital providers. However, the old ways of ads – served, not sought; invasive, not useful; demanding, not intriguing – are no longer sufficient.”

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How Programmatic Advertising Fees Impact Digital Marketing

How Programmatic Advertising Fees Impact Digital Marketing

Nearly one-third of U.S. advertiser spending on programmatic display ads goes to tech and software intermediaries — the so-called “ad tech tax” — to execute ad transactions, before publishers receive the rest as advertising revenues.

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Why Digital Ad Blocking Impacts Online Marketers

Why Digital Ad Blocking Impacts Online Marketers

In the U.S., roughly one in four internet users will block ads this year on at least one of their internet-connected devices. Penetration will be stable, increasing only to 27% of internet users at the end of our forecast period. Still, the ROI for online ads is pitiful.

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Savvy Advertisers Adopt Streaming Video Platforms

Savvy Advertisers Adopt Streaming Video Platforms

Advertising expenditure attributed to OTT TV episodes and movies will more than double between 2018 and 2024 to reach $56 billion across 138 countries. Online TV and video ads have been considerably boosted by the rapid growth in mobile advertising.

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How AI will Transform Programmatic Digital Advertising

How AI will Transform Programmatic Digital Advertising

According to the latest worldwide market study by Juniper Research, the total spend on digital advertising is forecast to reach $520 billion by 2023 — that’s rising from $294 billion in 2019.

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