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Cloud IT Infrastructure Revenue will Reach $62.2 Billion

Cloud IT Infrastructure Revenue will Reach $62.2 Billion

The combined public and private cloud revenues accounted for 48.5 percent of the total worldwide IT infrastructure spending in 2Q18 — that’s up from 43.5 percent a year ago and will account for 46.6 percent of the total worldwide IT infrastructure spending for the full year.

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New AI Tools Explain Decision Making Algorithms

New AI Tools Explain Decision Making Algorithms

According to the Wall Street Journal, concerns about transparency and ethics in artificial intelligence (AI) are mounting, prompting cloud services companies to launch new tools that explain the decision-making behind their AI algorithms.

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Cloud Complexity and Cyber Security Drive IT Budgets

Cloud Complexity and Cybersecurity Drive IT Budgets

Of 46 CIOs surveyed about 40% said they expect IT budgets to increase in 2018, that’s up from 29% a year ago. Respondents expect weighted average year-over-year budget growth of 4.2%, that’s up from 1.5% weighted growth.

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Cloud Native Tech Use Has Grown Over 200 Percent

Cloud Native Tech Use Has Grown Over 200 Percent

The top three benefits of cloud-native technology are faster deployment time, improved scalability, and cloud portability. Moreover, forty percentĀ of survey respondents from enterprise companies (5000+) are running Kubernetes in production.

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Global Public Cloud Computing Revenue Trends

Global Public Cloud Computing Revenue Trends

In the IaaS market, the competitive landscape is consolidating around the current leaders. The top four providers are all hyperscale IaaS providers and represent approximately 73 percent of the total IaaS market and 47 percent of the combined IaaS and infrastructure utility services (IUS) market.

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Global IT Outsourcing Market Driven by Digital Services

IT Outsourcing Market Driven by Digital Services

Digital services continued to dominate the outsourcing activity relative to pure traditional services, representing 61% of transactions compared to 39%, respectively. Automation was the most prevalent digital component employed by new or expanded GICs, with deployments in 52% of Q2 setups and expansions.

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Quantum Computing Services will Reach $15 Billion in 2028


For decades, Moore’s Law has been driving the advancement of traditional computing systems development, leading to the proliferation of smart devices at the edge and centralized cloud computing. However, we’re now reaching the limits of legacy computing technology, and the search for another high-performance computing platform has begun. Quantum computing is the next-generation.

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