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Why Digital Government is Gaining New Momentum

Why Digital Government is Gaining New Momentum

Will the U.S. government’s IT organizations be ready to play their part in assuring the nation’s eminence in cognitive computing? Clearly, they must evolve. By 2023, about half the roles that government CIOs will oversee do not exist in government IT organizations today, according to the latest market study by Gartner.

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Strategic Transformation via Multi-cloud Innovation

Strategic Transformation via Multi-cloud Innovation

Of the 58% of global enterprises operating in the cloud, two-thirds already operate four-or-more different cloud stacks. If you’re not there yet, you soon will be — and you must treat multicloud as an operational reality, refining your ability to integrate and operate solutions.

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Channel Partners will Drive New Cloud Computing Growth

Channel Partners will Drive New Cloud Computing Growth

The worldwide cloud computing infrastructure market had another strong quarter in Q4 2018, as spending grew 46 percent to nearly $23 billion. The total outlay on cloud infrastructure in 2018 exceeded $80 billion — that’s up from $55 billion in 2017.

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Sixteen Top Enterprise IT Trends

Sixteen Top Enterprise IT Trends

From cloud computing to cold storage, the future of enterprise IT is fast approaching in 2019. We analyzed signals across industry adoption and market strength to identify 16 of the top enterprise IT trends to watch this year.

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Cloud Infrastructure Services Reached $70 Billion in 2018

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Most cloud providers have now released their earnings data for Q4 2018, Synergy estimates that quarterly cloud infrastructure service revenues (including IaaS, PaaS and hosted private cloud services) were ~$20 billion, giving a full-year total of ~$70 billion.

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Coming Soon to Your Business – Quantum Computing

Coming Soon to Your Business - Quantum Computing

Visionary organizations are already aligning with the emerging quantum computing ecosystem to become “quantum ready” – exploring use cases and associated algorithms that address complex problems and help enable new business models.


How Quantum Computing Solves Complex Problems

How Quantum Computing Solves Complex Problems

Quantum computing is poised to upend entire industries from telecommunications and cybersecurity to advanced manufacturing, finance, medicine, and beyond — but few understand how quantum computers actually work.

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