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Artificial Intelligence: The Early Adopter Advantage

Artificial Intelligence: The Early Adopter Advantage

Nearly half of survey respondents said their companies embedded at least one AI capability in their business processes, and another 30% are piloting AI. Still, only 21% say their organizations have embedded AI in several parts of the business, and just 3% of large firms have integrated AI across their full enterprise workflows.

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How Marketers Use Artificial Intelligence Apps

How Marketers Use Artificial Intelligence Apps

According to research, marketers’ uptake of artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to grow as more companies invest in the emerging technology. Two of the most popular ways that marketers are applying AI are for advertising targeting and audience segmentation.

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How AI Finds Insight Within Large Data Sets

How AI Finds Insight Within Large Data Sets

As the amount of data that marketers rely on continues to grow, AI vendors may find that their niche is in helping digital marketers swiftly parse through the complexity that stands between them and their users.

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Linking Data Culture to C-Suite Business Outcomes

Linking Data Culture to C-Suite Business Outcomes

Organizational culture can accelerate the application of analytics, amplify its power, and steer companies away from risky outcomes. Here are seven principles that underpin a healthy data culture. Lessons-learned: solving business problems must be a part of your data strategy.

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Exploring Digital Opinion Analysis in America

Exploring Digital Opinion Analysis in America

During the last quarter of 2017, Alto Data Analytics, an international data firm specialized in public opinion analysis using big data and artificial intelligence, conducted an analysis of digital opinions to understand what sustainability means to the American public.

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Explore the Future of Robotic Process Automation

Explore the Future of Robotic Process Automation

RPA today is not the RPA that launched this market three to four years ago. The original developments lacked many of the features that we see today — e.g., computer vision to pick objects on the screen and robust control panels. Similarly, tomorrow’s RPA will be superior to today’s.

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The Hero of Digital Commerce for Savvy Retailers

The Hero of Digital Commerce for Savvy Retailers

Omnichannel commerce tops retailers’ investment priority because the bar keeps being raised for seamless, omnichannel customer experiences. Leading OMS solutions offer enterprise-ready functionality for complex retail-specific scenarios aimed at the business user.

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