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Reskilling Talent: Preparing for The Future of Work

Reskilling Talent: Preparing for The Future of Work

Demand for physical and manual skills in repeatable tasks will decline by 30 percent, while demand for literacy and numeracy skills would fall by 20 percent. In contrast, the demand for technological skills will rise by more than 50 percent, and the need for complex cognitive skills will increase by one-third.

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Davos: Building the Cognitive Enterprise in 2020

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A new era of business reinvention is dawning. Organizations are facing an unprecedented convergence of technological, social, and regulatory forces. We call this next-generation business model the Cognitive Enterprise.”


AI Drives Demand for Next-Gen Compute Architecture

AI Drives Demand for Next-Gen Compute Architecture

The world of high-performance computing (HPC) will continue to evolve, as enterprise CIOs and CTOs anticipate the future demands for IT Infrastructure capable of supporting new workloads.

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How Automation will Transform the Legal Sector

How Automation will Transform the Legal Sector

“The AI that we are seeing on the market now and for the foreseeable future – which I am not naïve enough to put as any longer than 3-5 years – will enable us to deliver better legal services, quicker, more efficiently and sometimes cheaper.”

via World Economic Forum

HPC & AI Platforms: Knowledge Transfer at Think

HPC & AI Platforms: Knowledge Transfer at Think

Senior executives have embraced the concepts of artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and cognitive computing. Many are already applying these and other intelligent technologies to dramatically improve the productivity of their businesses, while redefining the ways they engage with their key stakeholders.

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CMOs and Sales Leaders Adopt Cognitive Computing

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While marketing and sales professionals increasingly find themselves drowning in data, a new IBM study finds that nearly two thirds- — 64 percent — of surveyed CMOs and sales leaders believe their industries will be ready to adopt cognitive technologies in the next three years.

Source: IBM

How Technology Transforms Education and Skills Demand

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As we embark on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it’s clear that technology will play a central role in nearly all aspects of our lives. Research by the World Economic Forum estimates that 65% of children entering primary school will find themselves in occupations that today do not exist.

Source: World Economic Forum

How Telecom Providers can Profit from Deep Learning

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Artificial intelligence is improving rapidly thanks to the growing use of deep neural networks to teach computers how to interpret the real world. These networks use vast amounts of detailed data to enable machines to learn, further increasing demand for reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity.

Source: STL Partners

Rational Economic Impact of Machine Learning and Robotics

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Advances in machine learning and mobile robotics mean that robots could do your job better than you. That’s led to some radical predictions of mass unemployment, much more leisure or a work free future. What’s likely to happen, based upon the historical economic impact from automation?

Source: World Economic Forum

New Healthcare Wearables with Emerging Cognitive Apps

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The healthcare sector will change radically behind the scenes as healthcare databases store individual user data and provide personalized services and preventative recommendations.

Source: Digital Lifescapes