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Digital Transformation: Brazilian Media Embraces Change

digital transformation Brazil case study

“Stop investing in the poison that kills you.” This phrase prompted a change of direction that turned Grupo RBS — a Brazilian conglomerate with $1 billion in annual revenues — into a role model for South American media companies.

Source: Knowledge@Wharton

How Mobile Banking will Lead Financial Services Innovation

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Mobile banking is a global phenomena. Brazilians rely on smartphone banking apps to check their account balances and activity. The majority are also paying their bills primarily via mobile apps. Two thirds of smartphone users in Brazil already have those banking apps.

Source: eMarketer

Why Mobile Marketing is Growing Rapidly in Brazil

mobile marketing brazil market research

eMarketer estimates that this year, 49.1 million people in Brazil own and use a smartphone at least monthly, that’s 24% of the whole population. Moreover, advertisers will spend $599.3 million on mobile placements in Brazil this year.

Source: eMarketer

Mobile Internet Use Driven by Smartphones in Latin America

A total of 69.4 million mobile handsets were purchased in Brazil in 2014, with smartphones representing close to 75% of total sales. Brazil accounted for over 40% of smartphones sold in Latin America in 2014 — followed by Mexico and Argentina, which were responsible for 20% and 8% of all sales, respectively.

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Why Cloud Computing Services are Gaining Traction in Brazil

Cloud Computing Services

Approximately 25 percent of Brazilian companies will be investing in cloud solutions for the first time. While the majority of these companies are opting for the private cloud model, it is anticipated that the hybrid (public/private) model will become the preferred approach over time.

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Why Brazil Leads Digital Video Viewing in Latin America

Brazil Digital Video Viewing

Brazil boasts the biggest online video viewing population in Latin America. In December 2014, 65.5 million unique online video viewers ages 6 and older lived in Brazil, translating to 86.5% of internet users in the country — that’s the highest penetration rate in Latin American nations.

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Broadband Revenue in Brazil to Reach $288 Million by 2018

Brazil ranks in the top 10 broadband internet access countries worldwide, with 22 million broadband users out of a population of ~200 million.  Fixed broadband equipment revenue in Brazil dipped 11% year-over-year in 2013, to $175 million.  Broadband users are primarily located in the urban areas of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil’s 2 largest cities, where penetration rates are near 35%.

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Investment in Cloud Computing will Grow Rapidly in Brazil

According to Kable, 76% of respondents in Brazil plan to increase their ICT spending in 2014 compared to 56% in 2013, providing opportunities for ICT vendors targeting the Brazilian enterprise market.

Hardware, software, and IT services will attract the major proportion (64%) of Brazilian ICT budgets in 2014.

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How Low-Cost Smartphones Enable a Mobile-First World

Worldwide smart connected devices (SCD) are forecast to grow 15.6 percent year over year in 2014, reaching close to 1.8 billion devices, according to the latest global market study by IDC.

Smartphone growth is expected to lead the upside market potential, as PC and tablet forecasts have been lowered in light of a weak Q1 2014.

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World Cup Fans will use Mobiles to Follow Live Events in Brazil

The lead-up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil has been beset by protests, organizational missteps and construction issues. And with the big kickoff just days away, there remain many concerns. One such worry is that the country’s mobile communications infrastructure will not be able to cope with the huge amount of activity.

Mobile devices seem set to perform an important support role for those fans who will be following the events in Brazil.

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