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How to Inspire a Remote Working Team

How to Inspire a Remote Working Team

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen remote working become mainstream – but how do you manage a team when you’re not in the office together? Tools such as building trust, embracing different perspectives and revisiting a team’s purpose are all crucial in times of change. Here, leaders and experts share their advice for remote management.

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Where to Work: Savvy Tech Leaders Let Employees Choose

Where to Work: Savvy Tech Leaders Let Employees Choose

Technology executives are finding ways for their teams to collaborate and be productive as fully remote work persists during the pandemic. Rather than force people to work in an office, enlightened leaders will let their employees decide where to work.

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Workspace Reinvention: The Virtual Enterprise Hybrid

Workspace Reinvention: The Virtual Enterprise Hybrid

“As our experience of work in recent months has shown us, the real work of envisioning our future workspaces starts from acknowledging that ‘workspace’ is no longer just the physical office building but also the digital/virtual space where work happens. This means that future workspace offerings will come with some physical space applications and some digital space ones.”

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Why the C-Suite is Focused on Digital-First Growth

Why the C-Suite is Focused on Digital-First Growth

The COVID-19 pandemic is a watershed moment for the digital transformation of business; Updating business models for a digital-first world, led by purpose, is now an imperative for almost every company; New and creative digital collaborations can reach and serve a more diverse set of people at unprecedented speed and scale.

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Explore the Video Conference Market Transformation


In Q1 2020 USB video conferencing systems accounted for 36% of the videoconference market revenues — that’s up from 21% a year ago. Meanwhile, the USB share of video rooms jumped to 41% — that’s up from 35% a year ago.

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Cloud-Based Conferencing Revenue will Reach $4.1 Billion

Cloud-Based Conferencing Revenue will Reach $4.1B

Short audio or video conference meet-ups have replaced the typical 1-hour long mind-numbing in-person meetings that were common at many enterprises prior to the pandemic. Legacy business leaders that were not previously Agile converts have now embraced these online collaboration tools. It’s amazing.

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CEO Productivity: How to Improve Your Virtual Meetings

CEO Productivity: How to Improve Your Virtual Meetings

“When you adopt a stewardship mindset, you become deliberate in your meeting decisions from start to finish. Being intentional and making smart meeting choices do not take much time at all — with practice, they can take only a minute.”

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HR Leaders Prepare for a Future of Working Remotely

HR Leaders Prepare for a Future of Working Remotely

“Digitalization is crucial, as it will help companies enable their internal functions with collaboration and productivity tools for employees and improve operational efficiency with agile business continuity plans. The acceleration can be credited to the urgency to support employees working remotely…” The ‘open office’ model is now history.

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Healthcare Providers Accelerate Shift to Telehealth Model

Healthcare Providers Accelerate Shift to Telehealth Model

Healthcare providers, historically slow to pursue digital transformation, are being forced to jump on the bandwagon. Telehealth will meet the demands being placed on the healthcare ecosystem by COVID-19 and accelerate investment in digital technologies.

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Five Lessons for Successful Virtual Teaming


“Leading a virtual team or employees who are geographically dispersed can be challenging. In our extensive research, we found that more than 25 percent of virtual teams are not fully performing and 33 percent of teams rate their virtual leaders as less than effective.”

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