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How Retailer In-Store Wireless Apps Boost Wi-Fi Usage

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Retailers across the globe were one of the first sectors to adopt big data applications, as a way to gain new in-store shopper traffic insights. Wireless technology is key component of the solution. ABI Research reported greater growth in Wi-Fi location analytics within the retail market during 2015.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon Apps will Grow in 2016

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons have emerged as a major new wireless technology with a multi-billion dollar market development opportunity — and it’s a key part the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

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Why More Retailers Deploy Proximity Marketing Technology

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Savvy retailers will create a connected in-store shopping experience. They’ll also extend their online engagement with consumers — moving beyond creating awareness and facilitating payments, to a deeper integration of their customer loyalty programs.

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How Retailers will Apply Local Proximity Marketing in 2016

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With 82% of shoppers making their actual purchasing decision in-aisle, it’s no wonder that vendors are betting on beacons and indoor positioning systems to help marketers interact with consumers in real time.

Source: Forrester

Retailers Apply Various Mobile Advertising Network Apps

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Retailers are adopting a new wave of wireless technologies that could transform the shopping experience in numerous ways. Wireless in-store beacons are a key component of this strategy. These tiny beacon devices broadcast small pieces of information to nearby shoppers via their smartphones, which are enabled to receive the message via a retailer’s software app.

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Quest for Retail Beacon App Innovation Continues

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It’s still early days for beacons, even though it has already been two years since Apple launched iBeacon. Tepid consumer interest has combined with experimental retail implementations, and the total seems to be less than the sum of its parts.

Source: eMarketer

Retailers Continue Experiments with In-Store Beacon Technology

Retailer Beacon Big Data

Using beacons as a source of big data collection — and ultimately using in-store shopper behavior as the real-world equivalent to web analytics — is a tactic that some Retailer marketers are still pinning their hopes on for commercial applications.

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