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Digital Transformation of Food Supply and Demand

Digital Transformation of Food Supply and Demand

“Food systems can be disrupted by many factors including natural disasters, civil war and more recently the global pandemic. However, digital infrastructure has the ability to help these food systems navigate through troubling times.”

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Internet of Things Connectivity Solutions via Satellite

Internet of Things Connectivity Solutions via Satellite

By 2024, there will be 24 million IoT connections made via satellite, according to ABI Research. Their analysis unveils the long-term opportunity within the satellite space for the growth of IoT deployments, particularly in application verticals, such as agriculture and asset tracking.

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The Digital Transformation of Agriculture Enabled by IoT

Agriculture's Digital Transformation Enabled by IoT Apps

By 2024, over 2 million farms and 36 million cattle will be connected, according to ABI Research. There’s a significant upside opportunity for IoT apps within the agricultural market — specifically connected agriculture in field crops, tree crops, and livestock.

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Robotics and Big Data Will Transform Agriculture

Robotics and Big Data Will Transform Agriculture

You don’t have to be a clairvoyant to recognize that agriculture is undergoing rampant digitalization. Automation is as inevitable as the tasting of the forbidden fruit. The promises of technology are too seductive, and the lure of greater efficiency all too tempting.

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Agricultural Robots and Drones Bring Big Data to Farming

agriculture drone market research

According to a new study, agriculture will be a major market for drones, reaching over $480 million in 2027. Unmanned remote-controlled helicopters have already been spraying rice fields in Japan since early 1990s.

Source: IDTechEx