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Shaping Brand Sentiment in a Saturated Media Landscape

Shaping Brand Sentiment in a Saturated Media Landscape

“As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, this unintended consequence of the digital content economy is entering its next phase. We are now in the era of attention saturation, where every new consumption minute gained comes at the cost of consumption time elsewhere.”

via Midia Research

Why Brand Trust and Digital Growth are Connected

Why Brand Trust and Digital Growth are Connected

“More than 70 percent link purchase to considerations that historically were tied to trust in corporations, including supply chain, reputation, values, environmental impact and customer before profit.”

via Edelman

2017 Marketing Prediction: End of Native Advertising

2017 Brand Marketing market research

While everyone seemed to jump on the Native Advertising bandwagon a few years ago, the value of publishing content on a third-party site is minimal at best. Instead, brands will make a marked shift to publishing content on their owned sites.

Source: NewsCred

How Commercial Storytelling Transforms Brand Marketing

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More companies today are using storytelling to recruit and train new employees – Apple, IBM, 3M, Nike, Coca Cola, Disney, Microsoft, NASA, and other forward-thinking organizations. As social media becomes more mainstream, they’re using storytelling to engage prospective customers.

Source: Biznology

Digital Marketing Services are Driving Business Transformation


According to a recent survey, 52 percent of Digital Marketing Service customers are using creative and branding services — 39 percent are considering using these services in 2016, and 13 percent are planning to increase budgets for such services by over 10 percent.

Source: TBR

Digital Advertising Fraud Drives Shift to Brand Journalism

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Costing an estimated $18.5 billion (£12.7) annually — with reportedly more than 50% of display campaigns tracked in the ad exchange never being seen by a single human being — online ad fraud is a huge problem for the industry, and not one that’s going to disappear on its own.

Source: The Guardian

Content Marketing Champions are Leading a Transformation

Why Chief Digital Officer Roles are Failing

The amount of content B2B marketers are creating is expected to drastically increase in 2016. With this amplified emphasis on Content Marketing, these savvy marketers have evolved in their approach and strategies. Some have already abandoned the trivial advertising status-quo that fearful Luddites still choose to protect.

Source: eMarketer

3 Ways How Content Marketing Directly Fuels Digital Commerce

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Gartner tells marketers, to stand out, brands are becoming veritable publishing houses by using in-house talent and customer contributors to publish well-rounded streams of engaging content that inspires action.

Source: Gartner

Why Progressive Technology Firms are the Leading Brands

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Your brand’s message is most effective when it conveys real meaning and substance. That’s what people value the most, and it’s been a disruptive trend. Between 1999 and 2014, 47 percent of prior known brands fell off the top ‘100 Leader Brands’ list, according to the latest worldwide market study by PwC.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Digital Marketing Services will Reach $120 Billion by 2020

B2B digital marketing technology trends

Savvy marketers will increase spending on digital marketing services in 2016.  “Marketing budgets are growing as buyers transition from traditional mass-media campaigns to tech-enabled, custom content that increases brand awareness and wallet share,” said Bozhidar Hristov

Source: TBR