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Cloud-Based Conferencing Revenue will Reach $4.1 Billion

Cloud-Based Conferencing Revenue will Reach $4.1B

Short audio or video conference meet-ups have replaced the typical 1-hour long mind-numbing in-person meetings that were common at many enterprises prior to the pandemic. Legacy business leaders that were not previously Agile converts have now embraced these online collaboration tools. It’s amazing.

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Why More B2B Marketers Explore Launching Podcasts

Why More B2B Marketers Explore Launching Podcasts

B2Bs are experimenting with the audio format at a time when podcast audiences are growing. eMarketer forecasts that by 2022, 83.8 million people in the U.S. will listen to at least one podcast per month, that’s up from 73.0 million people in 2018.

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Hearables Will Revolutionize the Personal Audio Market

Hearables Will Revolutionize the Personal Audio Market

According to the latest worldwide market study by Juniper Research, there will be an estimated 417 million hearables in use by 2022. This includes fitness-focused devices, hearing augmentation and purely audio-focused devices.

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How Digital Audio Drives Mobile App Activity in America

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In 2017, adult mobile internet users in the U.S. will spend nearly three-quarters of their daily app time conducting five activities: listening to digital audio, social networking, gaming, video viewing and messaging.

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How Mobile Streaming Media Encryption Drives Disruption

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According to the latest worldwide market study by ABI Research, apps enabled with content encryption eliminated nearly 60 percent of the traditional video and audio optimization market in 2015.

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Connected Devices Transform the Audio-Visual Media Market

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The world now contains 8.1 billion connected smartphones, media tablets, personal computers, televisions, TV-attached devices and various audio devices. On average, across the whole globe, this Internet-connected device installed base now equates to about four devices per household.

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Online Digital Radio Listeners will Reach 183.4 Million by 2018

The digital radio space is undergoing expansive growth in usage, revenues and access modes. Radio listeners are tuning in to digital stations on an increasingly broad set of devices, including desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, tablets and in-car systems.

eMarketer estimates there will be 159.8 million digital radio listeners in 2014, and that figure will grow to 183.4 million in 2018.

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U.S. Mobile Digital Music App Adoption is Trending Upward

Smartphones may be the device of choice for mobile music listening, but research has revealed that U.S. internet users were far more likely to purchase music on a computer than on a mobile device — at 50.0% vs. 27.3%.

Music streaming services have been in the limelight, and new study findings confirmed their popularity on mobile devices — nearly six in 10 respondents had at least one mobile app that streamed music.

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Audio-only Blu-ray Disc Format Gains New Momentum

Universal Music is to launch an audio-only version of the Blu-ray Disc (BD) format in the UK, entitled High Fidelity Pure Audio (HFPA), enabling uncompressed HD audio playback through mainstream BD players and other devices with BD drives.

The HFPA format is targeted at a niche consumer group consisting of tech-savvy audiophiles who have already invested in sophisticated home entertainment systems, including BD players and high performance music systems.

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How High-Resolution Audio will Transform the Music Experience

Just as HDTV revolutionized our television viewing with its huge leap in picture quality, High-Res Audio is doing the same for the music we listen to. If you’re wondering if your ears really need it, just ask your eyes if they’re willing to go back to old, standard definition TV.

By enabling digital lossless capture of original analog audio sources, it’s now possible to listen to performances exactly as the artist intended.

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