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Why CFOs Fund ‘Remote Work’ IT Infrastructure

Why CFOs Fund Remote Work IT Infrastructure

“Flexible work is an essential component of the future of business, and it seems that it’s here to stay. 72% of CFOs believe that work flexibility will make their company better in the long run. This drives home the urgent need to bolster remote work capabilities — enabling employees to work from wherever they want, whenever they want.”

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Savvy CFOs are Upbeat on the Remote Working Trends

Savvy CFOs are Upbeat on Remote Working Trends

“Remote working continues to catch on as a viable alternative to the workplace. More than half of leaders (54%) now say they plan to make remote work a permanent option for roles that allow it, up from 43% in our last survey.”

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Human ROI: A Framework for Appraising Tangible Talent


“An accounting framework for human capital that incorporates these guiding principles needs to go beyond existing metrics. We propose a three-part framework that can help companies better understand how work and talent can create value in a post-COVID-19 workplace:”

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Digital Transformation: Why CFOs Have a Key Role

Digital Transformation: Why CFOs Have a Key Role

As business leaders champion growth initiatives in COVID-19 recovery, CFOs can create more value by focusing the business — and resource allocation — on competitive differentiation. However, according to Gartner’s assessment, most CFOs don’t do that.

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Why Savvy CEOs and CFOs will Reconsider Marketing Budgets

Why Savvy CEOs and CFOs will Reconsider Marketing Budgets

More than 44% of Chief Marketing Officers report midyear budget cuts due to the economic impact of the pandemic. And yet, 73% expect the negative impact of COVID-19 to be short-lived. This optimism, however, is not shared by all members of the C-suite.

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Why Savvy IT Vendors Provide ROI Business Cases

Why Savvy IT Vendors Provide ROI Business Cases

“Decision makers indicated that a business case was the most useful format to get information and content when making a technology purchasing decision. They want insight into how their peers are facing similar challenges and a clear demonstration of business value.”

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Digital Transformation of Finance Gains Momentum in 2020

Digital Transformation of Finance Gains Momentum in 2020

By accelerating cloud migration and the adoption of RPA, data visualization and advanced analytics solutions, finance is seeking to optimize cost efficiency while driving enterprise growth. Most finance executives expect to see an increase of 5-10% in 2020.

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The Savvy CFO Role in Digital Transformation

The Savvy CFO Role in Digital Transformation

Growing the business will be the top enterprise-level business objective in 2020, along with improving operational excellence and executing business transformation, according to finance leaders responding to the Gartner 2020 Agenda Poll.

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How Design Thinking Enables Digital Transformation

How Design Thinking Enables Digital Transformation

Modern IT functions follow design-thinking practices, by which they develop an in-depth understanding of users’ needs as the basis for new products and features. Such practices should interest the CEO: McKinsey research shows that they’re correlated with strong financial performance.

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Why CFOs Reject the Typical CMO Vanity Metrics

Why CFOs Reject the Typical CMO Vanity Metrics

In a survey of 50 CFOs in the U.S., respondents said one of their biggest concerns about their marketing organization is that CMOs measure in ‘vanity metrics’. The surveyed CFOs concluded that many data points digital marketers use (views, clicks) don’t matter to their ultimate goals.

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