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The True Cost of Cybercrime, According to Experts

The True Cost of Cybercrime, According to Experts

Organizations have seen security breaches grow by 67% in the past five years. Banking is the most affected, with annual costs crossing $18 million in 2018. This probably comes as no surprise, considering that financial motives are consistently a major incentive for hackers.

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Fintech and AI Will Transform Financial Services

Fintech and AI Will Transform Financial Services

“63% of GlobalData survey respondents in banking, financial services, and insurance currently prioritize investments in artificial intelligence (AI), compared to only 54% of companies across all vertical markets.”

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Digital Payment Trends will Reshape the Global Economy

Digital Payment Trends will Reshape the Global Economy

In recent years, cashless payment has become increasingly prevalent, whether using conventional methods or innovative and convenient financial services on mobile phones. This trend will make our economy and financial system more efficient.

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How Fintech is Reshaping Financial Services

How Fintech is Reshaping Financial Services

“Over the past several years, fintech firms have disrupted traditional banking paradigms. By combining modern technology with a laser focus on improving consumer experiences, large and small fintech firms have brought unprecedented changes to the banking industry.”

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Global Fintech and Open Banking Market Outlook


The fintech revolution continues to gather momentum. Global investment in fintech ventures more than doubled from $26.67 billion in 2017 to $55.33 billion in 2018. During the same period, the number of deals rose by 18.5% to 3,251.

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The U.S. Leads Top Acquirers in Payment Tech

The U.S. Leads Top Acquirers in Payment Tech

Three out of the top five M&A deal makers (in terms of volume) during 2014-2018 were from the U.S. market. Germany-based Wirecard AG and China-based Ant Financial Services Group were the two other companies featured in the top five list.

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Digital Money Transfer will Reach $525 Billion by 2024

Digital Money Transfer will Reach $525 Billion by 2024

Mobile and online (digital) money transfer offerings will continue to transform the market. New technologies, such as blockchain, will further accelerate the trend.

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