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Worldwide Server Market Revenue Recap for 4Q17

Worldwide Server Market Revenue Recap for 4Q17

Cloud service providers continue to drive computing server investment. Meanwhile, vendor revenue in the worldwide server market increased 26.4 percent year-over-year to $20.7 billion in the fourth quarter of 2017 (4Q17), according to IDC.

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Worldwide ICT Investment will Reach $4 Trillion in 2018

Worldwide ICT Investment will Reach $4 Trillion in 2018

Worldwide spending on ICT will be nearly $4 trillion in 2018, according to the latest global market study by International Data Corporation (IDC). Ongoing growth will be driven by enterprise investment on cloud services, software and Hybrid IT infrastructure.

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Hybrid IT Demand Fuels Multi-Cloud Computing Trend

Hybrid IT Demand Fuels Multi-Cloud Computing Trend

The latest Global Cloud Index (GCI) 2016-2021 from Cisco focuses on the worldwide market outlook for enterprise data center virtualization and cloud computing services. Today’s digital business is enabled by Hybrid IT infrastructure that supports the deployment of cloud-based solutions.

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How Digital Transformation is Advancing Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Digital Transformation is Advancing Hybrid Multi-Cloud

The industries that are forecast to spend the most on public cloud services in 2018 are discrete manufacturing ($19.7 billion), professional services ($18.1 billion), and banking ($16.7 billion). The process manufacturing and retail industries are also expected to spend more than $10 billion each on public cloud services in 2018.

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IT Infrastructure Trends Favor Hybrid Multi-Cloud

IT Infrastructure Trends Favor Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Hybrid IT deployments continue to gain favor with CIOs and CTOs, but cloud computing will now drive a greater share of the ongoing investment in business technology. Those combined platforms are enabling digital transformation projects across the globe.

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Exploring Cloud IT Infrastructure Investment Trends

Exploring Cloud IT Infrastructure Investment Trends

Vendor revenue from sales of infrastructure products (server, storage, and Ethernet switch) for cloud IT — including public and private cloud — grew 25.5 percent year-over-year in the third quarter of 2017 (3Q17) reaching $11.3 billion, according to the latest worldwide market study by IDC.

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More Industry Cloud Services Gain Momentum in 2017

More Industry Cloud Services Gain Momentum in 2017

On a geographic basis, the United States leads by a very large margin in terms of industry cloud adoption across the three aforementioned industries combined. It’s expected to reach 73 percent of worldwide spend in 2017, followed by Western Europe at 12 percent.

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