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Cloud Computing Migration Set to Ramp Up in China

Cloud Migration Set to Ramp Up in China

Companies in China have been slower to embrace cloud computing, compared to U.S. firms, citing the cost and complexity of workload migrations, as well as added security and regulatory issues, according to a new McKinsey & Co. report.

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Majority of CIOs Struggle with Digital Transformation

Why CIOs Struggle with Digital Transformation

CIOs participating in our study revealed their companies were unprepared, under-funded and under-supported as to the tools, investment and commitment required to succeed. The digital transformation journey requires far more resources, support, commitment and investment.

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Exploring Insurer and AI InsurTech Partnerships

Exploring Insurer and AI InsurTech Partnerships

Total InsurTech funding reached $2.3 billion in 2017, a 36 percent increase from the $1.7 billion recorded in 2016. In 2016, AI and IoT accounted for almost half of the total investment in InsurTech startups globally.

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Common Traits of the Best Digital Leaders

Common Traits of the Best Digital Leaders

In a continually changing competitive environment, leaders constantly face new challenges and must adapt both the organization and their leadership style to this new environment. Successfully meeting these challenges requires new skills and capabilities that leaders have not needed in the past.

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Why More Enterprises Must Seek New IT Talent

Why Enterprises Must Seek New IT Talent

More than 54 percent of enterprises aspiring to digitally transform blame their slow-moving efforts on the constraints of legacy systems. A key, but too often disregarded, component of those legacy systems is the architecture of enterprise software, according to Everest Group.

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Digital Skills Evolve Without IT Organization Engagement

Digital Skills Evolve Without IT Organization Engagement

As many IT workers develop greater technology skills and apply them to advance their careers, savvy digital workers in non-IT departments believe their CIO is out of touch with their technology needs. The implications are troubling to CEOs.

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Radical Change: The Future of Global Commerce

Radical Change: The Future of Global Commerce

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is seen as a new stage of human development, one defined by “a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres“, as well as disrupting virtually every industry.

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