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Hybrid IT: Infrastructure Fusion Management in 2018

Hybrid IT: Infrastructure Fusion Management in 2018

Hybrid IT has been discussed as the future for businesses for some time, but it is clear this future is now, with most organizations already having at least some of their infrastructure deployed off-premises.

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Converged Systems Revenue Reached $2.99B in 3Q17

Converged Systems Revenue Reached $2.99B in 3Q17

Worldwide converged systems market revenue increased 10.8 percent year-over-year to $2.99 billion during the third quarter of 2017 (3Q17), according to the latest market study by IDC. The market consumed 1.96 exabytes of new storage capacity during the quarter, which was up 30 percent compared to the same period a year ago.

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Why Open Innovation Benefits the Savvy Trailblazers


Today, many companies see open innovation — a process for sharing knowledge and ideas with other organizations — as a core part of their strategy for developing new offerings. The challenges to progress are political and cultural, not technical.

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Digital Transformation Revenue will Reach $2.1 Trillion

Digital Transformation Revenue will Reach $2.1 Trillion

Spending on digital transformation (DX) technologies will reach nearly $1.3 trillion in 2018 — that’s an increase of 16.8 percent over 2017. In 2021, DX spending will nearly double to more than $2.1 trillion, according to the latest worldwide market study by IDC.

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Long and Winding Road to Digital Transformation


“The vast majority of organizations are still working on IT infrastructure transformation, and over a third (38%) have only just started their journey. Another 44% have are right in the middle of their transformation program, and still have some way to go.”

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Internet of Things Revenue will Reach $1.1 Trillion

Internet of Things Revenue will Reach $1.1 Trillion

IoT hardware will be the largest technology category in 2018 with $239 billion going largely toward modules and sensors, along with some spending on infrastructure and security. IDC reports that services will be the second largest technology category, followed by software and connectivity.

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Data Security Breach: Why Insider Threats are Pervasive


Willis Towers Watson’s cyber insurance claims data show that two thirds of cyber breaches are caused or enabled by employee negligence or malfeasance, including losing laptops, the accidental disclosure of information or actions of rogue employees.

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