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Global Upside for Cloud-Based Managed IT Security Services

Managed Security Services

The global managed IT security services market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of over 11% from 2015 to 2019. “Limited budget and lack of expertise and resources are compelling companies to adopt cost-effective cloud-based IT security,” said Faisal Ghaus.

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More IT Organizations Prepare for Enterprise Mobility Expansion

commercial tablet software applications

Global media tablet sales will grow at a 21% CAGR between 2014 and 2019, which translates into unit sales of 123.9 million units in 2019. Use-cases for business apps continue to produce double-digit growth. As open source mobile app development for tablets advances, the pressure increases on IT to support BYOD policies.

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Enterprise Mobility Market Now Driven by Global BYOD Adoption

The ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) market will grow at a CAGR of 25.32 percent from 2014 to 2019, according to Technavio. There’s been an increase in number of personal devices — such as smartphones and tablets — in the workplace because of more liberal BYOD policies.

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BYOD Trend is Improving the Security of Access Networks

According to a recent study, the trend of Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) to work is growing from 29% of all devices today to almost 40% by 2016, driven by wider user adoption within existing BYOD companies, as well as multiple devices per user. Survey respondents expect their enterprise wireless LAN user population to grow by 10% per year over the next 2 years, driven to a large extent by guest access, which will account for only 18% of the user population by 2016.

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Tech-Savvy Workers Continue to Fuel Shadow IT Phenomenon

Smart employees are setting up their own work applications — for example cloud file sync and share services — due to IT departments falling short in resources for workers.  In a UK study, only 14% prefer to use applications supplied by their employer.

18% say their employers’ IT departments don’t provide them with the applications that they need to be able to do their jobs.

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More Open Source Software within Enterprise Mobile Devices

The use of smartphones and notebook PCs is widespread among enterprises, with nearly three out of every four organizations issuing corporate-owned laptops (74 percent) and smartphones 71 percent to their workforce, according to the latest global market study by Frost & Sullivan.

Media tablets, on the other hand, are issued by only half 47 percent the surveyed enterprises.

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How BYOD is Driving ​Mobile Application Management Demand

Mobile application management is seeing increased adoption levels as enterprises seek solutions that are more flexible than traditional mobile device management. Furthermore, open source software projects are starting to gain momentum.

Thanks to large growth in the Asia-Pacific region, MAM will supplant MDM as the preferred enterprise mobile management choice.

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Enterprise Mobility Demands are Driving WLAN Investment

The Wireless LAN equipment market grew 11% to $4.47 billion worldwide in 2013. About as many 802.11ac access points shipped in the first quarter of 2014 as did in all of 2013. Infonetics expects WLAN growth to accelerate in the coming quarters as infrastructure investments continue to favor support for more wireless devices, BYOD and mobility.

802.11ac is slowly starting to change the trajectory of the market and will drive renewed revenue growth over the coming quarters,” notes Matthias Machowinski.

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Mobile Device Security Software Market will Reach $3.4 Billion

Worldwide revenue for mobile device security client software is up 10% sequentially in 4Q13 to $385 million.  Asia Pacific accounted for 34% of security client revenue in 2013, followed closely by North America (32%) and EMEA (31%); Latin America came in a very distant fourth.

The mobile device security software market grew 40% to cross the billion-dollar mark in 2013 and we expect it to grow to $3.4 billion in 2018,” says Jeff Wilson.

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How Media Tablets are Bought for Enterprise Applications

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the primary path for tablets into the enterprise, but the corporate liable segment is the faster growing category. Nearly 67% of the tablets purchased for business use in the Q4 2013 were BYOD, but the increase in volume purchased as corporate clients by businesses grew nearly 160% YoY.

These market study findings demonstrate the growing realization for how media tablets fit into organizational workflows.

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