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Chief Information Officer Predictions for 2019

Chief Information Officer Predictions for 2019

“The CIO will have their best-ever opportunity to partner with the CEO and the board. The reality is that most executive teams still lack qualified digital expertise at the leadership level. This is hampering strategic decision making across the enterprise.”

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How CEOs Apply Digital Reinvention to Fuel Growth

How CEOs Apply Digital Reinvention to Fuel Growth

Now more than ever, CEOs and their leadership teams must counter the threat of digital disruption. Within the evolving global economy, debate and analysis about business technology adoption must result in purposeful action. Even the trailing organizations are prepared to learn something actionable from their trailblazer peers.

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Exploring the Top Technology Trends of 2019

Exploring the Top Technology Trends of 2019

From the potential of 5G to the power of artificial intelligence (AI), our connected lives are being shaped by the convergence of transformative technologies. Explore how these technologies are coming together in new and powerful ways, fundamentally changing how we interact with the world.

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How Digital Transformation Drives Outsourcing Demand

How Digital Transformation Drives Outsourcing Demand

The largest 100 companies on the Forbes list have the highest outsourcing penetration, at 92 percent, but the greatest growth since 2015 has come from midmarket companies. Penetration is lowest among companies ranked between 1,501 and 2,000, at 32 percent.

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Digital Talent: Supply vs Demand Imbalance for 2019

Digital Talent: Supply vs Demand Imbalance for 2019

Many large firms are on the lookout for data scientists, analytics experts and information security pros, as more businesses expand their use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other emerging technologies in the year ahead, chief information officers say.

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How Independent Digital Talent Drives Innovation

How Independent Digital Talent Drives Innovation

“The new perspectives and flexibility that independent talent brings to projects and processes help drive innovation in areas where other businesses struggle to keep up. Technology’s rapid pace slows for no-one, and improved organizational agility allows companies to remain competitive in an ever-shifting marketplace.”

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Industry Cloud Computing Market Gains New Momentum

Industry Cloud Computing Market Gains New Momentum

As more CIOs and CTOs embrace Hybrid IT infrastructure models, incorporating multicloud solutions, another key trend is gaining momentum. According to the latest worldwide market study by IDC, five large industry groups are expected to spend a total of $37.5 billion on industry cloud solutions in 2018.

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