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Design Thinking: How to Drive Digital Growth Strategies

Design Thinking: How to Drive Digital Growth Strategies

Of the four areas tied directly to improved revenue growth and shareholder return — which include design leadership, cross-functional talent, iterative processes, and end-to-end user experiences — CEOs must address design leadership first if their companies are to capture the full business value of design.

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How to Create a Challenge Culture That Never Quits

How to Create a Challenge Culture That Never Quits

CEOs need a cadre of gifted leaders in their ranks who are able to see around corners, spot looming threats and identify new opportunities for growth. A ‘challenge culture’ requires constant dissatisfaction with the status quo.

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Power Skills: Talents for a Modern Workplace

Power Skills: Talents for a Modern Workplace

“As companies grapple with digitization, automation, and constant change, creating a culture where people can communicate their ideas is crucial to competitiveness. So are collaboration and creative thinking.”

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Developing Digital Expertise Through Skill Grafting

Developing Digital Expertise Through Skill Grafting

Leading organizations are pursuing skill grafting, an innovative approach to building the digital and data capabilities they need to compete. Rather than searching for individuals with the required breadth of experience, skill grafting creates teams with complementary skills to cover the necessary ground.

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Upside for Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration


Though year-end totals have yet to be tallied, the global market for enterprise messaging and collaboration tools are expected to have reached $2.4 billion last year, up 11.8% from 2017, and is forecast to reach $3.2 billion by 2021, IDC now estimates.

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Digital Dexterity: Exploring the New Ways of Work

Digital Dexterity: Exploring the New Ways of Work

Only 7 to 18 percent of organizations possess the ‘digital dexterity’ to adopt New Ways of Work (NWOW) solutions — such as virtual collaboration and a mobile workplace. Furthermore, it’s already apparent that forcing employees to accept rigid and inflexible workplace mandates are a recipe for poor performance.

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Digital Skills Evolve Without IT Organization Engagement

Digital Skills Evolve Without IT Organization Engagement

As many IT workers develop greater technology skills and apply them to advance their careers, savvy digital workers in non-IT departments believe their CIO is out of touch with their technology needs. The implications are troubling to CEOs.

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Explore the Six Steps to DevOps Success

The Six Steps to DevOps Success

DevOps is more than a cultural shift claim Forester and IBM in their new joint report ‘Accelerating Innovation with DevOps’. “Effective DevOps relies on several competencies working together in unison to create an organization obsessed with business value rather than individual excellence.

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Build a Connected Workforce Strategy for the Digital Economy

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We know that Digital business strategy correlates to stronger financial performance. Yet only 53 percent of the companies responding to the ‘Global Digital IQ Survey’ said their organizations have a common road map of the business strategy.

Source: Strategy + Business

Global SaaS Cloud Growth Driven by ERP and Collaboration

Global SaaS cloud market research

The worldwide enterprise SaaS market grew 33 percent year-on-year to reach well over $11 billion in quarterly revenues. While not the largest segment, ERP grew the most rapidly achieving 49 percent growth, while the largest segment, collaboration, grew by 37 percent.

Source: Synergy Research Group