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How Connected Cars Support Flexible Working Trends

How Connected Cars Support Flexible Working Trends

In recent years there have been changes in the market, with higher adoption of hybrid and fully electric cars which require more complex operational monitoring technology. Plus, with more people embracing remote and flexible working models, the car can become a mobile office with all the associated business requirements, including reliable broadband connectivity.

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U.S. Broadband Internet Usage is Up Significantly

Update: U.S. Broadband Internet Usage is Up Significantly

“The average downstream (data received) usage per customer in urban areas rose 98.3% while upstream (data sent) usage per customer climbed 68.6% on Monday, March 16 compared to a week earlier.”

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How 5G Fixed Wireless Access will Liberate Americans

How 5G Fixed Wireless Access will Liberate Americans

5G fixed wireless access (FWA) delivers several benefits to both telecom network operators and consumers. The deployment of 5G fixed wireless broadband networks in place of last-mile fiber connectivity will save costs and time to install fiber-optic lines while providing Gigabit capacity broadband access.

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How 5G Use Case Development will Drive Adoption

How 5G Use Case Development will Drive Adoption

“While there is a lot to be excited about with 5G, and there are impressive early success stories to fuel that enthusiasm, the road to realizing the full potential of 5G beyond enhanced mobile broadband is a longer-term endeavor, with a great deal of work yet to be done on standards, regulations, and spectrum allocations.”

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How 5G Will Enable Enhanced Mobile Broadband

How 5G Will Enable Enhanced Mobile Broadband

“What became clear is that although 5G will eventually enable a whole wealth of new applications and possibilities, for the near-term, it’s primarily focused on faster cellular networks for smartphones, or what the industry likes to call enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB).”

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Outlook for U.S. Broadband Cord-Cutter Trends

Outlook for U.S. Broadband Cord-Cutter Trends

5G mobile broadband will drive a new wave of wired telecom disruption. “Roughly 10 percent of broadband subscribers are likely broadband cord-cutters, with half of them highly likely to make the change in the next 12 months.”

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U.S. Data Privacy Concerns Gain Momentum

U.S. Data Privacy Concerns Gain Momentum

Seventy-five percent of U.S. broadband households want tight control over their personal data, and over half are concerned about unauthorized users gaining control of their data. Less than one-third trust their providers to adequately safeguard their data.

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83% of U.S. Households Have Internet Access

83% of U.S. Households Have Internet Access

The most common reason for not getting Internet service at home is a lack of perceived need (cited by 46%).  This reason is followed by cost (cited by 17%), the ability to access the Internet on a smartphone (cited by 11%), and availability issues (cited by 9%).

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Smart Homes Enable New Models for Healthcare Services

Smart Homes Enable New Models for Healthcare Services

The ubiquity of broadband connectivity, development of smart sensors, and the decreasing costs of devices have already made it possible to offer aging-in-place, chronic disease management, and post-acute care services in smart homes.

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Could 5G Wireless Disrupt the Broadband Status-Quo?

Could 5G Wireless Disrupt the Broadband Status-Quo?

The worldwide fixed wireless broadband access market has been growing steadily over the past several years. ABI Research now forecasts that the market will grow by 30 percent in 2018 and will generate $18 billion in service revenue. That being said, let’s explore the market dynamics.

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