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AI and Fintech Growing Influence on Financial Data in 2019

AI and Fintech Growing Influence on Financial Data in 2019

“From the $300 million spent in 2018 on alternative data to pre-trade transparency to indexing to real-time market data, 2019 will see a hyper-focus on gathering more of the right data, storing it in new ways, analyzing it via machine learning and AI, and acting upon it more systematically than ever before.”

via Greenwich Associates

How Predictive Analytics Extract Value from Data

How Predictive Analytics Extract Value from Data

The global predictive analytics market will expand at a 17.80 percent CAGR over the forecast period to 2019. The market is estimated to reach $6.54 billion by 2019. In terms of applications, the segment of finance and risk management is expected to generate high demand in the global predictive analytics market.

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How Data Creates New Value in a Digital Economy

How Data Creates New Value in a Digital Economy

“Over the past 40 years, the asset focus has completely flipped, from the market being dominated by 83% tangible assets in 1975 to 84% intangible assets in 2015. Instead of manufacturing coffee pots and selling washing machines, today’s corporate giants offer apps and connect people.”


How Data Analytics and AI Drive Digital Growth

How Data Analytics and AI Drive Digital Growth

To understand more clearly how to convert megadeal opportunities into top-line results, companies need to invest to improve data quality, build capabilities in advanced analytics and machine learning, and know how to continuously generate and develop ideas on how to use data to make better decisions.

via McKinsey

Explore Data Commercialization Upside Opportunities

Explore Data Commercialization Upside Opportunities

Insights-driven companies derive value from their data. They systematically use data to deliver better customer experiences, improve operations, and create competitive differentiation — all of which adds to the bottom line.”

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Trillion-Dollar Opportunity for the Industrial Sector

Trillion-Dollar Opportunity for the Industrial Sector

The digital revolution is just beginning. As data, connectivity, and processing power expand, so do opportunities for industrial companies to extract value through innovative products, services, operational efficiencies, and business models.

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Industry 4.0: Disruptive Trends in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0: Disruptive Trends in Manufacturing

The market for Industry 4.0 products and services is expected to grow to $310 Billion by 2023. That forecast is based on the state of I4.0 adoption across manufacturing verticals and the analysis of two distinct technological subsets.

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